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  1. I'm not saying Pineada is the answer to any questions or prayers, but with Maeda likely gone for the entire 2022 season, the returning starters without Pineada are Bailey Ober, Griffin Jax, John Gant??, Lewis Thorpe??, Randy Dobnak??, and Joe Ryan. I'm far from being a front office expert, but those names indicate a need for at least 3 free agent starters. Maybe I'm still scarred by Happ and Shoemaker, but I don't know if this front office can sign 3 free agent starters who are better than Pineada.
  2. I believe we should all reserve commenting on his coiffure until we hear Dan Gladden's hair commentary during the game.
  3. That was Silk Stalkings. . I think the protagonists called each other Sam after Sam Snead. Sorry that I can't make a baseball connection
  4. As of this morning, he's #37. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/top100/
  5. When we cut the cord a few years back, I subscribed to MLB,com but soon discovered that Twins blackouts cover a rather large territory including the Dakotas. I now listen to most games on the radio. It's great in the background. Radio along with MLB.com highlights is actually becoming my preferred way to experience baseball. I do want to pay more attention to the YouTube free game of the week As much as I would like MLB to provide it's own streaming service instead of giving cable providers a lock on the product, I doubt that will happen. I'm guessing baseball will move from a mainstream to a niche sport over the next decade or two, but that's a result that comes from people having so many entertainment options.
  6. Baseball is always about hope and wishful thinking. I'm glad they kept Buxton, but he's played in about 40% of the games over the past few seasons, so it's also "wishful thinking" that he'll play 100 or 120 or 140 games next season. Donaldson is over 35 and susceptible to injuries as well, so one has to hope he can duplicate his production next year.
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