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  1. Astudillo is a lot of things: but the main thing he is, is he's awesome. i want a lot of things when i watch baseball. great pitching, good hitting that beats great pitching (not always), close exciting plays and fun. just regular good time fun. smiles. laughs. fun. we get a decent dose of the rest from him and lots of fun.
  2. wow. i'm sitting here at work doing work - sort of - and watching this display. wow.
  3. i remember (says the old guy...), seeing him in seattle only a few games into his major league career and being very impressed. he's the twins' tony gwynn. or i hope it turns out that way.
  4. keep looking. (you're in tucson...man, i love that place.)
  5. garcia - 16 ERA. seems good enough to pitch for the Twins.
  6. i say just put happ in a boat in a lake and push him out.
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