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  1. Jumping in without having read all the comments, so I apologize if this is duplicative. To me, an Ace is the leader of a team's rotation, not a general term to use to apply to all pitchers in aggregate ("Is so-and-so an ace?"). Every rotation has an ace, but not every ace is of the same caliber. Additionally, throughout a season the staff ace can change. Berrios was unquestionably the Twins Ace this season. That doesn't add to the value Toronto paid for him in the trade though, just as his value does not decrease since Robbie Ray is the Jays ace.
  2. Flip side of this is you make Sano the full time DH so the only thing he has to focus on is hitting. Maybe that elimates the 6 weeks at the start of the season where he swings through every pitch he sees. 2019 might very well be career years for both Kepler and Sano, but both still bring a necessary skill set to the Twins next year. Kepler would take Jake Cave's dubious honor as the best 4th OF in the MLB if Larnach and Kirilloff emerge as starters. Sano is never going to change from what he is, which is a bat that is underqualified to hit 3-5 in the order, but is absolutely a weapon in the bottom half of the order. A little positive regression for both of these guys next season and the Twins won't have much to worry about offensively.
  3. I think Dobber starts the 2022 season in the rotation almost no matter what. Ideally he is SP5 and if he struggles, can be moved to the pen while someone from AAA comes up. Between the money committed to him last offseason and the number of gaps in the rotation to fill, Dobber will be in there, at least at the start.
  4. This article was written before the Maeda news broke. If Maeda needs TJ and is out for next year, does it make more sense to trade Buxton during the offseason than to extend him (both options are in the article, but does the Maeda injury shift what management would do)? Personally I want Byron to retire as a Twin, but from a business perspective, can he return young, controlable pitching that will help the Twins contend again faster?
  5. One of the things I think TD does best is provide accurate criticism when it is deserved, as well as walk back on that criticism like Nick did in this piece. I like the accountability most of the writers on this site have for the opinions they push. Polanco was awful at the start of this season, and now he has put himself in position to get some MVP votes. It is because he has this level in him that the criticism gets thrown his way when he is bad. I like your last paragraph a lot; Polanco, Arraez, and Buxton look like a formidable front to any lineup. I hope 2022 results in 150 games from each.
  6. Had some fun on the MLB Trade Values website. Berrios and Kepler to Yankees could return Jasson Dominguez, Deivi Garcia, Luis Gil, and Anthony Volpe. Would the Yankees actually do that, given the pedigree Dominguez has? Probably not, but based on the values in the website, it would not be an egregious ask by the Twins.
  7. I voted unsure for basically the same reason -- signing/trading/waiting all have both benefits and detriments. Hard to put a decision like firing/not firing on a move that does not occur in a vacuum. My opinion of the FO took a pretty big hit this weekend learning that they offered (what I feel was) a pretty insulting deal to Buxton. They have some serious work to do to earn back trust from a lot of fans.
  8. Gave it a B, though it certainly has a chance to turn into an A depending on how the prospects pan out. MLB ready pitching is the Twins greatest need, obviously, and they got 2 guys who are ready to contribute at that level now if needed, and certainly next year. Nothing to dislike about the deal in my opinion.
  9. All good points made by Nick, but I think he is missing one significant point, which is, what is the plan for Nelson Cruz next season? Assuming Cruz is not a Twin (though at this point, why not offer him a 5 year extension, the man is ageless), JD could slot into the DH role more regularly to try to keep him more available. Going into next season expecting a combination of Sano/Kepler/??? to take 650 plate appearances as DH is going to be a more significant production decline than JD to the 3B depth outlined in the article.
  10. The only thing harder than watching the Twins pitching staff...
  11. In one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history, the highest paid player on the team shows up with fire every day. I would kill for an entire team of Josh Donaldsons. He is one of the most likeable Twins players in my lifetime (32 years).
  12. The Mets have the means to absorb the contract, and a left side of the infield of JD and Lindor would be pretty darn solid. Mostly though, the Mets need to capitalize on DeGrom having an all-time great season. They are dead-last in MLB in runs scored per game. They should absolutely be looking to add offense wherever they can find it and I doubt they would need to give up much if they took on JD's entire salary.
  13. The Mets or Giants might have some interest. Evan Longoria was playing well for the Giants prior to his injury and I can't imagine the Giants are super interested in 2 expensive, injury prone 3B. The Mets are leading the NL East despite a pretty poor offense. JD would be a major upgrade over Jeff McNeil. That is my prediction if JD gets traded.
  14. I agree completely with this entire take, especially the bold portion. Another thing to consider is which player is most likely to outperform the contract they sign, and there is not a scenario I see where Berrios at $20M+ per year ever looks like a massive bargain to the Twins. That being said, the Twins have the money to sign both, and I hope they do it. Jose on the bump and Byron in center is always a fun game to watch.
