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  1. They inherited an utterly depleted farm system, especially from a pitching perspective, and while the guys they have drafted in recent years haven't made an impact at the MLB level yet, it certainly seems like there are a number of high-caliber arms coming soon. I voted for a re-tooling for 2022. With less than $50M committed to the payroll for next season (which doesn't include deals for Buxton and Berrios if they are not traded), the FO has positioned themselves to have some flexibility once again. No one is more aware than they are that every move they made this past off-season was aby
  2. The price is not egregious, no. The biggest issue I have with the price is that it is not a replacement to the streaming package with which I previously could watch BSN (Youtube TV, then Hulu, then TVision, finally back to Youtube TV), but it is now in addition to that price. Hulu and YouTube TV eliminated BSN from their packages in lieu of passing that cost on to their consumers. I don't know what the carrier fee was previously, but $23 per month clearly is a significant increase or they wouldn't have dropped them. If ESPN or Fox Sports had a stand-alone service to compare price poi
  3. Donaldson would probably love it too! Can't imagine he is interested at all in being part of a rebuild, or whatever the Twins are doing.
  4. I like the topic of this article. I would be interested in reading a follow-up about the injuries the Twins have had in recent years in their farm system; that to me is far more concerning than what has happened at the MLB level this season. Specifically, what impact has the MLB level seen as a result of injuries in recent years throughout the farm system? The recent injuries to Enlow and Cantarino are just the latest in a long string of injuries that have hindered the development of major prospects coming up through the pipeline. Royce Lewis is out for the year, Kirilloff missed a year,
  5. That might be the worst play I have ever seen by an MLB team, there isn't another I can think of at the moment. What hurts even more is the Pirates took 2 out of 3 against the Twins this year, and held the Twins to 6 total runs in that series.
  6. I've spent a little time looking at this, here is what I see: Saturday, April 10 is the start of the Twins 6 week skid. From that date, they went 10-26 through Thursday, May 20. During that time they scored 10+ runs 3 times (went 2-1). They scored 3 or fewer runs 21 times (went 1-20). 19 times they held their opponent to 5 runs or fewer (went 10-9). 60% of their games in, what I hope is, their worst stretch of the season, the offense could do no better than 3 runs. The bullpen losing games late is extremely frustrating, but when every single pitch is high-leverage and there is no mar
  7. At the time he went on the IL, Jake Cave had the 5th (or so) most plate appearances on the team. Arraez was off to a hot start at the plate in his utility role, and has been bad for about 4 weeks since. Both guys were supposed to be major factors in the Twins offense this year. Thankfully the big time prospects were ready when called on -- they have been great. But that does not change the fact the Twins created a roster with the intent of having depth that could play like the regulars and that hasn't fizzled out, it has crashed and burned.
  8. In my opinion, the biggest problem with this Twins team is that all the depth they thought they had in their lineup, rotation and bullpen has been bad. 2019 was a year where everything went right. 8 guys with 20+ homers, 11 with double-digits. 9 guys with a qualified OPS+ over 100 (better than league average). The pitching staff by measure of ERA+ got great performance from all 5 starters (Perez was at 88, not bad for a 5th starter) and from the bullpen. Injuries happen and scheduled rest days are becoming more common. To make it through the 162 game slog, the depth has to be effecti
  9. I think the question more pertinent to whether the Twins are buyers or sellers is how many games back of a playoff spot are they? Do they have a chance at the deadline to make the playoffs, and how slim is it? I would rather see the Twins be buyers at the deadline to make a push for a play-in game than see them as sellers. If they are within 5 games for the division, maybe 7 for a playoff spot, I would hope they would look to add.
  10. The Royals going to back-to-back World Series in 2014 and 2015 on the ability to shorten a game to 6 innings was certainly a sign of the times changing in how pitching staffs are created. It seems to me that the best pitching staffs are created one of two ways at this point: many elite arms in the pen throwing an inning or two at a time (Tampa Bay Rays model) or starting pitchers able to work deep into games consistently to reduce the need for bullpen arms (Indians and Dodgers have done this well in my opinion). The Twins this season are neither. This last point is going to go a bit
  11. Berrios has never made the jump from good to great. If you can trade him this season and get a sizable return, absolutely do it 100%. There is no guarantee he will remain durable throughout his career. Extending him at a premium for the pitcher the Twins hope he becomes but may never turn into would be a financial mistake they do not have the luxury of making.
  12. The Twins will have the money to extend Buxton, and I think they should make every effort to do so. With how they manipulated his service time a handful of years ago, I think if he earns a massive extension with his play this year and next, the Twins should pay him. But, to answer the question of what I would need now for Buxton if we were to trade him, I think Jasson Dominguez, Luis Gil, and Anthony Volpe would be what I would ask for. Baseball Trade Values has this as an overpay by the Yankees, mostly due to the massive hype behind Dominguez, but if I am the Twins, that is the package I st
  13. With no one to trust due to failure after failure in high leverage spots, why not bring Alcala in and see how he does? His stuff can result in strikeouts, which would help significantly with the runner-on-second rule. I would rather see what Alcala is made of and lose than see Waddell ever take the mound for the Twins again.
  14. Yep. Kepler's glove will be huge to get back. Based on what his replacements have done in his absence, anything he contributes with the bat will be an improvement as well!
  15. The Twins have played 4 games against the Central Division so far this year. It is fortunate they are playing their worst ball now. Lots of games within the division to climb out of the hole they are in. As completely awful as it is being a fan right now, I believe it will get better. The bad stretches always feel endless, and the good stretches never last long enough (seemingly). Close the gap in the division to a couple games by the All-Star Break and things look a whole lot better.
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