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  1. Is Arraez healthy and in shape? Can he regain the offensive luster he had in 2019 (admittedly with a livelier ball then)? Why is Gordon on this team? Who gets bumped from the rotation?
  2. Trout is no longer more durable and only plays CF because he pushed back on having Brandon Marsh (a markedy better defender) take over. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2022-positional-power-rankings-center-field/
  3. What has to change is that guys have to stay healthy. If they do stay healthy and don't stink, the only way Balazovic, Winder and Duran don't pitch with the Twins this year is if one or more are traded for established pitching, hopefully relatively young. I think the Twins like Montas because of his front-line potential, 180+ inings, 2 years of team control, and maybe the possibility of extending him for less than Berrios' deal. Then again, the Rays want him for everything but possibly extending him and they have more to offer.
  4. You are perhaps right on Winder. We have spring training to find out. I would be reluctant to include him in a Montas deal. It's not necessarily wasting bullets in St. Paul to groom Duran as a starter in St. Paul. I don't think the Twins will be wasting bullets in St. Paul, given that their competitive window is very much open and seeing what they gave up to get Correa and Gray.
  5. IIRC, the Twins had a good record when Clippard and Wisler opened in a year they won the AL Central by 1 game.
  6. IIRC, Kepler's power in 2019 was legit -- that is, not solely attributable to the juiced ball. What I liked best about this story was that Max was working out with Alex and Dave Kirilloff. I'm OK with him until the Twins come up with 2 better overall corner outfielders.
  7. What Chris said. Based on Rodon's medicals in November, the ChiSox didn't offer Rodon a Qualifying Offer. I think Rodon is counting on (or hoping for) his medicals to improve by the end of lockdown. And how much competition will the Twins have if that is the case. You can't count on winning the bidding.
  8. I am convinced the Twins do not plan on trading JD in this offseason. Otherwise they would have called up Miranda in September. [I have high hopes for Miranda but to me it's not worth manipulating service time. If he pans out, sign him to an extension of sorts.] I would add the Blue Jays to the list of possible trade partners. Toronto fns love JD and he makes sense now that their contention window is open. I figure the Twins would have to eat almost $18M on JD's remaining contract and then they would only get a couple of guys from their 20-30. I don't see that happening, nor do I see them turning that savings into a long-term contract (like the 5-year commitment they made to JD). Here's hoping JD stays healthy and his production matches this year's xOBA,
  9. I'm not sure this has been corrected elsewhere but Jake Cave's contract is guaranteed according to Spotrac. He took the guaranteed money rather than go for more in arbitration, like Wisler 2 years ago. Only arbitration salaries are not guaranteed (not arbitration-eligible). Jake Cave signed a 1 year / $800,000 contract with the Minnesota Twins, including $800,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $800,000. In 2022, Cave will earn a base salary of $800,000, while carrying a total salary of $800,000. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/minnesota-twins/jake-cave-18466/
  10. Josh Donaldson's contract has nothing to do with it. Pohlads backing off from $140M payroll in 2020 may have everything to do with it.
  11. You can give incentives for hardware as well as games played. Give Buxton incentives for games played. Try having them partially vest after he reaches 140 games one year. Have them fully vest if he reaches that threshold the next year.
  12. The Twins should commit to retooling or rebuilding. That depends on ownership and Byron Buxton. If Buxton signs an extension with the Twins, the competitive window is still open if the Twins avoid the middle ground between retooling and rebuilding. With Covid in the rearview mirror, it’s feasible that the Twins’ player salary payroll will be commensurate to 2020’s level = $139,491,000 and that only counted Maeda’s base salary and not his incentives. That means the Twins could have $140M player salary payroll plus Buxton’s incentives. That would mean the Twins could afford Buxton, guaranteeing him $19M and still have $53,000,000 to spend on 1 shortstop, 3 starting pitchers, 4 relief pitchers, a utility fielder and a 4th OF. They would have more to spend if Buxton’s guarantee was lower. Player salary payroll commensurate with 2020 is the only way to make sense of the Josh Donaldson signing. That’s why the payroll reduction in 2021 hurt so much. Admittedly the Twins are not coming off a 101-win season with the Bomba Squad but like I said, the Twins should avoid the middle ground while Buxton is in the fold. Invest in 2022 and the future.
  13. It looks like a fair trade for Buxton. I wonder if Atlanta can't do better (after they lose the Series to the Astros)> I don't know where the values for Eduardo Rodriguez and Raisel Iglesias come from. They seem to be 60 cents on the dollar.
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