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  1. Thank you, @Heiny. You are right on every point. I hope Sanó gets another chance. He's only 29, and has mega talent, for sure. The Twins didn't have a decent hitting coach, and still don't. He was physically and emotionally lost when Cruz departed. It's sad, really...
  2. Murph

    Sano related moves.

    I hope Sanó can spend more time with Cruz... That relationship remains very important to Miguel. There's no "Minnesota nice" where Miguel is concerned. Maybe the fans shouldn't affect a player, but these guys are human beings. Miguel is a wonderful human being. Over & out...
  3. Hoping Jorge Lopez doesn't turn out to be another reclamation project. He's having a very successful season with numbers that don't line up to his past performance. So... here's hoping. The Twins are paying him $1.5 Million - so he's a typical low-risk choice for the Twins.
  4. Garlick is not helping the Twins. The Twins need pitching. A month ago, I might have said BULLPEN pitching. Now, I'll just say pitching. We saw Sanó play in St. Paul earlier last week. Sanó is not, by a long shot, the Twins' biggest problem. He smashed 2 HR in the game we saw, and hit 2 more balls on the ground in the game we saw. No K's. Maybe the FO needs to get their eyes off the computer and watch the players on the field. JUST MAYBE.
  5. We are huge BUXTON fans, but he needs to stop trying to lift the ball at the plate. He needs to hit the ball where it's pitched. Some singles and doubles would help. Defensively - right! There is none better.
  6. "Twins LETTING Cleveland win all these games may backfire????" FALVINE in their infinite wisdom need to get their noses out of their computers and open their eyes - AND Rocco needs to do the same!!! WE NEED A BULLPEN. I'm sure the players are more than a little discouraged when they are in or near the last inning and the Bullpen blows the lead. Pagán and Thornburg are DONE. WHY are the Twins picking up pitchers NOBODY else wants? Bring some KIDS from St. Paul onto the relief staff. Cut your losses. The Twins relievers have been TRAINED to pitch only one inning. Neither Jax nor Thielbar could've pitched because they EACH pitched ONE inning the day before? That's ridiculous. And when Duffey comes in and strikes out 4 of 5 hitters he faces, WHY take him out for the 9th?? It's tough being a Twins fan. No amount of offense is enough! The Twins' hitting is more than enough to win these games. The BULLPEN gave up the lead at the end of ALL FIVE CLEVELAND games! I wonder if Jim Pohlad even WATCHES what's going on from his new penthouse atop The Gateway! #BullpenBlues
  7. The LAST addition we need is Nelson Cruz. WE NEED A BULLPEN. I love Nelson Cruz, but hitting is not our problem. Get a grip!
  8. Best comment in this thread. The Twins' losses are due to poor pitching and defense. Pitching and defense wins and loses games. Period. Until the Twins step up their defense and bullpen, they can score 10 runs, and it STILL won't be enough. Miranda is not ready to be in the field. Urshela is! Miranda is a disaster at 1B. And Kirilloff was signed as an outfielder and has played almost no 1B. Look it up! When Polanco comes off the IL, Arraez should go back to 1B and leave him there. Night after night - the Twins have too many rookies (minor leaguers) in their lineup.
  9. See my original comment. Kirilloff (who IS a good hitter) was signed as an outfielder and has played very few games at 1B. Truly, he is not a good defender at 1B, but Miranda isn't either. He's clearly not "ready." But then, the Twins have demonstrated that defense is not important to them.
  10. I'm sorry - I wrote that wrong! Kirilloff was signed as an outfielder in 2016. He played 35 games at 1st in minor league baseball. Last year, he played 43 games at 1st (between St. Paul and the Twins.
  11. Exactly! Don't blame Alex for not getting to Ramirez "hit" at first base! He was signed, in 2016, as an outfielder. He played 49 games at first base in his ENTIRE minor league experience (which began right out of high school) and the rest of his games have been in the outfield. He is an outfielder! Rocco puts players in the game out of position and expects them to play like they know the position. He does it all the time.
  12. Miranda is a huge liability in the field. WHEN will the Twins learn that pitching and defense wins games. Way too many errors - and he's not the only one...
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