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  1. I would love taking a flyer on Lamet, but I'd wager he's claimed before he gets to the Twins
  2. I don't think the comment in the OP saying "There isn't much there" with this farm system is fair, for one big reason. When 4 out of your top 10 from the year before graduates from prospect status (Duran, Ryan, Miranda, Winder) of course your system "looks" worse.
  3. Topic: "What to do with Sano" First Reply: "Well if Rocco could put his spreadsheets down, and have pitchers go more than 1 inning, we wouldn't have to worry about this!"
  4. Twins did not have the prospect capital Seattle had to complete that deal, They gave up multiple top 100 prospects+. They gave up a lot for him, It definitely was not being "out maneuvered"
  5. Arraez currently leads all Twins players with 88 games played. I'm not sure where you're getting your info from.
  6. The sooner they trade him, the more control the acquiring team has, the more value he has
  7. An OF of Mike Trout and Byron Buxton would be an all-time "talented but can't stay healthy" duo
  8. OPS has been used since around the 70s. Also how do you quantify who is a better fielder between 2 players that play different positions? They both have similar OAA at the very least (Average to below average) So not sure where you're getting that info
  9. I still maintain there is a good chance Correa opts in for another year. Next year's SS class is LOADED with talent
  10. The almighty, unmeasurable attribute known as "potential" lol
  11. ooo that's a good idea. I know Griffin Jax is the first one that comes to mind. I was pretty low on Kepler after his first month or so too, but that's definitely something I'm gonna like in to.
  12. I don't even wanna think about the name Kohl Stewart after his time with the big league ball club. lol
  13. Haha I remember thinking it was so odd when he was drafted. The fact he has turned into a decent contributor is even funnier
  14. The Twins pitching staff right now is not good, that absolutely goes without saying. When trying to figure out how it got to that point, that depends on who you ask. Most people play the "hindsight is 20/20" card a lot without knowing, i.e. "we shouldn't have traded xyz for abc because y turned out good or a turned out bad..." It happens all the time throughout sports. Lets play that game and check out what COULD HAVE been if the Twins were currently in a vacuum and didn't make certain moves or kept certain players. Rotation: Jose Berrios Lance Lynn Sonny Gray Michael Pineda Kyle Gibson If only we could have this rotation with the current offense the Twins have. Reversing the Berrios trade is a pretty easy one, with the return still in the minors so we are unsure how good they will both be. Although he as struggled thus far this season, if I was a betting man (which I am) I'd wager he'll figure it out soon enough. Keeping Lance Lynn is one I'm slightly unsure on, based off his 2022 results so far (Although basically everyone on that team is struggling). I, like many, want to forget his time with the Twins, plus the return on him was basically nothing, but he's been very solid since. Sonny Gray is an easy decision, he's been solid this year, same for Pineda. The name Kyle Gibson alone may turn some Twins fans heads, but he's been quietly solid for the Phillies and Rangers. Bullpen (No particular order): Brusdar Graterol Ryan Pressly Taylor Rogers Zack Littell Jhoan Duran Caleb Thielbar Trevor May Josh Winder Wow, imaging this pen compared to the nightmare we currently have is so disappointing. The bullpen is a much more interesting one to think about compared to the rotation. I choose Graterol over Maeda because I figured we needed the pen help more than the starters. Pressly was an easy one, although that removed Alcala from the potential bullpen which is unfortunate. Rogers is another easy one, Paddack and Pagan have clearly not worked out so far. Zack Littell might be a confusing one to some Twins fans, but he just had his best year with the Giants. He's really the main one I wish the Twins held on to, they could really use him this year. Duran is a no-brainer, that really requires no explanation. After that point you can really plug in a ton of different players, I just chose a few decent ones. Did I forget any big ones? Do you disagree with any of them? let's discuss.
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