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  1. Bingo. Look at the rotations that have carried their teams to the world series last decade. Do we see anything like the depth of Lincecum/Cain/Bumgarner developing? Strasburg/Scherzer/Corbin? All the talent that has cycled through LA, enough to make Maeda, Wood and others expendable? Falvine was sold to us as the brilliant FO that was going to turn Twins pitching around. I fear they won't even be able to retain Berrios, the ace they inherited.
  2. We can't keep signing guys like Shoemaker and expect to contend. Happ isn't a difference-maker, either. Pohlad pockets are plenty deep--it's earmarking the money that's an issue. The Dodgers got Maeda to sign that contract. Obviously, the best pitchers are going to get guaranteed contracts. But we did well with Pineda and Maeda is a cut above the two we signed this off-season, who were mistakes.
  3. Bingo. No one could have predicted the injury problems, but Happ and Shoemaker were never legit playoff-caliber pitchers. I really liked the Pineda signing, along with acquiring Maeda. I'm very leery of giving big bucks to pitchers, but they of course want as many years as they can get. I like Maeda's incentive-laden contract. I wish our FO would explore this more often, giving starters fat bonuses for reaching 160, 180, 200 IP. If this is one way to lure Pineda and others (who might pitch at the front of a rotation rather than being mediocrity in the back), I'm all for it.
  4. Al Worthington, I love it! He went on to be the "head coach" at Liberty University for years. Retired now, is 92 and lives in Alabama. Says his life has been great ever since he got saved at the Cow Palace in SF. So maybe he does have some saves left in him ...
  5. He sounds pretty level-headed. I enjoyed his take on the different levels of MiLB. Thanks.
  6. I like your point about the 162 game, full season schedule. Yet I like to look at the opponents over the schedule each season, and try to assess the patches where competition is tough and the places where we have a chance to gain ground. It looked to me like the early schedule was a little easier than later. I may have under-estimated Boston and Oakland--I thought losing Semien would hurt the A's. We still have a lot of P'burgh, KC, Tex and Detroit before facing the Chisox May 11, scheduled now to be their 34th game. It would be good to make up some ground before facing LaRussa & Co.
  7. I like the sentiment. But I suppose it dates me that I don't recognize those names. Does it make that worse if I suggest some Clash or Dead Kennedys for the clubhouse playlist? Umm, Led Zeppelin? C'mon, if they're getting too New Age, what could be more old school?
  8. DocBauer mentioned he wanted Odorizzi back, and I agree. I even understand that he might be past his prime. (Odo, not the Doc.) I just liked how Jake pitched for us. I wanted to see it more often. Last year was disappointing, and maybe his best is behind him. No, not an ace, but possibly a very good 4th starter. I know people can rain stats on this sentimental choice, but I wanted to see what he might have left while wearing a Twins uni. Also Rosario. Watching the sports highlights and seeing him homer for the Tribe gave me a pang. Also, I know the covid blip at present is short-term, not a
  9. I have a friend who often carps about the high draft picks for his team that miss. Good guy, but has trouble realizing how deceptive 20-20 hindsight is. I found a list online of the Seattle Mariners first round picks throughout their history and sent it to him. Most are guys we never heard from again, or maybe had a cup of coffee, or rode the bench. Tito Nanni? Al Chambers? Darrel Akerfelds? Patrick Lennon? The thing is, the list also includes names like Griffey, Jr. and Alex Rodriguez. (A few others of note include Dave "Hendu" Henderson, Mike Moore ('89 World Series), Tino Martinez, a
  10. I completely agree. I was trying to remember how highly Nick Gordon was ranked as as prospect--not just a Twins prospect, but I think in all of MLB he was once given high marks.
  11. I gave the San Diego Padres an A right after I saw them add Darvish and Snell to their rotation. I guess you think I was hasty in that. I don't live anywhere near San Diego, but right now I think the Padres taking on *Los Yanquis West* in LA is one of the best stories in baseball. As a Twins fan since a tyke, yup, it has something to do with a game Jim Kaat and Sandy Koufax pitched on October 14, 1965. Maybe I'm just cursed with too long a memory, but there seems to be a difference between the recollections I have for Puckett, Hrbek & crew in '87 and '91 as opposed to, oh, let's say s
  12. How about when George signed Catfish and Reggie? Was it too early for New Yorkers to be happy about those upgrades? Of course it isn't too early to look at the track records of free agents added to the team. It's what any good FO has to do in trying to find what a team lacks. If your goal is to watch the Twins contend all summer, then be happy with Happ and Shoemaker as additions. Given the good, bad, and mediocre lineups they will face over the course of 30 some starts, they'll have good days. But I notice when they were slotted into the rotation, it wasn't toward the front, which ought
  13. Agreed. The previous FO left this one pretty well stocked. All of these guys were in the system when Falvey & Levine signed on: Sano; Kepler; Berrios; Buxton Polanco; Duffey; Garver; Arraez Balazovic; Kiriloff; Rortvedt; Blankenhorn Thorpe; W. Javier When you think of how much turnover there can be, year to year, that's a pretty good nucleus. Also had some mature talent dealt for current talent/prospects such as Alcala, Smeltzer, Jhoan Duran, Celestino. Top prospect Brusdar Graterol was dealt for Maeda.
  14. The Twins "did the Sox a solid today by signing JA Happ. The Sox tee off on LHP." Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch.
  15. Bingo. This is spot on. If we make the playoffs, the point becomes competing with the best to win in short order. The playoffs are *all about* small sample size. For example, if I bring up Reggie Jackson, 3 swings of the bat, 3 home runs, are you unclear what's referenced? Do we need to clarify that it's the final game of the 1977 world series, and the Yankees beat the Dodgers? And is what Jackson did diminished for being a "small sample size"? The point is, the playoffs are all about win now or go home--and I'd think we Twins fans know that as well as anyone, at this point.
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