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  1. I gotta think sending Moran out for the extra inning was bullpen management, to give everyone an extra day off. agreed with others, not sure Moran has the arsenal to be a 2+ inning reliever. I still want to see more of Jax. He may not be my first option for the opening day rotation, but is he the swing man? 6 starter or 8th? The average rotation uses 10 or more starters in a season, how many of those should Jax get in 2022, considering Dobnak is struggling to get healthy on a lingering finger strain?
  2. I think everyone was ready to go home by that point… what a disaster
  3. Well deserved award for Jax! Thank you for your service Griffin! https://www.mlb.com/press-release/press-release-griffin-jax-named-mlb-recipient-of-bob-feller-act-of-valor-award
  4. Agreed. A batted ball traveling at 100 miles per hour goes 146 feet per second. In front of the 60’6” rubber, Ryan had less than half a second to react and move his hand. sure, drills and such… he can do things, just like hitters, but yeah, hard to find fault.
  5. Ryan was traded for on July 29, pitched in the Olympics and then reported to the Twins on August 15. He’s been a Twin for a month. How much molding and team building happen in a month? he’s 25…
  6. Time and quality seem to have unclear definitions. 2021 pitchers signed were all failures objectively. Prior to 2021, how do Falvey and Levine compare to alternatives (other executives) in regards to free agents signed in dollar parameters? Acquiring prospects have a different timeline than free agents or ML trades. How do you evaluate that time? im very unhappy with this season, but I’m not exactly sure how to do the evaluation comparing them to who might be available to do a better job.
  7. While I agree with the OP that Pineda is on the decline and won’t get any healthier, this Team needs to acquire 3 starting pitchers this offseason. They won’t sign 3 multi-year at 20 million per season free agents. If Pineda is the 4th or 5th starter, the worst acquired, and a Happ type signing, that’s OK. If Pineda is the best pitcher they acquire, there’s a problem.
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