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  1. I would not touch this deal. If I'm sending Berrios anywhere other than Toronto (I really want Pearson and SWR), then I'm offering him with Kepler to the Padres, telling them we'll take Myers, and asking them to fill in the rest of the trade with at least one of Abrams and Gore and a handful of lottery picks.
  2. We don't have much at the major league level to show for the pitching development infrastructure that Falvey and Levine and put in place yet, but we do have more legitimate pitching prospects in A+ or higher this year than TR had in all of his last ten years combined. It's really easy, I think, to forget how absolutely pathetic our pitcher development program was before Falvey and Levine showed up, and how very little they had to work with on day one from a coaching and tooling perspective. We have to remember to play the long game with our pitching pipeline. If you ask this question again this time next year, I think it's pretty likely that we'll be able to point to at least several of Winder, Alcala, Duran, Barnes, Sands, Balazovic, Ober, Jax, and Colina. If Canterino comes back relatively soon, or if Enlow's return from TJS goes according to plan, we'll probably be able to point to them as headed toward league average or better in the near future, too. Perhaps Hajjer and/or Macleod (assuming they both sign), as well.
  3. Balazovic is so good he can pitch and not pitch on the same night.
  4. Charlie Barnes is probably the next in line, but Josh Winder is likely the next one that will really be impactful (not to dismiss Barnes, I think he's probably a #4 guy for a good long while; Winder is a guy who I think could make us all quickly feel better about trading Berrios).
  5. I'd be pretty pleased if we got McGreevy. Jonathan Mayo has us picking Gavin Williams from East Carolina, and I think I could get behind that pick pretty easily as well.
  6. How about something like this? Dodgers get Rogers and Berrios Twins get Josiah Gray, Bobby Miller, Clayton Beeter, Kendall Williams, and Nick Robertson All of the guys coming to MN have 50+ control and at least two 55+ pitches per MLB.com. Baseball Trade Values rates the value going both ways as almost equal.
  7. To say the cupboards were bare coming in is an insult to bare cupboards. We were relying on the likes of Kyle Gibson, Tommy Milone, and Ricky Nolasco three days out of five, and the best we had in the pipeline were now-noted MLB players JT Chargois, Adelberto Mejia, Alex Meyer, and Alex Wimmers. I think people forget how bleak the outlook really was when Falvey and Levine came in. Sure, the guys we're all waiting on now might go the way of Wimmers, but it sure looks more likely than not that at least a couple of them will stick near the top of the next several years' rotations and you just couldn't reasonably think the same about what Falvey and Levine inherited.
  8. Even though he's been one of my favorite players for years, it's time to trade him. If you can turn him into another Jhoan Duran type, you have to do it. Larnach is the RF moving forward in my view.
  9. Trading Donaldson would be a pretty big mistake, in my view. Better to let him start the season at 3B next year, then move him to DH once you're ready to call up Miranda.
  10. No. I can think of at least an entire lineup of players from the Gardyball Era that I dislike more than Donaldson. Probably at least a lineup full of players from the TK Era, too.
  11. I would hope the Dodgers are on our radar right now. If we are seriously considering a Berrios trade, I would rather get their young players back than those of just about any of the other teams mentioned here.
  12. Depends on how many teams come calling for Berrios, and how serious the FO can make those calls sound to the Jays. Callis has been talking about Pearson for Berrios. I would hope for more given Pearson's injury history, myself.
  13. If I'm trading Berrios to the Jays, I would want Pearson and Woods Richardson.
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