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  1. How old is your son? Often the T.C. Squad (the group who accompanies T.C. Bear) will be on the look-out for kids down the first base line to deliver the game ball to the mound or start the game on-camera by announcing "Let's Play Ball!" on-field. If he has a "my first game" sign, is wearing Twins clothes, and is between like 5-10 (and is not camera-shy or afraid of TC Bear) there's a good chance he could be picked.
  2. With a glut of outfielders, I would suggest giving Max Kepler a shot at first. He played in the minors, but last played first in the majors in 2016 (and only 4 innings worth, but with 100% fielding percentage). Give his legs a rest from running around the outfield, give the team a veteran with experience at first, and he's closer to a prototypical slugging first baseman than Arraez or Miranda (who should be back in Triple A to get some mojo back.)
  3. I'm glad to read Correa describing the culture in the clubhouse as "fun." Fun teams gel, and the chemistry can go a long way in October (something we have not got to say about the Twins for 20 long years...)
  4. I've only been to CHS Field a couple of times, and none since 2019... really looking forward to getting to spend 4-5 days there every month this season with the Entertainment team!
  5. Shooting the 7th inning stretch t-shirt cannons!
  6. Whomever on the Twins' social media team commented "Looking pretty fly!" on a picture of me in my Twins' Zubaz deserves all the recognition in the world.
  7. Sorry city of Anaheim: we were going to travel in August to see the Twins/Angels, plus stops at Disneyland and a nice VRBO... don't know if that's happening now.
  8. I've been to a lot of Twins' games, but I've missed out on a lot of important ones (just bad timing I guess.) Before I attended the last game of the season in 2018, the most "important" game I had been to was the infamous Knoblauch game in 2001. But getting to witness Mauer's final pitch as catcher from less than 100' away in the umpires' tunnel is by far the highlight of my in-person games, whether it was at the Metrodome or Target Field.
  9. Best moment: I ran in the Mascot Race, and did not come in last! (Although in doing so, my wife came in last, and - being that she is a marathon runner - led to two hours of "If it was a distance run I would have beaten you easily.")
  10. I tried doing my own research, but since YouTube took down all of the vaccine conspiracy theory videos, I ended up just watching a bunch of Jackass videos, and one how-to make homemade pizza dough. #Woke
  11. Jake Cave believe similarly to Simmons - check his "Likes" on Twitter, and it's all QAnon, anti-vax, and anti-mask conspiracies - but he's at least smart enough to not broadcast it to the world; probably because he knows he's not "good enough" to get away with it.
  12. After the protests moved into and closer to Minneapolis and the news conference with the Brooklyn Center mayor/chief of police (which made the matter worse), I'm sure the Twins had to get permission from MLB, Bally Sports, and the Boston Red Sox before OKing the postponement. They can't just make a decision like that on a whim without getting a number of OKs. (I'm assuming.) I wish the decision was made before fans were there. I remember a game in 2011 I attended that was rained out. It was raining all day; it was going to rain all night. Twins cancelled the game five minutes before first pitch was scheduled. That game was very clearly a "let's get people in to buy food and beer" decision. This one, I'm again assuming, required a number of signatures to finalize.
  13. Right choice (albeit a little late, but likely made as early as possible.) Some things are bigger than baseball.
  14. You want to get Morneau more personality in the booth? Require him to dress like this for every broadcast. http://apps.startribune.com/blogs/user_images/randmid_1262633643_justin-morneau-rob-bowen.jpg
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