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  1. Martin, Julien, and Isola are starting in the play-in championship game that will be streamed at AFL shortly. https://www.mlb.com/gameday/javelinas-vs-desert-dogs/2022/11/11/715187
  2. Another two HR, 4 hit game for Julien tonight, and 3 hits and runs from Martin.
  3. Marco Raya was described by Jeffrey Pasternostro of BP a couple days ago: "When Marco Raya has a full, healthy season under his belt he will be one of the top pitching prospects in baseball. " But he will never be a workhorse.
  4. Nice go see Martin playing again. I wonder how long the wrist was bothering him before he went on IL
  5. BPro liked his statcast data back when he was in Florida State League (as well as Raya).
  6. The Florida State League is one of two minor leagues that have public statcast data available (along with Triple A West). Jesse Roche wrote an article a couple days ago in BPro, and two of the four featured Florida State pitchers were Marco Raya: "precocious command of his fastball", an "advanced four pitch repertoire". The other is David Festa: post draft pop up prospect that now sits comfortably in the mid-90s and may sit higher as he fills out his 6 foot 6 frame. Hard power slider, above average secondaries, change up with 11 mph separation and good depth. Strong command of each pitch and confident usage. Among the notable watch list pitchers was Chase Petty.
  7. dougd

    Twins union rep

    Maybe they should call up Jake Cave to be player rep. He seems to be well-liked by the players, and is batting .500. Sorry, I gave up emojis for Lent.
  8. Too bad Garlick or Rooker wasn't playing LF, as they wouldn't have got close to the ball.
  9. I enjoyed the long argument about whether Buxton should bat first. A lot of good points by both. My takeaway is this: for years we were hoping that Buxton would do well batting leadoff, seemingly possibly the prototypical modern day leadoff hitter, but whether it was confidence or experience or whatever, he did not do well there. Now I want him to get as many at bats as possible, and it does seem better to bat him in front of Correa.
  10. I don't see where being "stretched out" equates to innings pitched in exhibition games, especially this year.
  11. Jeferson Morales was written up by Jeffrey Paternostro in BPro a couple months ago as a sleeper prospect for 2022 (Petty was named by someone else). Morales caught his eye with "an unusually pretty right-handed swing with above-average bat speed." Sneaky athletic, defense a work in progress but should stick at catcher.
  12. BPro has an article today that claims "The Diamondbacks' new pitching coach could help Gallen take the next step." I sort of doubt he will be traded.
  13. In other winter league news, Jermaine Palacios has an OPS of 1.01, is batting 2nd and mostly playing LF and 3B in Venezuala. Tomas Telis is 2nd in the league in OPS at 1.19. Aaron Whitefield is playing RF for Caguas in Puerto Rico, with an OPS of .753 in five games. There might be more who are not on the leaderboards or who I don't recognize.
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