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  1. This typifies the real issue of how multi year contracts for 27-30 year old stars are a real cr.. shoot. The talent does not necessarily stay at the early level or increase. Often the talent slowly melts into being only an average player at his position. How often does the player really earn his big contract in upcoming years? More often than not, he is being rewarded for his past play, not the value he brings in the new contract
  2. Too many holes in this years lineup to really compete in the playoffs look at our record vs yanks,astros,brewers we need catcher, two starters, and 2 relief pitchers seriously think those holes can be fixed with trades? Who would bring that value?
  3. All these posts about getting good relief pitchers from other teams. Realistically, who will give up quality relief pitchers? We would give up way too much in trade to pick up an average relief man. Keep the team, play for next season(like was anticipated in spring). Bring up some minor league pitchers, get their feet wet. Dump the dead weight in bullpen to the free agent list. Great core of young players reminds me of mid 80’s
  4. Just leave the team as it exists trades are someone stealing your prospects for their garbage usually the offense is good enough to overcome the pitching, but not if you trade some of the cogs in the offensive wheel
  5. Hold firm. They are winning. if still in first after the 8 games with Cleveland, then maybe think about a move. But any moves will be costly to our upcoming offensive talent
  6. If the team advances, and it looks likely at this point, the starters will not be burned out. They will do 7 innings in the playoffs. Great job by coach in this era of pitchers with no arms worth complete games. Bullpen will hash its way out as to top to bottom by year end,placing staff in good position to win
  7. Keep the team as it stands. The starting pitching is returning for injury list. Rocko is using the starters with limited innings, yes, he is burning up the bullpen, but those arms can be replaced in AAA. Those starters will go 7 innings in crunch time if we get there. Carlos will stick around next year(for a raise), if he thinks team can win a series. Market will be great for him in 2024
  8. After the bullpen non performance yesterday, we should be ready to realize that what was said preseason, this is a building year. Lots of excitement early , but losing 4of5 to tigers shows where this team really is, a .500 team by season end. So, no to Perez
  9. Twins have been hesitant to dump Sano because of the bad luck they had with dumping “big poppy” and him becoming a star in Boston they gave given Sano every opportunity to improve, but face it, he can’t hit the curveball. Flails in his big over swing time to move on
  10. Time for Twins to cut their losses and dump Sano
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