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Everything posted by garn from vancouver

  1. Jake Gittes spent a bit of time in Jake Cave as well before trying to go back to Los Angeles in the 50's. he soon found out that life outside the Jake Cave wasn't as good as he had hoped.
  2. i would/will be shocked is carlos re-signs. shocked - unless, of course, they offer him something longer term or he gets no other offers that make him happy. i dunno. i just can't see him doing it.
  3. here on the west coast i'm sad. i will still love and support them- hey, here's to next year...but holy cow. fi they lost a bunch of games by one run i'd be saying bad luck but that's not this. i love you minneapolis and i love the twins. i'll be back for more games at target field. more burgers at revival and parlour. more art at the walker and shows at the First ave and Turf club...but please let me do those things after watching a great game where the twins win.
  4. i'm here to tell you from personal experience meeting loads of famous folks - you don;'t want to get too close. they'll generally disappoint you. also, from experience with him, woody is crazy.
  5. what really is the ROI on buxton. really? i love seeing him play but in the end was this contract one the twins should have stayed away from? as for pitching, my lord, it's a pitcher graveyard lately. unlucky injuries are one thing, ones that you see coming down main street is another.
  6. i just tuned in - i thought the game started later... i am not even going to watch. i'm trying not to give up on the Twins but this is very hard.
  7. until there's a true salary cap - which there never will be - there will be teams like the yankees and the dodgers and the world series will be a toss up between a few teams every year. the twins are not going to be one of those teams. and yes, there should be a salary floor as well but that's another animal altogether. as a twins fan you just have to love watching baseball and not put too many eggs in the playoff or world series basket.
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