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  1. No team in the past 100 years has lost 25 or more of their first 38 games and gone on to make the playoffs. Today's loss dropped the #MNTwins to 13-25 through 38 games. So they're either already finished on May 16 or they're going to make baseball history. So you're saying there's a chance!
  2. Anybody else nervously watching the twins and Yankees move up and down the standings, almost in synch, nearly always matched up somehow?
  3. I agree that it is very important for folks to be able to find time for recreation, and to be able to get away, to escape to preserve their sanity and themselves. I have a number of privileges that allow me to have options when it comes to escape. Some people are treated differently based on the color of their skin, sexuality, gender, etc. and this momentary loss of privilege helps me remember that. I can watch a movie, and go to sleep in my own bed without fear that the police will break down my door and shoot me (Breonna Taylor) I can watch a baseball game and not fear that the broadcaster will unknowingly broadcast hateful language about my sexuality (Thom Brennaman) I can let my 12 year-old children play with toys in the yard without being mistaken for 20 and shot (Tamir Rice) I can drive my car and have the taillight go out and not have a police officer overreact and shoot me out of fear (Philando Castile) I can watch professional sports anytime they are on without having to hear coded language for racism. I can watch white athletes never be asked to speak for their entire race. I can escape because my skin color lets me. This break is time for me to reflect on how I can work to create a world where everybody can truly take a break, recreate, enjoy life without fear that somebody else's racism will tarnish the experience. Imagine never having baseball. Imagine never being able to truly escape.
  4. How do I say this nicely... Sometimes I like listening to the away broadcasters. //several moments of silence// I am happy to listen to the home broadcast today.
  5. Where was TC with the t-shirt cannon? That should take care of drones.
  6. Why aren't mlbpa and mlb requiring batters, base runners and infielders to wear masks when there is a runner on base? Seems like if they want the season to continue they should be taking more precautions to slow the spread between teams. This season continuing is to the twins' advantage as well, and I would love to see more players wearing their masks more often, especially since it isn't even that hot out right now!
  7. I like the idea of two "starters" splitting one game. 5 innings for one, 4 for the other. A guaranteed day of rest for the bullpen in an era when complete games are almost non existent.
  8. Speaking of salt, after a 4 and 2 week against Milwaukee and Tampa, with the best record in baseball, best run differential, etc etc, the Twins dropped from second to fourth in the espn power rankings. More salt = more power?
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