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  1. hmm.. i don't think any team would trade their bullpen for ours. in fact, i think every team would happily take facing our bullpen compared to any other one
  2. some thoughts: it is a long season, but really less games means less pay for workers at the games. the shift is an adjustment made by the team playing defense, so the team playing offense needs to adjust to that. the pitch clock is just wrong, making the game quality worse to save ten minutes. there should be a salary cap, as this is the most lopsided sport anywhere. you can almost pick the WS winner from a pool of 8 teams. the umpires are the worst judges in all of sports, even the Olympics. let's not pretend there isn't bias and general idiocy. mine is that the DH should not even exist, instead of being universal. if you can't play in the field or pitch, then you shouldn't be allowed to hit. with the difference between the AL and NL gone, one league and one large playoff would be more interesting
  3. I have run out of fingers and toes to count the mistakes our FO has made over the years. I try to remain optimistic, however, and don't reflect on the past. As much as I feel this we aren't going to be "competitive" this year, progression should be the focus.
  4. Well.. at least this group will get people to buy tickets, but i don't think they'll make the playoffs and if they do, the streak will likely continue.
  5. IMO At least we won't lose yet another playoff game to extend the streak. Please prove me wrong by 1)making the playoffs and 2)winning a playoff game without a single proven, solid BP pitcher. Hate this trade if we think we are competing, love it if we are true to the fact we really are not
  6. The Yankees beat us again.. they got the best player in the trade, the better of the two catchers, and the better of the two other infielders. Basically they gave us what they no longer wanted and we accepted it.
  7. Ah.. finally we did something. Obviously not what was expected, but getting younger, and at a position of need is a plus IMO. Our window is still a year or two away, so at least the FO seems to know that.
  8. as it is for all Minnesota teams: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  9. 2022 is for evaluating our youth. 2023 is for building and demonstrating consistency. 2024 better be playoffs. 2025 is when we should expect to compete for the crown or the FO failed.
  10. I am thinking along the same lines. The FO's biggest mistake is stating they plan to be "competitive" without defining what they mean by that. Does that mean trying to get to the playoffs? Because that should always be the goal, but are they going to make moves to make it more likely to occur? So far they have not and so using the word in that sense is somewhat misleading. If they mean "competitive" as having a team that will play games and try to win while mostly evaluating the talent they have in the pipeline, they should specify that and not be so vague. I am all for the latter, but just would like them to be straightforward with what they mean.
  11. We are expecting too much, but where else can our expectations be placed when it comes to the rotation. For now he is likely our Opening Day starter and is also likely to start against other teams' aces.
  12. Unfortunately I think preparing for a long, losing season is most likely the thing to do. Hopefully we will have an idea who fits where by the end of it though. Watch to see who has the stuff and not necessarily for the wins.
  13. My prediction for our starting five: Ryan, Ober, rebounding FA, Bundy, Dobnak. If we score a touchdown worth of runs each game, we might win half of them.
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