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  1. Weirdly absent, is any mention of the Sea of Cortez.....
  2. So....I know it's scouting stat line, but Keoni looks like he is having issues. #10 - Keoni Cavaco (Ft. Myers) – 54 games, .247/.305/.321 (.626) with 6 doubles, 2 triples, 2 homers, 23 RBI, 17 BB, 78 K, 5 SB 78K's in 54 games?!? With basically no power. Zoinks!
  3. Yup, I get it. Perhaps my frustration is more diving back in the the Shoemaker pool, then the actual Rogers usage
  4. Sure, I mean, I get that...but if you are gonna get a reliever warmed up, and throw him 3 pitches, surely another inning, and roughly another 20 pitches, isn't gonna preclude him from pitching the following day. I guess that was the angle I just don't get.
  5. I don't understand the "not putting Rogers back out there because they are losing". That makes zero sense, always, but ESPECIALLY when the dude only threw 3 pitches!! Just because they are losing, suddenly Rogers isn't going to know how to pitch?? This type of thinking always drives me nuts. It's not like you can bring Rogers back in again if you score the following inning after you pulled him. You brought him in, you didn't score, you can absolutely get another inning out of him.
  6. Are we sure Kirilloff is gonna make the opening day roster, and isn't going to be down in AAA for a couple weeks for "seasoning"??? I sure hope he is on the opening day roster....
  7. Sorry, I can't jump on the players are greedy train. Let's say the 48% is the correct number....isn't at least half the revenue going to the players a good thing?!? I mean, that's what we are watching, right, the players? And if it was such a tough business to run with margins so tight, you wouldn't have owners dropping $2.4B to acquire a team.
  8. Wait....blame the players?!?! They have a system in place where they get paid nothing for their training in MiLB, then, once they make the show, they are stuck with a team for 6 years before they get to actually go to a competitive market to shop their services...at which time they basically get 1 shot at a big contract....meanwhile, they are in a sport that had $10B in revenue. EVERY single owner can afford salaries...they choose not to.
  9. ^^ That!!! Specifically Ryan leaving and giving Bill Smith the job of dealing with Johan. That was a straight garbage move.
  10. Bruno wailed. Herr sucked. Was a horrible trade. Went to Twins fantasy camp, Bruno could not have been a nicer person.
  11. I kinda feel these are trash, because the 2020 season was so damn weird. Any data they used from 2020 to project anything has some wild variability.
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