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  1. I would personally rather re-sign JA Happ and make him the starting SS than hand Trevor Story a big contract. Story's home/away splits have been, uh, less than impressive for pretty much his entire career. Correa, Seager, or Baez might be really nice adds, but I don't think any of them are going to fit our pay structure very well and I think they'd all guarantee that Buxton is leaving. Personally, I like Taylor as the "get me over" shortstop for next year with one of Martin or Lewis getting plugged in as the long-term solution hopefully by the halfway point next year.
  2. I'm fairly certain the billionaire team owners will be able to afford giving minor leaguers nice, comfortable accomodations regardless of which market they live in.
  3. I'd bring back Cruz, but not in a playing role at this point. I think he'd bring a ton of value to the organization in a hitting coach or a player development type of role.
  4. Point being that (Marty Cordova aside, sort of) many of the players we send to the AFL are not really heard from again and that calling this year's group "unquestionably the weakest group this organization has ever sent" is so hyperbolic and so clouded by recency bias that it is pretty much completely nonsensical.
  5. Terry Ryan doesn't run the team anymore, so you can safely rule out idiotic decisions like cutting Luis Arraez right now. There's no way at all ever -- even in an infinite number of universes including those universes where Arraez is a 73 year old, 2.5 foot tall, 600 pound, chain-smoking, left-handed throwing shortstop with a 20 minute 100 yard dash time -- that the FO would just him at this point.
  6. Please tell me about the impressive group of players we sent to the AFL in 1995 or 1996. I'm sure they were all first ballot HOFers, weren't they?
  7. I don't blame Terry Ryan for this year's failings, but you're darn right I blame him for all the missed draft picks and the mediocrity of those that weren't complete misses, all the predictably bad free agent signings and contract extensions, the near total lack of player development, and all the 90 loss seasons that ultimately led up to his departure. The team was just awful during Terry Ryan's second stint with the team. 2021 notwithstanding, the team has been much improved under the new FO. And yes, Molitor was a really bad manager (maybe not as bad as his predecessor, but still objectively really bad). Most of the little bit of young talent he had to work with was underwhelming at best and looked totally lost at worst, and there was really no progression on his watch from any of what would become the Bomba Squad immediately after he left. Some of the guys (like Jake Odorizzi) that came in during his tenure were very mediocre while he managed them and immediately became all-star level guys when he left. It's no wonder that nobody has come calling for him since Baldelli took over.
  8. There aren't many guys who can do what Garver can do, much less many guys who can do what he can do who are actually available at a reasonable cost. Fortunately for the Twins, Jeffers has a real chance at being one of those guys next year. My price tag for Garver would be very high to be sure (like "Martin and SWR, plus" high), but I think there's a good chance someone meets it if we make him available this winter.
  9. Because it's damned near impossible to play LF and 1B at the same time.
  10. I'm not outwardly excited about trading anybody if I'm Falvine. The cost associated with everyone is very, very high, and my price tag for Buxton is just this side of certifiably crazy. But I'm definitely listening intently on just about everyone. It's not overly likely that Polanco has another season like this last one, and I don't want to have to pay for past performance if I'm negotiating his next deal. But, at the same time, a guy who plays solid 2B and swats 25 homers while batting in the .280-.300 range is still awfully nice to have next year. If someone blows me away, I'm going to think really hard about it. I'm not quite sure about Arraez after this past season. He could be that guy who comes into Spring Training healthy and serves as a .330+ hitting leadoff guy next year, but he could also be a good hitter with mediocre defense everywhere. I want to believe, so my price tag for him is higher than that of Polanco. I like the swagger that Donaldson brings to the team, and I want my young guys to cut their teeth in the majors around a guy like him. I'm paying a lot for his services, but on the other hand he showed unexpectedly good durability and was a big part of the offense this year. I'd especially love for Jose Miranda and Royce Lewis to get plenty of exposure to him, but how do I manage that while still getting the kids into the lineup on a regular basis? In the end, I'm probably most likely to trade him this winter but not without several gut checks first. Buxton is going to have to personally insult my mother to her face for me to even think about backing away from contract negotiations. Yeah he's hurt a lot, but on the other hand when he's healthy he's arguably the best player in the league. My asking price gets my rival GMs to hang up on me several times this winter. I really don't want to move on from Kepler either, especially since his defense gives me a lot of roster flexibility for those times when Buxton is hurt. He's a guy that, if he begins sitting back on pitches more often, he might start beating the shift and put up video game numbers for a good long time. I don't want to be the FO that traded him away right before he does that. On the other hand, I think Trevor Larnach is an all-star right fielder before his contract is up, and I want to show ownership that I was right to pick him. My price for Kepler is almost as high as it is for Buxton. I like Garver. He's among the better hitting players in the league when healthy, and he's elite at the plate compared to the rest of the league's catchers. But, on the other hand, he's also on the wrong side of thirty and his situational hitting was pretty poor last year. And while I really like Jeffers, too, I'm not sure I want to risk the offensive drop-off that will happen when he eventually takes over for Garver just yet. I know that I'm likely to get a ridiculous haul for Garver if I were to move him this winter, so I probably do mention his name more often than the rest but also set his price tag just this side of what I'm asking for Buxton and Kepler.
  11. This is a risky call, to a degree. Not sure I would have waived him, but maybe they saw something in his recovery that doesn't bode well for the future. Or, maybe they're biased toward pitchers who are 6 feet-plus or something. I guess all we can do at this point is hope he doesn't put it together for someone else, especially if that someone is a division rival.
  12. His team kept fighting and actually wasn't half bad after the deadline. That's a better result than we've seen from *ahem* a few former managers during losing seasons, and I think it generally points to Baldelli's quality as a manager. I do think that it's kind of hard to grade this season as anything more than incomplete, though. It'll be interesting to see how the manager responds to any further adversity next year.
  13. You're probably right. I just don't have any interest in finding out that you are wrong while not getting _something_ back for him. As for who I would drop to keep Rooker, maybe Astudillo. I'm not opposed to keeping him as a depth piece in St. Paul and letting a Kyle Garlick or Jake Cave go to keep a roster spot open for him.
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