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  1. A lot of people had Arraez pegged for a contender for the batting title, so his sub .300 average, to me, counts as off. He's making hard contact at a better rate than ever before, so when he adapts to the defensive adjustments in place against him, I think his avg. will bounce back in a big way.
  2. In an active pursuit for pitching, Garver and Kepler are traded to teams looking for a solid MLB catcher and one that thinks Kepler can play center, and probably has a short porch in right. This happens only after the Twins relent and pay Byron Buxton. C Jeffers 1b Sano 2b Refsnyder SS Polanco 3b Arraez LF Rooker CF Buxton RF Kirilloff DH Donaldson This suggests that I think the Twins are not optimistic about the overall health of Josh Donaldson, in opting to have him at DH over Rooker or Kirilloff. Also, and this is a really hot take, but Jake Cave will be back next year, mostly to spell the corner outfielders. His numbers will be significantly better, but will be roundly reviled by fans.
  3. The risk to the players is not the concern in many of these discussions. Other personnel are not as young and spry as the players, and those people wouldn't necessarily be kept in the same bubble as the players. As to the other point, I can assure you that the chance of any of these players being struck by lightening is absolutely 0
  4. I think the answer, with regards to Astudillo is right there in your description of Barnes as a pitcher. Astudillo doesn't strike out, so if the imperative is to make contact, it's hard to go wrong with Willians. A high k pitcher is a perfect opportunity to use him if the goal is simply to put a ball in play, given his unique approach
  5. Teams just don't like releasing players if they suspect the stint in the majors will be brief. That's a common thread among all teams. I don't think they had a long term goal with Cave, and thus, there was no irreversible roster move to correspond to it, like there would have been with Wade.
  6. Obviously, it was only one game and isn't predictive of anything or necessarily prove any of you wrong, but it IS a little funny that Jake Cave took the roster spot and hit a 2 run homer in his second at bat after this conversation started.
  7. If Kinley has made it this far, I just don't see the Twins sending him back to the Marlins so they can call up one of those three guys, two weeks into the season. He'll be on the roster until the Twins get another 20-30 games under their belt, I would bet
  8. I was saying at the game yesterday that Sano just looks petulant at the plate. I wonder how much the cold gets to him, but also, I wonder if he is the type of guy that gets so in his own head that it's deleterious to the rest of his game. There are a few guys that just seem to shut down in cold weather. Sano, Eddie Rosario especially, but Rosario seems like he has the capacity to self correct. and didn't have the offseason Sano did. don't worry, June's coming in a couple months, and we'll probably even be in the 60s by then
  9. I think in general I'm going to worry about a pitcher in his mid 30s, and moreso if they have a recent injury
  10. Every game this season has come while I'm at work. That's going to have to change, Ugh.
  11. I think two things in favor of changing from TR to the current regime 1) The team had lost for 6 straight years, and their investment in a new stadium hadn't yet translated to wins. It was just time for a change. 2) The organization under Terry Ryan just couldn't seem to develop starting pitching. They couldn't evaluate when to trade their prospects, and they never seemed to work out in the Majors. The Twins needed to improve their pitching organizationally, and this change sought out not only to develop and evaluate pitching talent. There is nothing to suggest that this has been a failure. On the other hand, yes, I think TR and fiends were excellent at player acquisition, and that goes a long way towards the core that is in place now. I just never trusted him with a rotation
  12. I, for one, don't believe Jose Altuve has any choice but to hit the bottom of the ball. He would have to jump to get on top of one to hit it on the ground anywhere.
  13. I suspect that unless the Twins get a rock bottom price, they are loathe to give up a pick for a year or two of a pitcher that was going to be their 2nd or 3rd choice, at the very best. I'm just assuming they intend to be done (but you never know, injuries, etc.)
  14. That's fair. I tried to couch my language to reflect that it was just my interpretation of what I've heard, and based it in experience travelling and living out of state, not that it was a statement of fact.
  15. Sure, there are bound to be exceptions to the rule, and Reed is a good example of someone who had been in the Midwest and enjoyed their time here, and had said as much. The overall point is that as much as we would like to boil it down to one, free agency isn't just an auction, it's a bunch of guys trying to find the right job fit for themselves and their families.
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