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  1. Subject to the Correa opt-out situation, I'd like to give Lee a shot at the big league shortstop gig right out of spring training next season. When Lewis gets healthy, Lee could go to second base (If it was up to me, I'd move Polanco this winter), or third base if one of Julien or Martin looks ready to take over at second by then.
  2. This FO arrived in 2017. It is currently 2022. I'll leave it to you to accurately calculate which year of the 5-year plan they're in. I'll also mention, again, that it's worth recognizing just how far behind the times the Twins were when this FO came in. And that this new FO lost a year of minor league player development just as they were really starting to catch up. This FO definitely needs to go through some re-planning exercises this winter and challenge some of their assumptions and practices around player development. However, if their jobs are threatened, or even ended, this winter then the Twins are going to end up with a reputation as a toxic organization and they're never going to be able to bring in better people to steer the baseball side of the business.
  3. They currently have 17 guys on the injured list, including 80% of a starting rotation (and that's _after_ getting two starters back in the last week or so), an entire starting outfield plus two outfield depth pieces, both of their first two first base options, and 3 of their 4 up-the-middle defenders. The car has broken down, caught fire, exploded, and set half the surrounding neighborhood on fire. No team dealing with that level of injury problems is going to make a serious playoff run, much less make another playoff team nervous if they somehow manage to get to the postseason. I would argue that the two biggest things that the Twins could and should do this winter are 1) bring in a new training staff and 2) re-spin their analytics resources to be more holistic and systems-oriented, especially as it relates to player training, nutrition, etc.
  4. Why could that be? Perhaps it has something to do with a guy taking a little while to feel comfortable in a new setting with higher expectations, and/or a number of Twins fans acting with all the entitlement and long-term thinking ability of a 7 year old?
  5. Falvey has had five years, not seven years, and one of those years was a total loss from a minor league development perspective. And let's not forget that he was taking over for a guy whose pitcher development strategy was originally conceived of (and seemingly not iterated on even once) during the early years of the Cretaceous Period.
  6. No. Bailey Ober has already shown success at the major league level. So has Josh Winder. Those guys being injured doesn't somehow make them cancel out the successes they've had, especially since they aren't career-ending injuries, and those injuries certainly don't suddenly make Ober and Winder's early results not count for Falvey and Levine. And, since the question was pitching in general -- not just starting pitching -- I'd like to introduce you all to a guy call Jhoan Duran. If he doesn't count as a success story simply because he's not starting this year, then I question if we're not just bitching for bitching's sake.
  7. Bonds is on the short list for greatest player of all time even without the roids. It's sort of ridiculous that he's not in the hall of fame. However, he was obviously using PEDs near the end of his career and if we're going to ban Charlie Hustle for cheating...
  8. Congrats to Big Papi. He is about as automatic a HOFer as you can get, I think. It's hard not to think what might have been in 2006 if we hadn't cut him. Mauer, Morneau, and Ortiz baack to back to back...woof.
  9. Agree on all points, and I would pay top dollar to see Joe West throw Burl Ives out of his own Twins HOF induction.
  10. I would be shopping him more actively than any other player on the roster. Nothing against Garver -- I really like him, in fact -- but he's already on the wrong side of 30 and plays perhaps the worst position for guys his age. I don't expect him to both available and productive past his current team control. Maybe he has lots of gas left in the tank and will prove me wrong, but I'd rather think like Tampa with him and cash in while we know the value is still there.
  11. I could see going either way on an Arraez deal. If you do sign him, it'll almost certainly be on a really team friendly contract and that might come in really handy a year or two down the road when you need to fill another gap in the roster via trade. On the other hand, if he's a guy who could help land a Montas or a Castillo now, then a trade probably makes a lot more sense than an extension at this point. I'll just say that the Twins have a nice problem on their hands with Arraez. May the FO keep finding themselves with such problems for a long, long time.
  12. The way the Twins handled Liriano after his surgery should have gotten all of Ryan, Gardenhire, and Anderson fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun. How do you mishandle an arm like Liriano that badly, for a mid-market team that needs all the arms out can get, and still manage to stick around for multiple years?!?
  13. The national press thought nothing of the Twins in 1987 and 1991, either. Even if nothing significant is done with the rotation (I still think there will be a Castillo or Montas type of trade when the CBA is ironed out), the Twins are a better team than Olney is giving them credit for, and I look forward to watching them prove it.
  14. I'm not opposed to trading Arraez, but I would aim much higher than this package for him. From the Mariners, I'd be looking for Emerson Hancock, Brandon Williamson, and Edwin Arroyo.
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