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  1. I'd still say their three biggest weakness are: Derek Falvey, Thad Levine and Rocco Baldelli
  2. Well, at least our $100 million dollar man got to take his "scheduled" day off. I would hate to see him out there helping his team too much. Kinda feel like he gets enough days off with all of his injuries, he should be out there when he is available.
  3. Same can be said about all the Buxton for MVP talk.
  4. He is one of the best players in baseball for the 50-60 games he's plays each season. Do it for a full year (140-160) and we will return to this question. His talent is the reason the fans are SO frustrated, when he is so often injured.
  5. Except that is the law that any headline question under this, ends with "no". I do feel this was a decent question, but I feel the true question should be, can we trade Buxton even though he is tied to a $100mm contract, and plays more for AAA than the MLB club?
  6. Except Sano is our starting first basemen, and Sanchez is our starting catcher...
  7. Don't forget he has also been hurt while batting. I think he need to be switched to another team.
  8. The Twins were making up for Tom Kelly stating that David Ortiz "was never going to amount to anything in baseball"; while letting him [Ortiz] walk. Last I checked Ortiz is in the HOF and the Twins still honor and listen to Tom Kelly every spring. Billy Gardner and Ray Miller put together a club that worked, and Kelly led a 85-77 team that got hot into the World Series. 85-77 wouldn't get you into the post season anymore. Last season Oakland finished 86-76, finished third in the West. So, they went with the big guy with upside. Fans that watched Cron could have said which was going to be more consistent, but no doubt who had possibly better upside. Just no one on the Twins could harness his talent.
  9. I hope everyone can see and understand why I complained all offseason about the extension of Buxton. I was happy that didn't stop them from making other moves as I feel it would have in seasons past. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the Buxton extension was bad money. He will NEVER complete a 'full' season. He made it seven games... He will end up nursing this injury all season long.
  10. Are you suggesting that the Twins get a different person to play CF? Because you can't possibly think a guy who averages just 70 games played per year, over his seven year career (this includes his ONE year of 140) will play the majority of the season?
  11. Just Mr. Reality. I would LOVE to see him play a full season, but what from his past shows that will ever happen?
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