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Tigers and Blue Jays and Yankees, oh my!

Needless to say, walking away from Detroit with a 1-4 series record is not what the Twins were hoping for. This was a chance for the Twins to gain some serious ground on the White Sox. who are currently in Toronto and struggling in nearly every facet of the game, but the Twins squandered nearly every opportunity. In today's series finale game, Archer, Gordon, and Urshela were just about the only bright spots. Duran pitched well too. Urshela continues to be Captain Clutch.  The Twins are ban

Both Sides of the Royce Lewis AAA Situation

Waking up yesterday morning on May 18, I was taken aback to see that Lewis was sent back to AAA. Here are both viewpoints regarding the Twins sending down Royce Lewis, and then my own take.  Those in favor: The Twins don't know how long Carlos Correa will be with the Twins, so they are sending Lewis down to continue developing at SS In case Correa does stay for a while, it's necessary to find somewhere else in the field for Lewis to play, and AAA is the best place for him to tr

The Future is Now

Another series, another sweep!  The Twins just keep rolling! My main takeaway from this past weekend's series vs the Oakland Athletics is what a joy it was to get a glimpse of what the Twins' future lineup might look like. On its face, let's say someone showed you a Twins lineup featuring Royce Lewis, Trevor Larnach, Jose Miranda, Gilberto Celestino and Josh Winder on the mound. What year would you think it is? Although we are seeing some of these faces due to illness and injury, it's app

Power Rankings Roundup

To me, power rankings are only legitimate if I agree with them. Alright, that's a little flippant, but the Twins are getting mixed amount of love in the power rankings so far. MLB's latest power rankings have them at 14th. The Tampa Bay Rays, who the Twins handled with ease this past weekend, are at #8 on their list. Yahoo Sports has the Twins in 11th, CBS sports has the Twins in 9th, and the Athletic has the Twins in the 10th spot. Fox Sports MLB Analyst and brother of a certain MLB p

Sunday Walk-Off Win Reaction

Wow, what a game yesterday! There is nothing better than seeing a walk-off win in absolute monster fashion. Winning is pretty fun, eh? Here are some of my thoughts on Sunday April 24's walk-off win vs the White Sox: After that sweep, we’re back on top of the Central where we belong. I have no doubt that the White Sox will end up being fine, but it is important that we pounce and gain as much ground as possible while they’re banged up and committing a circus of errors in the field. I of cou

I went to the First 5 Twins Games in a Row- Here's What I Noticed

The Twins just wrapped up their first homestand! I have the Twins Pass so I have a ticket to every home game this year, and I was so baseball-starved that I decided to go to all 4 of the Twins vs. Mariners games and then game 1 vs the Dodgers (I stayed from 6:40-8 p.m., at which point I went to the Timberwolves game. Luckily too- it started raining right after we left + that's when the game fell apart). I did not go to the Wednesday day game vs the Dodgers because of work, and thankfully so- we

Here We Go- Happy Opening Day!

Here we are finally- Opening Day! Who would have thought a couple months ago during that lockout purgatory that we would be playing early April baseball? But here we are, and I am grateful for it.  Opening Day is special to a lot of people- players, fans, and staff alike. Baseball runs deep within families and holds many cherished memories for fans dating back to childhood. A lot of people have sacred Opening Day traditions or people who they attend it with. Tomorrow I'm excited to car

Happy Opening Week- An Ode to Target Field

Happy Opening Week! As a Twins fan who was a kid during the Metrodome era of the aughts, I have fond, cherished memories of being swept away by the wind when the Metrodome doors were opened after games, the giant milk jug down the first baseline, the outfield curtain, Dome Dogs, and uncountable other quirks and joys. Though I have strong nostalgia for our beloved Dome, there is no question that Target Field is one of the most beautiful, scenic stadiums in the MLB. Nothing can compare to sitting

