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  1. i know from where it sit - at my desk at work in vancouver - that i'd love to see arraez get a batting title. it's been great watching him get to where he is and to see a batter like him is a privilege. i look forward to well fought games, a little less heartache and maybe, please, a stolen base or two. i look forward to the two games i'll over the labour day weekend vs the sox and look back fondly on the two games i saw over the july 4th weekend recently. i alos look forward to seeing byron running across centre field and diving to make a highlight reel catch... ok... so maybe i won't see that. go twins.
  2. am i high (possible) or did fulmer get tagged for four hits in a row when he last pitched for detroit against the twins...? are we surprised by him getting hit on now and the game before...or before that... as i said yesterday, i think, we should just be happy to be twins fans and love baseball and know they're going to be exactly who they are. and after sonny got tagged for a double and the run lead was reduced to one run, why wasn't he taken out then? why one more batter?
  3. Well. Let’s just settle into the realization - that many already had ages ago - that it doesn’t matter one bit if the twins win the central. Zero. They’ll never get close to beating the over-spending big market teams in a playoff. Let’s just love them for who they are and settle into our seats.
  4. who am i to say? however, while he does make the hard play look easy is that really worth the price the twins are paying? and, if he opts out next year the twins get nothing in return for him - he's just gone... unless i am mistaken. it will be a failed experiment. i find it hard to believe that he will be back next year and if he is, they should try and get something for him early on to try and claw back some of the investment they have made that, at this point, really hasn't produced much fruit. he says he loves in in minneapolis but he'll say he loves it in (city name here) when they sign him to a big deal next fall/winter.
  5. i just said to a co-worker, as pagan came in, that by the end of the inning the blue jays will be ahead. why is he allowed in games?
  6. "Didnt watch game but box score looks like Buxton did pretty good Sano impersonation" sadly i think you're right. in think it's fun baseball when he hits well and launches some bombs but overall i don't know if i can get onboard long term. he's a great player however, the end game may not justify the means by which they got there. or get to wherever.
  7. i feel for the big guy but sano looked like sano. it's time to cut ties though what they'll get for him is a bag of balls at this point.
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