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  1. Nice, I saw the Twins rough up Johan there in 2010. Have fun.
  2. "Cheryl" Crow over P.P. Arnold? Those are fightin' words, me boy. (Small Faces played on this track)
  3. How do you look up his stats when pitching in a game decided by 2 runs or less (when he enters)?
  4. I wish I could look up Pressly's stats when pitching in a close game. I've only seen him be effective when the game is out of reach. He's a choker.
  5. That wasn't even close on Esco's 3rd strike. Lynn better get those calls.
  6. Wow what a **** 2-1 call to Kepler. Wasn't close to the plate.
  7. It was a blast hanging with you and your old man, thanks again for the hospitality. I plan on returning to PR at least once a year.
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