Melissa's Musings on the Correa Signing

Well, THAT was a fun weekend in Twins Territory! Here are my jottings and scattered thoughts about the Correa signing and how it went down: It was really fun to watch everyone learn about the signing in waves. You had the late-night crew who were up at about 2am Saturday morning when the news broke (*I* was not among this group), followed by the early morning crew who probably consists of people who wake up early for work Monday-Friday and can't sleep in on the weekends, followed by the la

Goodbye to the Bringer of Rain

The Minneapolis forecast has cleared up, and Josh Donaldson is now a Yankee. After the Josh Donaldson news broke, I instinctively ran to twitter and tweeted, "Josh Donaldson skyrocketed to being one of my favorite Twins ever and I'm going to miss him." I got a few incredulous replies, so I thought I'd expand on it.  Is Josh Donaldson a player who is or should be beloved in our hearts among all-time Twins like Harmon Killebrew, Tony O, Kirby Puckett, and Rod Carew? No, of course not- al

A pitch clock is coming- pros and cons

Time flies while you’re having fun, but it’s not flying quickly enough, says the MLB. During CBA negotiations, the MLB players union agreed to allow the MLB to ban shifts, to implement a pitch clock and to make bases larger (not XL pizza box size- from 15” to 18”) effective the 2023 season, subject to those agreements fitting into a total deal. Though the MLBPA appears to be on board with these changes, baseball fans as a whole are not known as being a particularly flexible folk that is eag

Melissa's non-spring-training Spring Training trip guide

Let’s say earlier this winter, as you shivered at home and headed out into the dark night of 4:30 p.m. in Minnesota to rev up the snowblower, your mind drifted to baseball and spring training. Sure, there was some CBA uncertainty at the time, but that was a mere specter miles and months off in the distance. You haven’t been able to go to spring training for the last two years, so Spring Training 2022 sounds extra enticing. And Rob Manfred- that confident, seasoned, labor industry-tested lawyer,

Shortened Season- A Win for Twins?

Among my friends, I’m known as being a bit of a Minnesota sports optimist. I’m the type of person who, when it’s at the end of the NFL season and the Vikings hold a 11% chance of making it to the playoffs IF the Vikings beat the Packers at Lambeau, the Washington Football team beats the Eagles, AND the terrible, tanking Texans beat the Niners, I’m all in on following those scenarios. Next week sounds like it will feature a marathon of bargaining sessions as the MLB and its owners and the ML

Melissa Berman

Melissa Berman in Melissa's Blog

Twins Valentine's Day Cards!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today as I watched all our other local sports teams post their annual Valentine's Day pun cards featuring their team's players, I connected the dots that the Twins can't do that this year because of the lockout. So, I made some cards instead! I hope you like them, and if not, I hope our love isn't ~Ober.~   All player images are courtesy of ESPN.com

Melissa Berman

Melissa Berman in Melissa's Blog

Spring Training Dreaming - Increased Negotiation Pace On Deck?

A wise gal once said “Cold days like these have me dreaming about baseball.” Actually, that was me on Twitter a few days ago. Regardless, here we are on the eve of yet another meeting between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association, where on February 12 the MLB and its owners plan to make a new proposal to the MLBPA. As I’m sure we all know, thus far very little progress has been made and both sides remain quite far apart on issues ranging from service time rules to free

Melissa Berman

Melissa Berman in Melissa's Blog

Hello + Stealing Home from the Hot Corner

Hello Twins fans and fanatics! My name is Melissa, and I’m romantic about baseball, the Twins, and Dollar Dog Night. I'm so excited to be starting up this blog to share my hot takes, musings, and ramblings about all things Twins baseball.  My deep love for the Twins comes from a baseball and softball-centric upbringing.  Growing up, softball truly was the love of my life. Like many little girls, my mom first tried putting me in dance. My dear readers, I *hated* dance. One of

Melissa Berman

Melissa Berman in Melissa's Blog

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