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  1. luis added so much to the game that is missing now. he was exciting to watch, every at bat was a must see. he battled and will continue to battle at the plate. his gestures. his hitting 0-2. his pure fun playing the game. sure, maybe...maybe, this is a good team trade - i guess we'll see over time, however, as a fan favorite it stings. it really hurts. for a while at least. seeing the twins play won't be quite as fun.
  2. 1. what he can bring to the field is a good thing 2. why would you want a player that doesn't want to be here? 3. this will end badly in about three years when he wants to re-negotiate. 4. isn't this like your girlfriend dumping you, going out and trying her time with two other guys and then coming back to you? 5. is anyone else highly suspect of this whole thing?
  3. he is a cancer. if the twins were to sign him that would likely end my fan relationship with this team. not that they would care - but that would be it.
  4. we all knew this was coming just maybe not in the terms the giants paid out in. day one, we all knew he'd opt out. what's disappointing from a 'full of bullsh*t' level is the lying. he loves minneapolis. loves the juicey lucy. see himself as a twin for a long time. he's a cheater so why should anyone be surprised he's a liar as well? i'm glad he's gone. i love the game for the game. i don't love this game of one-up manship. what can he now do with this money that he couldn't do before? when A-rod left seattle for texas it was the same. he said he took the contract in texas because he had to think of his family. seriously? carlos just wants to be the highest paid. it's what fuels him. he wants to be the dior bag. and now he is. i will still be happy to see games and watch the team assembled play. i love the game and being in the park. sure, we'll lose a lot of games but it's still a beautiful day at the park. carlos will say all the right things at the presser. how it's a dream to be a giant. how the city is so great. that he loves a mission burrito. he's full of sh*t.
  5. for once my twitter post did something... well, i suppose i had zero, or less than zero, to do with this article but i did mention last week after they signed xander that we should look at kim instead of waiting with bated breath to see what correa is going to do.
  6. Jake Gittes spent a bit of time in Jake Cave as well before trying to go back to Los Angeles in the 50's. he soon found out that life outside the Jake Cave wasn't as good as he had hoped.
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