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  1. Why are neither Camargo or Isola on MLB Pipeline's Twins Top 30 prospect list, but Sabato, Strotman, and Helman are?
  2. This is so much sophistry -- I mean small sample size. He's had 67 AB's with runners in scoring position and 31 with runners in scoring position and 2 out. Last year he had 158 AB's with runners in scoring position and OPSed .842, including 85 AB's with 2 outs and an OPS of .915. PS The Twins are not giving him nearly as many chances as the Astros did.
  3. OPS is not the formula for Runs Created. And 18 runs is just normal statistical variation (noise).
  4. Last year Atlanta was a mediocre team in a weak division when they addressed their needs in the outfield, turned things around, and won series after series, including the World Series.
  5. If Parada cant be a MLB catcher (ringe receiver and ball-blocker with a 45 arm), he we be a lot like Berry or Kyle Schwarber.
  6. Is Arraez healthy and in shape? Can he regain the offensive luster he had in 2019 (admittedly with a livelier ball then)? Why is Gordon on this team? Who gets bumped from the rotation?
  7. Trout is no longer more durable and only plays CF because he pushed back on having Brandon Marsh (a markedy better defender) take over. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2022-positional-power-rankings-center-field/
  8. What has to change is that guys have to stay healthy. If they do stay healthy and don't stink, the only way Balazovic, Winder and Duran don't pitch with the Twins this year is if one or more are traded for established pitching, hopefully relatively young. I think the Twins like Montas because of his front-line potential, 180+ inings, 2 years of team control, and maybe the possibility of extending him for less than Berrios' deal. Then again, the Rays want him for everything but possibly extending him and they have more to offer.
  9. You are perhaps right on Winder. We have spring training to find out. I would be reluctant to include him in a Montas deal. It's not necessarily wasting bullets in St. Paul to groom Duran as a starter in St. Paul. I don't think the Twins will be wasting bullets in St. Paul, given that their competitive window is very much open and seeing what they gave up to get Correa and Gray.
  10. IIRC, the Twins had a good record when Clippard and Wisler opened in a year they won the AL Central by 1 game.
  11. IIRC, Kepler's power in 2019 was legit -- that is, not solely attributable to the juiced ball. What I liked best about this story was that Max was working out with Alex and Dave Kirilloff. I'm OK with him until the Twins come up with 2 better overall corner outfielders.
  12. What Chris said. Based on Rodon's medicals in November, the ChiSox didn't offer Rodon a Qualifying Offer. I think Rodon is counting on (or hoping for) his medicals to improve by the end of lockdown. And how much competition will the Twins have if that is the case. You can't count on winning the bidding.
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