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  1. I’d love to see Eddie win an MVP in ‘20. A great season from Eddie on their push to win a short season would be fantastic! An MVP would guarantee he never plays another game for the Twins. That MVP award, even in a short season, puts significant leverage on arbitration salary up. A mediocre season would keep his final year of arbitration somewhat static. A huge year with an MVP... waive goodbye
  2. https://www.mlb.com/news/jhoulys-chacin-released-from-twins The Twins have granted Chacin his release. Good luck Jhoulys
  3. I think the blackout is to protect the RSNs/local TV contracts, not attendance
  4. it is a steal!However the skinny bundle plus internet and Netflix, is usually around the same price as cable anyways on a per month basis. The advantage is being able to add a skinny bundle for a month, vs cable requires a 1 or 2 year contract. So committed to $80 vs committed to $1000
  5. my wife was a student then, we’d sit in the LF gen admin for a total of $7 for two people. Wed was also dollar dog.... and we didn’t have kids.... those were the days
  6. I don’t get WCCO in my area, so I subscribe to the audio feed via MLB.com. $20 per season is quite affordable and a great compliment to the game day app. You also get the replay clips and usually get the replay of the video feed the next day.
  7. I don't "hate" Eddie Rosario, It's not his fault - I don't hold anything against the guy, and really like watching him play. I just think you can get almost as much, if not more value from a player making $11.5 million less than him. I hope hope Eddie Rosario gets a really big payday in free agency.
  8. especially looking at alternatives in house. Cave (113 wRC+) Wade(98 wRC+), Kirilloff(121 wRC+ in AA) & Rooker (139 wRC+ in AAA) all in house ready to back fill at major league rookie rates, or Eddie Rosario (103 wRC+) at 12 mil or more.
  9. Ticket price would be higher, it doesn’t mean they won’t pay it. The SCSU Men’s Hockey Team draws 6,000 per game. The UND men’s hockey team draws 10,000 per game, NDSU draws 5500 per men’s hockey game. They draw in people from outside the city itself. Sure, different sports, but similar demographic to own sport season tickets. Prices for the tickets are similar, and number of games played are slightly shorter in hockey, but still 50 game season. The St Cloud Rox was the AAA affiliate for the Twins in the 70s for a few years.
  10. I bet St Cloud or Fargo could support a triple A team. Both support Northwoods League, which is much inferior ball (but still great fun). Both would need significant field improvements, however...
  11. Honestly, I was thinking “Back the EF up, balloon”
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