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  1. I don't know that I'm so quick to move on from Smeltzer or Barnes, but I sure would like to see them pull a Bailey Ober and add a couple of clicks to their fastballs this winter. Barnes in particular looks okay-ish on paper, but you can see even without watching him that he lacks a real put-away pitch. A little extra giddy-up on his fastball might be enough to keep him around as a 5th starter or long relief guy heading into next season. Thorpe isn't and hasn't ever really been a major league pitcher. I'd love to hand his roster spot to a Winder or a Balazovic.
  2. ...they said over and over and over again to Torii Hunter and Michael Cuddyer, shortly before both players waived at it yet again. If they got lucky, they'd accidentally hit one to deep second base/short right field. At least when Sano connects, it's not some loopy little fly ball to short right field. I'll take his light tower power and the strikeouts that come along with it over the two most frustrating Twins legends' approaches every time.
  3. Larnach is a right fielder. They need to find a way to play him there. If I had to guess, I'd say that one of Celestino or Martin is our long term LF. I like Chris Taylor as our opening day shortstop. He won't command the money or term that one of the top guys will, but he will likely provide the competence we're lacked all year from Simmons while we wait for Lewis and/or Martin to emerge. And, because he won't cost a ton, he will afford us the opportunity to invest in the pitching we desperately need.
  4. That's probably fine. We could just as easily give his roster spot to Cruz or keep Astudillo, then.
  5. C Jeffers (Rortvedt, with Garver traded) 1B Kirilloff (Sano) 2B Polanco (Arraez, Gordon) 3B Donaldson (Arraez, Sano) SS TBD (Trade, probably) LF Celestino (Rooker) CF Buxton (Celestino) RF Larnach (Rooker, Kirilloff, with Kepler traded) DH Sano (Rooker, Arraez, Donaldson) I'd like to try to find a way to keep Astudillo if I can, because I think he brings some non-stat value to the team.
  6. Hard pass. We don't need a shortstop that can't hit, and we really don't need one that can't field. We further don't need a second baseman. I'd rather try Arraez at second and Polanco at short again than trade for Torres, and I don't really want to try that alignment again.
  7. This is a very good point, but I still don't think he's the worst FA the Twins have ever signed. Worst teammate or worst employee, on the other hand....
  8. Nolasco was at least several orders of magnitude worse than Simmons, and he's just the first one that jumps to mind from recent memory.
  9. I think Ober, Ryan, and Dobnak are all but guaranteed a spot in next year's rotation. It would be fun to see them sign a big name free agent, but I think the FO is more likely to move someone like an Arraez or a Garver for a pre-arb arm. The fifth spot will probably be someone on a one or two year deal -- a Greinke or a Verlander would be great, but I'd guess it'll be someone like Pineda.
  10. *Carl Pavano and Mike Hampton have entered the chat*
  11. Of this group, I'd guess probably Petty. That said, I think it will be Woods Richardson.
  12. I'd rather not have a shortstop next year than re-sign Simmons.
  13. There's always "throw more low and away fastballs," which is roughly the pitching equivalent to "hit the ball the other way and use your speed."
  14. I mean, he's really doing his part to limit the bullpen's exposure as best he can. He's giving great innings and staying healthy deeper into the season than he ever has before ( *jinx jinx jinx* ). He's just gotta keep doing that and leave the bullpen to sort itself out.
  15. 1. End affiliate agreements between major and minor league teams. Replace the existing minor league development plan with team academies. 2. Implement a German Bundesliga-style 50-plus-one rule, meaning at least 51 percent of each team must be owned by fans/the city the team calls home. 3. Dissolve the American and National Leagues, the divisions within, and the playoffs. The team that finishes the season at the top of the league is the winner. 4. End the DH. 5. Implement promotion and relegation. If the Pirates and Royals don't want to field a competitive major league team, they can play the next season in AAA. If the Saint Paul Saints win AAA, they become a major league team the next year. 6. Implement the Trevor Bauer Rule. If you are credibly charged with a crime, you're suspended without pay for the year. If you get convicted, you're suspended for good. 7. End the draft. Disallow signing players while they're actively in high school or college, but (when eligible) do allow them to sign with the team of their choosing instead of having to wait until free agency. 8. Implement a five year maximum contract length. 9. Each team in the league plays one series against each opponent in the league at their home stadium, and one series against each opponent in the opponent's home stadium. Games are only held Friday-Sunday. Saturday and Sunday games are always day games.
  16. Normally I'd agree with your second statement, but in this case we have an employee who has 1) intentionally and very negatively impacted the physical health of his coworkers because of his opinion and 2) now taken to publicly spread disinformation about a public health emergency that has already killed roughly 1 in 500 Americans. If he was publicly saying something like "I think you should vote for person X because I agree with their unpopular policy proposals" or "I do drug Y and I think you should too" then that's one thing. But we're talking about something that can kill the people that listen to and/or work with him.
  17. Baseball Reference says they were a game over .500 in August last year and won at a .667 clip in September (24 games) of last year. They scored 119 runs with 112 against in August, compared to 110 for and 80 against in September. I know that 2020 was a weird year, but I don't recall September occurring before August. Seems like you might be misremembering a little bit.
  18. If Jack Morris were on my pitching staff and he tried to undercut my pitching coach like this, he'd meet the same fate that Shoemaker did.
  19. He's been league average, at best, for like 5 years now. He's also in his mid 30s and very likely beginning the steep decline phase of his career. But sure, it's the Twins coaching and analytics that have screwed him up. If it wouldn't almost certainly bork our standing with all free agents for the foreseeable future, I'd absolutely call his bluff and give him a start or two to pitch however he wants for as long as he wants against the White Sox, Yankees, etc. Put up or shut up, old man.
  20. I dunno, I find the all the hyperventilating to be kind of amusing and a nice break from Twitter today.
  21. Cano will be 28 before the season is over, and Vasquez is 27. Hardly "young guys."
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