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  • Sergio Romo to Royals: Keep Talking

    Tom Froemming

    The Kansas City Royals didn’t appear too pleased with the Minnesota Twins after their 4-2 loss Sunday afternoon at Target Field. In addition to being upset with a few called strikes, they also took exception to the actions of Sergio Romo.

    Image courtesy of © David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

    Here’s a review of what went down in the ninth inning yesterday:

    So in addition to one really terrible strike call, the Royals were also not pleased with Romo gesturing toward their dugout a couple times, including shouting “keep talking” after he recorded the save.

    These two teams faceoff once again tonight at Target Field.

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    This was awesome to see. The Twins have been fairly lifeless over the past few weeks, and I suspect Romo was trying to fire up his team more than anything else here. Now the Twins need to come out and play well tonight or they are going to be getting an earful from the Royals dugout. Nice to see a little bad blood between these teams too. Baseball is more fun when you legitimately dislike who you play.

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    I love it.


    It’s not even about exerting your superiority, it’s creating an advantage out of thin air.


    If you get someone flustered and frustrated in a baseball game, you’ve won. That goes for both sides of the ball. Baseball is a game in which you need to be loose with a clear head.


    That said, I’m also in it for “the fight.” You want to run your mouth, I’m running it back. You want to pretend that the only reason you can’t touch my slider is the ump? I’ll let you know what I think about that as well. You’re not showing me up on the field with you’re whining. Not only will I get in your head and mess up your game, but I’ll advocate for buzzing your tower as a message.

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    Best part was Romo used that energy to throw even better pitches. Yes, the first call was a gift, but after the bitching started, Romo was legitimately nailing the corners with perfect pitches. 


    That's a competitive dude. Go Romo!

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    I am incredibly biased but the Twins have hands down the two best vets in the game. 


    Nelson Cruz continues to be an absolute monster at 40, not only is he the clubhouse leader but he is producing at the Thome rate while playing full time. 


    Sergio Romo continues to be obnoxiously intense and positive while still being a major late inning weapon throwing nothing but frisbees and an 85 mph fastball.


    If Rich Hill stays healthy and reaches anywhere near his potential this may be an all time veteran team.  I haven't even brought up Josh Donaldson yet who signed here to be the still producing vet.


    It won't always work out well but damn this front office has hit on a market inefficiency of late career looking for a championship guys.  Its awesome that Minnesota is seen as this destination now.    

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