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  1. Recently MLB Audio has started included ads for paid subscribers. This is really annoying because every time you select an audio feed you must listed to a 30 second ad. If your internet connection is weak & the app stops audio due to low bandwidth you must listen to another ad to resume playback. If you switch feeds within the same game you must listen to an ad. If you switch games you must listen to an ad. It’s really annoying. I tried to submit feedback through their feedback page, but it has a very restrictive 360 character limit so you can’t write much. Is anyone else bothered by this? Does anyone have any alternative ideas of how to provide feedback to MLB?
  2. Que padre saber que los Twins se encargan de la educación de los peloteros jóvenes. Es muy importante para su vida después del béisbol, especialmente como muy pocos llegarán a tener una carrera exitosa en las grandes ligas.
  3. I've also seen Simmons make some really poor defensive plays so it's interesting to see his OAA being so high. I hope Garver & Arraez will be back soon! These stats show how much they're missed in the lineup. Thanks for writing such a cool article with the statcast metrics!
  4. DEF & UZR don't have individual player metrics? It would be nice to see which players are contributing to those numbers & which have negative #s. Also, the introductory paragraph talked about Polanco but then the article included no stats for Polanco...
  5. Time to stop buying tickets to Target Field then. Make the Twins feel the pain in their financials. Maybe then Pohlads will get a clue & fire Baldelli, Falvey, and Levine.
  6. It’s such a shame. Time for the Pohlad family to clean house starting with Baldelli, Levine, and Falvey.
  7. I was at the game last night & when Rogers came back out for the 9th instead of Colomé or Alcala I said to my friends that the Twins would lose. And once Rogers let the Rangers tie the game & Wadell was the only reliever warming in the pen I said that Baldelli didn't care about winning the game. It's time for Baldelli to be fired. The Twins have the worst manager in all of baseball.
  8. With Dobnak coming in now this game is lost. He won’t be able to keep the Red Sox off the board.
  9. I agree. The Twins are terrible in game situations under Baldelli.
  10. Once again Rocco leaves his starter in there too long
  11. Swapping series seems like a good idea. Both teams have an off day before the 3 game series in Boston in August. They could play 3 games in Boston tomorrow-Thursday & then both teams could come to Mpls in August to play 4 games 8/23-26, giving up an August off day for the off day today.
  12. Just said on BSN that game is postponed due to events in BC yesterday. No information about rescheduling.
  13. Montero pitched yesterday. If the Twins know the stats about relievers pitching back-to-back they should be making him work & take pitches instead of swinging at the first pitch like Cruz.
  14. At least Buxton knows how to hit when the rest of the team doesn’t know how... I guess Arraez is doing pretty well too.
  15. This is where Baldelli for all his supposed progressiveness is really dumb... do the Twins really not know the statistics about relievers pitching back-to-back days? A few years ago there was an article here about it showing how drastically performance of relievers declines when they pitch back-to-back days. I can’t imagine the Twins don’t know those numbers. So why do you bring Colome out again today? It doesn’t make sense.
  16. One thing I find frustrating about Baldelli is how he doesn't pull pitchers in the middle of an inning. If you bring one guy in & he clearly doesn't have it like Stashak today, why the heck do you leave him out there to give up runs instead of bringing in a new reliever?!? He's only required to face 3 batters, not finish the inning. I wonder if Rocco thinks the rule is 3 batters AND finish an inning instead of face 3 batters OR finish an inning...
  17. Haha can the title be edited to make it more clear? I don't think I can edit the title but perhaps one of the moderators could edit it to make it more clear. I can see how it could seem that it would be about prospects now that you mention it! Lol
  18. Has anyone posted a good list before of promotions? I thought it would be very useful to have a place with a list of all promotions that are known. I'll start with a few that appear to still be active for the 2021 season. I think it would be wonderful if more people could add additional promotions they know of. Free Chick-fil-A classic sandwich - if the Twins hit a double during a home game the following day Chick-fil-A will give away one free classic chicken sandwich per person. Doubles hit Saturday or Sunday count for a free sandwich on Monday. If multiple people are in the car going through the drive-thru one sandwich per person is allowed. Just request the Twins double promotion at your local Chick-fil-A. No purchase necessary. This promotion is not widely publicized, but I confirmed yesterday at the Bloomington Chick-fil-A that it is still planned for this season. In past seasons this was only available at Chick-fil-A locations in the Twin Cities & St Cloud areas. Dollar dog games at Target Field - At Wednesday home games hot dogs are just $1 at select concession stands. Limit 2/person. Promotion listed on: https://www.mlb.com/twins/tickets/ballpark-hacks Wednesday student $5 tickets - On Wednesdays students can purchase Ballpark Access (standing room only) tickets for $5. Students can also download a pass to ride Metro Transit buses or light rail for free. Promotion listed on: https://www.mlb.com/twins/tickets/specials/daily-specials Designated Driver Program (Good Sport) free pop - Visit the Good Sport kiosks located on the Main Concourse near section 130 and on the Terrace Concourse near section 222 to register that you are not going to drink & drive after the game to receive a coupon for a free pop. Family-Friendly Concession Pricing - Concession stands located by sections 133 and 327 feature a new value-priced menu including $5 12 oz Budweisers or Bud Lights, $4 Schweigert hot dogs, $2 16 oz Pepsi products and more. Prices listed on: https://www.mlb.com/twins/tickets/ballpark-hacks
  19. Is that new? Last year a double either Saturday or Sunday equaled free Chic-fil-A on Monday. Now do they not honor doubles on Saturday?
  20. Does anyone who has been listening to the games on the radio know if Chick-fil-A is doing the promo this season of a free sandwich the next day if the Twins hit a double? In previous seasons that promo has only been announced on the radio right after the first double of the game hit by the Twins, and not mentioned on TV.
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