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  1. Jake Cave believe similarly to Simmons - check his "Likes" on Twitter, and it's all QAnon, anti-vax, and anti-mask conspiracies - but he's at least smart enough to not broadcast it to the world; probably because he knows he's not "good enough" to get away with it.
  2. After the protests moved into and closer to Minneapolis and the news conference with the Brooklyn Center mayor/chief of police (which made the matter worse), I'm sure the Twins had to get permission from MLB, Bally Sports, and the Boston Red Sox before OKing the postponement. They can't just make a decision like that on a whim without getting a number of OKs. (I'm assuming.) I wish the decision was made before fans were there. I remember a game in 2011 I attended that was rained out. It was raining all day; it was going to rain all night. Twins cancelled the game five minutes before first pitch was scheduled. That game was very clearly a "let's get people in to buy food and beer" decision. This one, I'm again assuming, required a number of signatures to finalize.
  3. Right choice (albeit a little late, but likely made as early as possible.) Some things are bigger than baseball.
  4. You want to get Morneau more personality in the booth? Require him to dress like this for every broadcast. http://apps.startribune.com/blogs/user_images/randmid_1262633643_justin-morneau-rob-bowen.jpg
  5. During the Twins/Red Sox ST game last night, Provus and Gladden said Rocco was going to go with 13 and 13. From the way they were talking, it did not sound like pure speculation.
  6. Don't want the White Sox to overtake the Twins this year (or any season) but not like this. Best of luck in recovery for Jimenez.
  7. Kirilloff's lack of offense made it an easy decision. Yeah, other starters are not currently hitting in Spring Training either, but they have track records in the major leagues. Alex has yet to have an official MLB at-bat. He'll be the first minor league outfield (or first baseman) called up if and when needed.
  8. Teams are using Spring Training games as a test run to show their respective cities how they plan on safely having 25% capacity: so far all teams in Florida (except maybe Toronto?) are requiring masks at all times "except for when eating and drinking." Detroit is going so far that they're not allowing gaiters; masks only. https://www.news-press.com/story/sports/mlb/springtraining/2021/02/25/spring-training-2021-baseball-schedules-covid-restrictions-florida-gulf-coast-ticket-information/4563672001/ Ultimately, there is two ways this will go down when the season opens (unless a city decides not to allow fans at all, which I certainly hope is not a legitimate option again): - Teams will decide that fans do not need to wear masks in their seats, but fans will still be required to wear them when walking to and from their seats, in the concourses, on the plazas, in the bathrooms, etc. or - Teams will require masks at all times except when eating and drinking, and certain fans will attempt to skirt that by nursing a single beer or bag of peanuts for a full 9 innings.
  9. Don't give the "Pohlads are so cheap" crowd any more ammunition. "If the Pohalds actually loosened the purse strings and slipped a couple K to Immigration, we'd have the World Series wrapped up by the All-Star Game!"
  10. Doesn't matter if it is outside; wear your masks when you're going to be around the same set of people for 3+ hours. Target Field is still hiring for police officers this year; I have a feeling they are planning on being very diligent with their masks and social-distance policies this year. It won't be an 80-year-old retiree usher asking you a second time to put on your mask and keep it on in your seat.
  11. Wow... Robert's average sprint speed is 29.1mph? Considering Usain Bolt's fastest speed measured was 27.8mph, that's pretty good. And Robert is only in the 96th percentile? I had no idea so many major leaguers were faster than the world's fastest man. (I think you meant "29.1 feet per second.") I'm really digging these "AL Central Rundowns." Buxton has to have at least one full good season in him, right? I obviously want more, but if everyone can gel together with the great years they are capable of having, 2021 could be special.
  12. So what free-agent SS do the Twins sign to a one-year contract in 2022 to fill the hole Simmons was filling until Lewis was ready? And the recent signing of Romine suddenly makes a lot more sense.
  13. My son will be painting with TC tomorrow. (And I will, too.)
  14. Can someone just spoil it for Derek so he gets all pissed and starts buying all the free agents he can? Angry shopping is a thing, right?
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