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End of season prospect voting now open, please vote!

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It's prospect voting time again! A rundown of the rules again:

1. You must have an account and be logged in to vote. If you don't have an account, click here. It literally requires 60 seconds to create an account.

2. Review our current top 20 prospect list, catch up on stats, rankings, etc. (you can do so from the voting page link below)

3. Have your prospect list in your dirty little paws? Then flip on over to the new prospect voting page (after reading the rest of this, please).


4. Voting is super simple, you drag and drop players in the order you wish them to be. After you move a prospect, the list automatically renumbers so you don't lose track of the order. This works on mobile devices but it's a *vastly* better experience on desktop. Sorry, that's just how this kind of thing works. There's no great way to make something like this be as awesome on a phone screen.

5. Each prospect has a comment section where you can add any commentary you have on that player. At the bottom of the list, there is a general comment section to explain over-arching things you wish to mention.

6. Don't see a prospect you want to put on the list? Just pop back here and give me a mention (in a comment, start typing @Brock Beauchamp and then select my name when it appears). Mention the prospect you want added and I will do that asap.

7. Once you're done with all of it, click Save. You've now voted!

8. When the voting closes, a new thread will automatically generate in this forum with all of your rankings and comments for everyone to read and talk about.

9. You can only vote once. If you have voted in error, pop back here and again tag me, asking to have your vote deleted. I will remove it and you can vote again.

Voting will close at end of day Monday, October 7th!

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