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  1. Thanks for responding. I guess I am confused about the list. Frankly, I don't think there is any chance the Twins will trade either Lewis or Julien, or Duran for that matter, but if Lewis and Duran are on the list, I don't think you can say Julien shouldn't be as well. I don't think he is more untouchable than Lewis. Love your stuff.
  2. Interesting list. Like Jocko87, I would put Julien on the list somewhere in the top 6 or 7 (I am curious why you left him out, Nick), and I think Jenkins would bring back more than Rodriguez. I think Jenkins is being viewed by a lot of baseball gurus as someone who could be a top 5 prospect in all of baseball by the end of the summer. Kepler is an interesting case. The question trade partners may have is whether he will be the player he was last summer, or more like the guy from the previous couple of years. Still, his defense would be a positive. Kirilloff simply has too many health issues to be on the list. Raya is interesting as he has pitched a total of only 127 innings in two years. I think he is one real strong minor league season with 90-100 innings away from being in top 10.
  3. Thank you, Seth. Nobody does these interviews better than you--you have a knack for making the young players feel relaxed when you talk to them. Boy, I hope this kid can stay healthy. I really like his stuff, and he is a quality young man. I will be pulling for him. It will be interesting to see how the Twins handle him next summer. I suspect they will bring him along slowly, but he could be a candidate for the Twins in 25 if all goes well.
  4. Prato kind of reminds me of Spencer Steer as he has not had a lot of hype and has flown under the radar, but my oh my, he has exploded at St Paul much like Steer. If he keeps this up, he will force himself into the picture for next year. And, he hits right handed and is killing southpaws this year.
  5. You can never have enough bullpen arms, so my biggest complaint is that they did nothing in the off-season when players were available in free agency and would not cost anything in the way of prospect capital. Signing Gallo was a huge mistake—even if they thought he would bounce back some. He is left handed for gosh sakes. Why add him to Kirilloff, Kepler, Wallner, Gordon and Larnach? His salary alone could have netted 2 relievers. But, no worries, Luplow is going to solve our southpaw issue.
  6. Good point. With Buxton, it may be the case that all of his injuries have taken a toll on his body. He is hurt so much that I question whether he will ever be the kind of player that we hoped, or have any year when he will be consistently available. With Correa, age affects players differently. Some like Nelson Cruz seem to be able to maintain bat speed into their 40’s. Others begin to lose bat speed in their late 20’s. For whatever reason, analytics show that he is missing fast balls at a pretty alarming rate.
  7. Buxton and Correa both look like injuries and age have have caught up with them. Having 50 million a year tied up in them is going to a big problem if they don’t rebound.
  8. Amen. Not catching up with fastballs is the first sign of an aging bat. He has looked “old” at the plate all year. Plus, I think his obsession with analytics may be messing with his mind. Hopefully, he will adjust his approach, clear his mind in the off-season and get better, even if he can’t be what he once was. Boy, if this situation turns into one of those albatross contracts, the Twins are in big trouble.
  9. IF he is healthy, I would look at Bader. He is on an expiring contract, hits lefties well, and can play some CF. Yankees apparently open to a trade.
  10. Am I mistaken, or are Raley's splits this year not good against lefties? Hand's splits are much better against lefties this year I think. Plus, his home and away splits are much better out of Coors Field, which is not surprising. I am not in favor of adding any reliever on anything other than an expiring contract as there is too much fluctuation between seasons. I agree totally with you on the bats. Let's not make long term, costly additions there until we see whether Buxton is every going to play CF again, and whether Lewis is an option. If not, make a trade in the offseason when the asking prices are more reasonable, and we know more about player availability.
  11. I love this articles. Thanks, Ted. He loves to hunt and fish, so if he does develop in the Twins system and make the majors, he will love Minnesota. I think Kade is one of the most intriguing of this year's pick, He is a super high risk, high reward type of player, so it will be interesting to see how he does after some time in the system.
  12. I'm "hooked" on Ty because he likes to fish, so he must be a good guy. But, he does look like a good candidate for some developmental work so he will be fun to keep an eye on to see how he progresses.
  13. Does anyone have any information on what exactly is ailing Buxton, and whether it looks to be chronic and not repairable through surgery, and whether playing CF poses a risk of further or more serious injury? If surgery is required to make him "whole", I guess I would opt to have it done now as Julien, Wallner, Lewis and others in the DH spot will likely outperform Buxton. Let's get the guy fully healthy. On the other hand, if this is chronic and will never really improve, and it bothers Buxton at the plate, I think we may need to accept that he will not be the major contributor we hoped he would be going forward. He is SOOOO talented, it is a shame he has never been able to play injury and pain free for any period of time.
  14. NIce discussion, guys. I really agree that our minor league system is struggling now, and that a lot of our top prospects are having tough years. And, of course, CES, Steer, Povich, Hajjar and others were lost in trades. If the Twins make any trades at the deadline, it will be interesting to see what minor league players will be involved. BTW, Baseball America has Jenkins at 19 in their revised top 100, joining Lee and Rodriguez. Jenkins at 19 is three spots in front of Clark who is at 22.
  15. I can't help but recall Tony O's comment about what he told young hitters at spring training--"See ball, hit ball." I sometimes think we overcomplicate things by filling hitters' minds with a bunch of data that may not make them better hitters. Easy analytics guys, I am not saying there is not value in information. I am just saying there may not be value in TOO much information. Having someone around who has actually been successful at the big league level might be a smart addition for this team. Blend the old with the new.
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