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  1. After pondering "I hardly doubt they don't have a clue" for long enough to figure it out, I will say (bean & squirrel) that I also have charged Falvine (could it really be Rocco?) with possibly drawing the line-up out of a hat. Some consistency may be better. I feel badly for the Twins' suffering thru this "lost season," with a ton of injuries, and losing a good part of their "heart" when Cruz was dealt to the Rays. Squirrel's comment is on point, so I don't need to add to it, but we all know pitching to minor league hitters, no matter your minor league success, is way different than pitching in the bigs. We see it all the time.
  2. His beard is ridiculous - makes him look like an old man.
  3. Joe Ryan, while he did a great job for the Saints, last night, is undoubtedly not ready for the major league mound, but the Twins have a habit of bringing players who are "not quite ready" to their line-up. So... I suspect we'll see him soon. Pretty demoralizing for someone like Charlie Barnes, facing the NYY last night. The Twins shouldn't be setting up failure for their rookies... Actually, I don't know why you'd throw any lefty against the NYY in the Bronx. That short fence is laughable, actually. A line drive, 10' off the ground, gets out of there in 319 feet. No wonder they hit so many "home runs."
  4. I wasn't talking about next year. My comment could have been "there's nothing new under the sun..." I don't see the Twins as serious contenders on the field or bidders in building their team. Banking on Royce Lewis was just one example.
  5. I am baffled that the Twins are (WERE) banking on Royce Lewis, a .236 hitter in AA, to jump to the majors and fill the SS role. Whatever... We got what we paid for in Simmons, and he's done a good job at that position this year. He's gotten a few key hits and is a gold-glove fielder. $18M would not have been too much to pay for Marcus Semien, but the Twins made a decision to fill spots as cheaply as possible. I doubt that will change.
  6. The Twins knew what they were getting in Simmons. That's why they paid $11 million for him instead of the $18 million that Semien got from Toronto. You get what you pay for. Simmons has contributed at least as well as expected, and maybe better than expected at the plate. The Twins were banking on Royce Lewis. He hit .235 in AA in 2019, but the Twins were expecting him to jump, effectively, to the show. Oops.
  7. Every single word of what Mark G. said is exactly right! Rocco was trained in Tampa to use his computer rather than his eyes and knowledge of the game. So sad... Regarding the "line-up" for each game, I'm pretty sure Rocco draws the names out of a hat. And, it's pretty disheartening to have MLB where we live, but follow other teams to see how our former players are doing... (BY THE WAY - Jon Marthaler needs to be a regular contributor here. Pithy is good.)
  8. Are we supposed to be able to follow thread? Are we supposed to know the esoteric references in these posts? It's a good way to lose followers...
  9. Bean5302 is correct: The atmosphere and "extras" were tons of fun. It was a good show! As for the game: the small field, the power pitchers, the juiced balls all adds up to more money for the MLB; more ulcers for the managers. (Also Hendrix and his catcher did a terrible job in the 9th... wild, predictable, and emotionally out of control. Way too much Hollywood for him.)
  10. The Twins' outlook could improve, significantly, if the front office figures out that some new coaches are needed. There is no reason that Sanó, with his incredible strength, agility, and rocket-arm shouldn't be hitting in the high .200s, minimum.
  11. Bally Sports needs to be on YouTubeTV or Hulu. That's all.
  12. Donaldson was not "right" for the Twins - not on the field nor in the Clubhouse. As for his talent, that ship has sailed almost completely out of view. This was a costly move for the Twins - in all ways. His few jacks are not enough compensation.
  13. José Berríos is a hard-working, well-prepared pitcher who will be missed in Minnesota. He's a true gentleman, and I wish him well. As for the pitching outlook for the Twins, we won't compete with Chicago now or in the foreseeable future. There's a lot of money in the White Sox organization and they will spend it. The Twins' wallet was emptied on Josh Donaldson. Oops.
  14. Hey - I'm a Twins fan, but to draw any conclusions based on 2020 is foolish. 2019 clearly benefited from the juiced ball in 2019. The ball is clearly "dead" this year. Also, they are in the weakest division in baseball. As for the Twins in the post-season? Yeah, let's not even discuss that. Pitching and Defense wins (and loses) baseball games. There's nothing new under the sun...
  15. it's no surprise that Shoemaker laments that the Twins rely on analytics at all costs. That has been clear to anyone paying attention since Rocco came. "Numbers" are a poor substitute for "eyes." The Twins have shown they can still hit, but their pitching is fundamentally awful - and everyone knows it. Shoemaker is an unfortunate victim and accepts the blame for allowing his "heart and determination to dominate" to take a backseat to the front office's numbers game.
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