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  1. I hope all recover quickly. Thank to Twins Daily for doing its best to keep site focused on baseball and as politics free as possible.
  2. This sums it up perfectly. The rotation can beginwth Gray, but when the next three are Bundy, Ober, and Ryan, there's not enough depth or experience to make the playoffs unless the front office expects to win win 50 or 60 games with scores of 9-7
  3. Let's not overlook this element from the article "The Twins could offer a clear everyday role at shortstop, but if Story is prioritizing a winning club, it’s a bit of a tougher sell for a 73-win Twins club — even if they’ve acquired Sonny Gray and made some other moves signaling a desire to contend in 2022." The best bet is Story going to the Giants or the Red Sox
  4. MLB Trade rumors is reporting that the Royals signed Greinke and that the Tigers are interested in Pineda. Any bets on who fills the Happ and Shoemaker roles this season?
  5. The Blue Jays have hired a female minor league hitting coach https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/report-blue-jays-hire-jaime-vieria-organization-s-first-female-coach/ar-AASDsXn
  6. This encapsulates the problem with trading Arraez.. Imagine Twins fans reaction to a hypothetical trade for someone like Berrios with the return being a singles hitter who may be a defensive liability and has bad knees.
  7. I hope they focus on starters, a shortstop, and relievers before even thinking about an outfielder. The Bundy signing is not focusing on starters.
  8. I have to agree. I understand the criteria you're using and I wouldn't have a problem with excluding Harmon if the title of the article were "Building the Best Budget WAR Twins Team" but any time the words "Twins All-Time Dream Team" are part of the title, Killebrew has to be on the team.
  9. Great interview. Enjoyed the behind the scenes of how does one get to be a beat writer.
  10. I first discovered this podcast about a month ago. It's a good way to spend 30-35 minutes each day even on the days when I disagree.
  11. It seems as if every playoff team has an opponent or two they dominate. For example, Tampa Bay went 18-1 vs Baltimore Milwaukee went 15-4 vs the Cubs and 14-5 vs Pittsburgh Houston went 14-5 vs Texas The Dodgers went 16-3 vs Arizona and the Giants went 17-2 vs the Diamondbacks.
  12. Does anyone besides Buxton and his agent know if he wants to stay? I know there were some comments at the trade deadline, but those seemed to be basic PR boilerplate.
  13. I'm not saying Pineada is the answer to any questions or prayers, but with Maeda likely gone for the entire 2022 season, the returning starters without Pineada are Bailey Ober, Griffin Jax, John Gant??, Lewis Thorpe??, Randy Dobnak??, and Joe Ryan. I'm far from being a front office expert, but those names indicate a need for at least 3 free agent starters. Maybe I'm still scarred by Happ and Shoemaker, but I don't know if this front office can sign 3 free agent starters who are better than Pineada.
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