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  1. I'd take that bet. His stuff is awful with zero swing and miss in his game there is no upside.
  2. Keuchel release should open the door for a Funderburk MLB call up taking his place on the roster and 40 man. Then option one of Winder or Headrick for a bat until a 5th starter is needed.
  3. Correct, Pagan takes too much heat this year. His ERA and WHIP are both pretty decent....Moran's on the other hand are not good.
  4. Shatters? One bad week and we are back to the failure narrative, but I guess that is how it goes when you are living and dying by the HR.
  5. Kepler should be given the choice to be released or platoon in CF with Taylor while backing up RF occasionally if needed. Wallner might as well get the everyday spot in RF. Quite frankly that might be the jolt Kepler needs and Taylor is better suited for a platoon role anyways.
  6. My thoughts exactly....in the age of immediate updates(twitter), news like this is annoying.
  7. I normally skip Sherry’s articles….should’ve skipped this one. “Rodon still looking for home” smh…hopefully it will be edited soon.
  8. Hard no and I'd argue that his age makes the argument for not worrying jumping to 150 innings next year. He is a professional athlete with an offseason to prepare....IF he ends up having a healthy season next year just let him throw.
  9. I understand pulling Bundy but if you do that you have to get two innings from Megill. Yes we need this game but we also need 4 out of the next 5...
  10. Straight up lack of awareness -- he totally thought Ramirez broke with the contact
  11. This doesn't hold water last night when he had Sanchez able to come in and save the bullpen either way. Bundy just didn't have it.
  12. The series comes down to who really wants it more. *No offense but this is delusional....clearly Cave wants to win and hit .300 but things like that just aren't gonna happen.
  13. Apparently Rocco draws the line at 12 hits in 4.2 innings....or maybe it was the pitch count?
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