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Twins prospects that I was wrong on

Since roughly 2009 the Twins have had some well... rough seasons. When a team is bad, they become sellers at the deadline, and at least me personally, stop caring as much about the active games, and switch to focusing on prospects and the future. During those bad years I become pretty fixated on prospects, so lets go over some that I really thought were gonna be good. 1. RHP Dakota Chalmers Woof. I was so high on this guy when we acquired him from Oakland for Fernando Rodney in 20

Rocco Baldelli's mindset on close games is annoying

As I read Ted Schwerzler's article from earlier today, this quote from Twins manager Rocco Baldelli stuck with me: "...We want them to be available and ready to finish ballgames when the time comes" What if the time never comes, because you throw in the proverbial towel if the team doesn't have the lead? Last night the Twins got down early, and when the starter Cole Sands got pulled from the game the Twins went to a combination of Juan Minaya-Yennier Cano-Tyler Duffey-Trevo
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