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The Arraez Deficit: Twins Leadoff Plan is Full of Mediocre Options

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20 hours ago, chpettit19 said:

I think dropping that platoon into the 9th spot with Buxton-Polanco-Correa-Larnach-Miranda (or arrange them however you want) at the top would be my choice over dropping Polanco all the way down to 6th. My thought process being that when you get late in the game and you've switched that platoon up as the other team starts bringing in relievers you're more likely to end up with Farmer or Gordon hitting against a same-handed pitcher, and then you've turned your 1 hole hitter into a well below average hitter while Polanco is losing ABs being way down at 6th.

I kind of like this idea. The problem then is who hits 6? You go Polanco, Correa, Buxton. Larnach, Miranda and ??  I guess it would be Gallo, then Vasquez/Jeffers, than Kepler, then the 2nd base platoon? That could work....

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I think I just figured something out about how the Twins feel about this.  It occurred to me after watching Rocco use the LLRR setup at the bottom of the order as a weapon to get plus matchups multiple times.  I think they value the ability to neutralize tough lefty relievers in late and tight games over who bats leadoff.  Setting the lineup this way takes away several of the leadoff options that have been discussed here. 

With this group of healthy players its probably the optimal use for everyone and may change as guys come and go.  It might also be a good example of using the analytics in a way others aren't and kudos to them.  The WPA difference of making their lefty face at least three lefty mashers in the 7th or 8th compared to whatever the difference in random leadoff hitters is probably pretty significant. 

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