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  1. i say just put happ in a boat in a lake and push him out.
  2. i love the big man (sano) however, when he's up to bat now in clutch situations i just know in my heart he's not going to come through. and, sadly, i am often right. this season can't end soon enough - though i am still looking to go to target field for a game or two this year. i know the games won't matter but being in the park will feel good after a long time away. and i'll root for the twins no matter what.
  3. why colome is still pitching at all is beyond me. if i went to work and did as bad a job as he does i'd be fired.
  4. right on. take the guy that's wheeling and dealing out and put in colome. seems right.
  5. i just tuned in and see that Happ is pitching and it's 6-3. well, that's that.
  6. hola. i think robles became too concerned with the runner on second after that double in the 9th. he could not take his eyes off the runner and was pissed off - he was dissed and he didn't like it. it got into his head and he couldn't deliver the pitches after that and gave up the home run. his head was a mess.
  7. wowzers. that was...entertaining. wild pitches, home runs, bad pick offs to first, more home runs. it's astounding. i managed to watch the whole thing but wonder how many more can go like this. it's hard to keep watching this car crash.
  8. when shoemaker came in i said to my wife, "watch this"... and it seemed my sentence had barely finished when he gave up the home run. he and dobnak are quite a duo. i am more surprised, maybe because i wasn't paying enough attention, how bad simmons has been at the plate - i expected more from him. sure this team is beat up with so many regulars out of the fold with injuries but it shows that this team has no depth.
  9. my wife was going to the grocery store and i had said that i would drive her (middle of the 7th) she said to stay and watch the rest of the game. i'm happy she made me stay home. that was fun.
  10. why was dobnak left in so long? the wheels had fallen off before the third home run.
  11. it gets harder and harder to keep the tv on. i am a fan and will stay one but holy cow.
  12. they just seem to find new ways to lose every day. that bad news bears action in centre field yesterday was awful. i am sure he feel badly but that can't happen, yet it does. and i hate that i knew happ was going to be a bust. he's not good. my mom has a better ERA. and while donaldson hit well yesterday he's still not worth the price of admission. on a higher note: i do like larnach's swing and he seems to have a clue out there - unless he did aid in the 7th inning dropped ball. if gordon gets some weigh on he'll be awesome and kiriloff seems like a guy that could be a full time player in a year or so. it's AAA Twins right now.
  13. well from the west coast it all looks pretty bad. i put the game on at work and watched as happ loaded the bases in the first inning. by the time i got home it was 10-1. i went to the kitchen and it became 12-1. i believe in being a fan through the good times and bad but this is hard to watch. i turned the game off and resumed reading 3 days in august.
  14. i also believe this conversation, though entertaining, is premature. Happ is on his way out anyways so trading him will get you a bag of balls. trading kepler will get you a player of equal value so that's a deal that makes no sense. unless sano improves he's destined to be non-tendered at the end of his contract and will go from team to team for a few years before he's just gone.
  15. the years of the true baseball characters - that could also play - seem to be well behind us. Mark Fidrych, Luis Tiants, Fernado Valenzuela, Bill Lee - ok, character pitchers but, the point is, he's a decent player that is bringing fun back to the game. getting fans engaged. he's having fun! and right now dollar for dollar - not pound for pound - he's the best value they have on the roster. on a bad day he brings me happiness when i see him play.
  16. first time, long time. as a guy that fell in love with the city and the team it's been a tough go watching what's been going on with the team this year. i have faith but i can't tell you why with the bullpen being what it is this year and the lack of run support. the bats have to come alive. and i know it's not current but if you think sano is an albatross - and i really like him overall - donaldson is going to become the car wreck you can't look away from.
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