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  1. If you want to limit the market to US, population growth is regressing, 1% growth or less. That’s a hell of a business to hang your hat on
  2. it's not just the traditional NHL, NBA NFL, All of the professional football/soccer leagues that the MLB has to compete with. eSports are also growing rapidly. Approx 340m people went to or watched an MLB game in 2021, down 13% from 2019. 728 million people streamed eSports in 2021 a 10% CAGR from 2020 and is expected to see 10-18% CAGR over the horizon. The revenue for eSports hasn't caught up to MLB yet, but Microsoft just announced acquisition of Activision for $68 billion. eSports is a big part of the appeal for that acquisition. The revenue is coming. Competition is fierce and MLB/MLBPA can't afford to let their competitors eat their lunch for them.
  3. Kent Hrbek. I acknowledge that in other threads of this nature, I held my Puckett stance. Puckett did fan my flames of Twins-fandom, but Hrbek lit them. After our last meltdown event, getting to hear him in person, and his legacy only being strengthened with time, Hrbek was, and is, awesome!
  4. To get around to answering the OP, as a front office, maybe 60%, which is quite significant considering it takes years to develop a single player, let alone the hundreds of players, coaches, scouts etc to build an org
  5. They are two people with different skills and responsibilities. I have a harder time separating the two, but generally align with you that Falvey has done a better job with building and the culture and strategy than Levine has done executing. Levine has pulled off some great trades, but is almost gun shy on free agency edit to add: not sure if I can parse out credit, but generally talent development coaching feels light years ahead of the Ryan/Smith era. Even established players like Polanco and Buxton took significant steps forward. That part seems like both Falvey and Levine
  6. If Levine extended him and traded him in the same offseason, Levine would lose all credibility and struggle to sign or extend players the rest of his front office career. No way that happens. If a trade is not in the works, I too, would extend Arraez for all the reasons listed in the OP.
  7. Do you have to hit home runs to DH? Why? Was Paul Molitor a bad DH because of that? I understand liking Rod Carew alot, he's a high bar to clear, one of the best to ever don a Twins Uni. Isn't that a complement? What's so wrong with that?
  8. I like Arraez, don’t trade him because you have depth, but… 1) The Twins are woefully short at pitcher, especially starting 2) very few options in free agent starting pitching 3) need to give value in trade to get value in trade If Arraez really is “under valued” as the OP states, hang on to him, he’s more valuable to the Twins than in trade. if another team values him enough as the centerpiece of a deal that brings back good controllable starting pitching that doesn’t part with too many prospects, pull the trigger. as others have mentioned depth is critical, that goes for pitching too. There’s even less depth pitching than hitting.
  9. Hi Bill Great question! We don’t have a Saints specific section, but the Minor League Forum is quite good. The articles written about the minor league affiliates get posted to the main news page, but the forums is where the discussion happens. Hope this helps and welcome to TD. Sconnie
  10. “Va” means “go” en espanol so “No go” as an outfielder is less exciting but I do like “Johnny Shoe” Juan Zapata has a very big league feel
  11. I’d move Tampa to Charlotte (instead of adding a team to the Carolinas) and add a team to San Antonio instead to draw additional Mexico fans and take advantage that San Antonio only has the Spurs agreed on 1 & Montreal, & 3
  12. I added per person income to your table. How much income does the city have to buy tickets, shirseys, etc? Cost of living isn't here, but Orlando as a US city is more expensive than Mexico City and lower average income. San Antonio or Austin and Montreal would be candidates to me. Metropolitan area Country Population Has Team Closet Team Distance Per Person annual income USD Mexico City Mexico 20892724 N Houston 750 26,636 Guadalajara Mexico 4887383 N Houston 800 26,520 Monterrey Mexico 4689601 N Houston 420 26,232 Montreal Canada Canada 4045877 N Boston 250 67,461 Puebla Mexico 2941988 N Houston 750 26,500 Vancouver Canada Canada 2509942 N Seattle 120 56,000 Charlotte United States 2426363 N Atlanta 230 56,682 Portland United States 2389228 N Seattle 140 40,526 Orlando United States 2387138 N Tampa Bay 80 25,664 San Antonio United States 2384075 N Houston 190 115,000 Sacramento United States 2274194 N San Francisco 80 94,000 Toluca Mexico 2202886 N Houston 770 15,936 San Juan Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 2196538 N Miami 1000 20,100 Las Vegas United States 2114801 N Las Angeles 220 96,000 Columbus United States 2021632 N Cleveland/Cincinnati 100 24,721 Austin United States 2000860 N Houston 100 103,000 Indianapolis United States 1988817 N Cincinnati 150 65,678 San Jose United States 1976836 N San Francisco 45 107,000 Tijuana Mexico 1840710 N San Diego 15 26,342
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