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  1. I think between these pitchers and Berrios, maybe the Twins don't have the best pitching coaches in place.
  2. So other than the 1st round picks, it's all been college picks so far. Was kind of hoping for some higher upside picks.
  3. Why would you have Happ start again against them? They hit lefties really well and he just got lit up against them in his last start. Maybe should have been a bullpen game instead and have him start in Anaheim. Pretty much was one anyway.
  4. My prediction: 15 runs scored this series. 13 of them tonight.
  5. Gotta be Sano. Used to be must watch at bats. Now it is just waiting for the pop up or more likely K.
  6. I get a kick out of the photo title and blurb when you click the imaging license link.
  7. Yeah, a little baffled by the Garlick over Rooker decision.
  8. I was just heartbroken to hear the news. Cancer literally does suck.
  9. Also, Gleeman said Thorpe was "awarded" a 4th option year, so not losing him. Unless he is the waiver candidate.
  10. What could his market possibly have been that it benefited to wait it out? Did someone offer him two years?
  11. I guess I should rephrase my initial disappointment. O still am disappointed. But since he cost market price, as well as everyone else, I'm expecting the payroll to be at least 150
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