  15. I appreciate the point you are making, but I don't agree with the premise of throwing without sticky stuff being either negligent or riskier. Sticky stuff does not contribute to commanding a pitch as much as it does to making each pitch play up with increased spin. If sticky stuff resulted in better command, the HBP numbers would be declining, and as previous posters in this thread have shown, that just is not really the case. One impact I see to outlawing the sticky substances is that the late breaking, super sharp sliders and curveballs likely flatten out a little bit without the extra grip, which theoretically would allow hitters to distinguish between pitches sooner and might allow them to better protect themselves. I would not be surprised to see banning everything except rosin actually reducing HBPs as the ball will act less like a blitzball and more like a baseball again.
  16. Nice summary! There is an awful lot to like about both guys. If you made me pick a guy who I think will be better in the long haul, I would say Larnach, but all I want is for the two of them to hit 3rd and 4th (or 5th) in the lineup for the next decade. I chose Larnach due to his approach at the plate, which I think is phenomenal, as well as Kirilloff's injury history. I would like to reserve the right to flip-flop on this a million times over the years.
  17. Pitchers don't use sticky stuff for the purpose of not hitting batters; they do it to make their stuff as nasty as possible so they can get to and remain in the big leagues. The excuse they use, to not hit batters, is eyewash for MLB to continue to look the other way on this issue. Intent behind a HBP is pretty obvious. There are not a whole of instances where someone gets thrown at and you have to scratch your head as to if it was on purpose or not. HBP is a part of the game. Not every negative action/result needs to come with punishment. It is awful Buxton is out again, but he was not hit purposefully.
  18. HBP is part of baseball, except when done intentionally. There should be 0 tolerance for intentional HBPs. If you want to up the ante for what happens when a batter is hit, which I don't think is necessary, how about having a HBP worth 2 bases? Significantly reduces the ability for a double play from the next hitter which theoretically makes the pitcher now have to work much harder. Flip side to this is umpires need to have some discretion for when a hitter is trying to get hit and act accordingly.
  19. I agree completely that if he can learn to play 3rd he becomes an asset to the Twins. The Twins outfield is full at this point, and after accounting for Nick Gordon, there are 5 guys I would rather see out there ahead of Luis. Polanco is above average at second and below average at short, so I don't want to move him off second. Luis can't play SS or 1B, so that says to me he needs to do what he can to be competent at 3rd. Positional flexibility/versatility is all well and good until you have a bunch of guys who don't excel anywhere. Arraez should fit in around where others excel in order to put the best team on the field.
  20. Me: Writes the Twins off before Memorial Day Also Me: Tell me more about this, Nick I can live with whatever the Twins do the rest of this season record-wise as long as their lineup looks like what it did this weekend in Texas. Larnach and Kirilloff are tremendous, I like having Buxton in the 2-hole so Arraez can hit 9th, Polanco and Jeffers are mashing. It is too late in the season to expect a playoff push, but it would be really nice to have some quality baseball to watch through September.
  21. The number should not change based on the Twins W-L record the rest of the season, unless the unthinkable happens and the Twins make the playoffs. If the percentage of people in favor of firing Falvey and Levine grow, it should be because they failed to improve the 2022 outlook before the trade deadline.
  22. The 2019 season might be the worst thing to happen to this front office; they opened the window of serious contention a year or two earlier than they anticipated, and now that the team they have created hasn't performed people are calling for them to be fired. That is insane to me. This is the most competent front office the Twins have ever had. Firing them would be a massive mistake. It isn't like Theo Epstein or Andrew Friedman are going to come knocking if the Twins job opens up. If you are arguing to fire one or both, I would like to hear who you think will replace Falvey and Levine, why they would be an improvement, and why they would consider taking the Twins job. As abysmal as this season is, compounding it by making rash decisions like firing the front office sets the team back further than one season.
  23. They inherited an utterly depleted farm system, especially from a pitching perspective, and while the guys they have drafted in recent years haven't made an impact at the MLB level yet, it certainly seems like there are a number of high-caliber arms coming soon. I voted for a re-tooling for 2022. With less than $50M committed to the payroll for next season (which doesn't include deals for Buxton and Berrios if they are not traded), the FO has positioned themselves to have some flexibility once again. No one is more aware than they are that every move they made this past off-season was abysmal.
  24. The price is not egregious, no. The biggest issue I have with the price is that it is not a replacement to the streaming package with which I previously could watch BSN (Youtube TV, then Hulu, then TVision, finally back to Youtube TV), but it is now in addition to that price. Hulu and YouTube TV eliminated BSN from their packages in lieu of passing that cost on to their consumers. I don't know what the carrier fee was previously, but $23 per month clearly is a significant increase or they wouldn't have dropped them. If ESPN or Fox Sports had a stand-alone service to compare price points, I might be more excited about Bally's price. If I could choose to drop about 40 channels from Youtube TV to cover the cost of BSN, I would certainly be more excited. I was expecting this option to be available around the price of HBO Max or similar add-on channels; 50% higher gives me a little pause.
  25. Donaldson would probably love it too! Can't imagine he is interested at all in being part of a rebuild, or whatever the Twins are doing.
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