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  1. Please, the people running MLB are just as bad. They're probably exchanging notes.
  2. Halfway through first month of games last year - the month everyone thinks of as ruining their season - they were 5-7 (through first 12 games). This year? 4-8.
  3. It was idiotic to use Duffey there. Anybody can see what he is throwing is going to get lit up. I was yelling at the screen as soon as I saw they were warming him up. No bite on his breaking ball anymore. Just lazy 86 mph meatballs he lobs over the plate. He shoulda been taken out after the first bp homerun he gave up to Perez. Just embarrassing. The 2020 version of him is long gone, and he should not be given high leverage innings until he makes some changes. I was also yelling at Watkins before Sanchez even rounded third. What the hell is that guy doing? This wasn't as bad as the Sano send the other day where he was out by 10 feet, but makes absolutely no sense to push your luck in that situation. I had 40 bucks on both those games Duffey lost single handedly so far! Should not bet on teams you care about. I need to stick to prop bets on random Pirate games.
  4. Most of these guys weren't even on the team this year, or were hurt. Nobody is claiming they had a successful staff this year. C'mon. The writer is trying to draw some lines through recent signings that mostly worked out. And why to people still bother to make the "cheap pohlads" comment? It's like complaining that water is wet.
  5. Kershaw will just go back to LA for less money. Verlander is also going somewhere high profile and isn't coming to MN either. I'd gladly eat the phone I typed this on if either of them did.
  6. Nick Cave is a lot things but guy "who sings love songs" is....not how I'd describe it. Wasn't active in the 70's either. Nick Drake maybe?
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