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Projecting the Twins 2023 Opening Day Roster: Lopez and Taylor Trades Add Depth

22 hours ago, jorgenswest said:

Is there any reasonable way to get Kepler, Larnach, Gordon, Kirilloff and Gallo in the line up? I suppose Gordon could play 3B but I don’t want Miranda in the short side of a platoon. One of those players needs to be traded or in AAA. They need a right handed bat in that spot. The best in house candidate is Garlick. I would sign Gurriel.

I think they need one more reliever also. I think Fulmer over Megill would be a helpful upgrade. 


Gallo in LF

Gordon in CF (unless somebody has a stroke, Gordon is a full time OF) ………Farmer has IF covered.

Larnach at DH

Kepler in RF

Kirilof at 1B

If they don’t trade Kepler, this could be a routine line-up vs. RH starters. All of the games Buxton doesn’t start…….at least 35 games up to maybe 50 games. If they want to play Buxton, he’s probably the DH.

They have traded for Taylor. No more searching for RH bat, nor anymore rostering of Garlick.

Would love to sign Fulmer……or Chafin. Need Pen depth & we’re set!!

Piggyback Ober/Maeda for a month in the 5th starter spot and then shift one of them to long relief in Pen after 5-6 weeks.

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On 1/24/2023 at 2:14 PM, Mike Sixel said:

Gallo is a gold glove defender in the OF.

Who is your DH if Larnach and Kiriloff aren't on the roster? 

I really don't get this at all.

We have plenty of LH bats……Larnach & Kirilof will be in the roster if they are healthy - no worries.

Kepler - Gordon - Gallo are the other Lefty bats we have to play with as well.

Walner is our LH last resort!!

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On 1/24/2023 at 3:59 PM, Fatbat said:

Both Celestino and TL will start in AAA. Ober will be on the 26 roster as a 6th starter for april and either he or maeda will throw some BP innnings. Probably just have buck, gordon, gallo, kep and taylor in the outfield most of the season. AK, Polanco, C4, Miranda and Farmer as IF, 2 catchers. Thats only 12 position players and 14 pitchers. Something will change when Lewis makes the roster. 

13 & 13:

Larnach will DH & play LF

Gordon - Buxton - Gallo is base OF

Larnach - Gordon - Gallo is OF v. Righties

Gordon - Buxton - Taylor is OF ……OR ………Gordon - Taylor - Kepler is OF v. Lefties

Buxton - Larnach - Gallo will DH

Taylor in CF as pinch hitter late in games - late inning D - plays against all LH pitching

Kepler is traded or plays RF when Gallo is at 1B or DH or resting. Can’t start him and sit Gordon……..,Not often at least!

Kirilof - Miranda - Gallo at 1B

Hopefully, CC will play 140 at SS with Farmer spelling him.

Same with Polanco at 2B with Farmer spelling him for 25 games.

Farmer at 3B when Lefties start & Miranda at 1B……….Farmer also spells Miranda for rest - maybe 55 starts at 3B.

Lewis up at end of July & either Kepler or Gallo goes at that point.

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5 hours ago, vulturepaj said:

What does a 6 man rotation actually accomplish, though?  Off day on day 2 of season. 

Now you're one man shorter in the bullpen and we all know how Rocco likes to go to the pen early and often.

5 Man rotation with Ober to AAA in waiting or Maeda to the pen (for good).  Actually, Maeda in the pen is kind of tantalizing.

I really like 5 guys in rotation with Maeda in Pen. He’s the bridge from middle of 6th through the 8th. Does that twice a week & rest of Pen is well rested.

Other option is to piggyback Ober/Maeda as one guy (one starter) & get them to throw 7-8 innings, combined, every 5th start. This helps Pen a bunch!

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8 hours ago, ashbury said:

His pattern just looks more extreme than most.  It stood out to me.  And again (again, again), it's small sample size when sliced 9 ways, so I'm not taking it more seriously than, "hm". 

“Stabilization” point for OBP against is 540 PA and SLG against is 550 AB. OPS wouldn’t be less than that. For his career Jax has faced 76 number 3 hitters (67 abs).   I think at this point the sample is one to be ignored.

Your eye test doesn’t need to be ignored. Data can never replace a skilled eye. So much more can be seen by the eye in a short time span than can be seen by the data.

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