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  1. Deron Johnson was the Scouting Director. Tim O'Neil was Assistant Scouting Director. Mike Radcliff was VP, Player Personnel. Deron had final say.
  2. Urshela is the type of player who frequently flies under the radar while coming up in the Minor Leagues. As he's coming up he doesn't "profile" for a typical power position. He was more of a contact-oriented hitter coming up which dinged his plate discipline metrics. He struck out at a better than average rate. Lot of fly balls without HR totals that make you think power production, however he did show power beneath the surface. He had a poor showing in his 1st taste of the big leagues. He performed well multiple times at 3A before "breaking out" in CLE. As a Minor Leaguer and young player in CLE he had the underrated skill combo of above-average defense and good to very good contact rates. Without traditional power totals these are the type of players who many people don't see coming. He was a skilled player rather than a tools player.
  3. jdgoin

    Twins union rep

    I honestly cannot remember 1 time the subject of a player being "the Union rep" ever came up in any type of discussion of moving on from a player, either by trade, waivers, or release.
  4. I think you're correct here. Don't forget, Taylor would have probably been traded last year at the Deadline had he not been hurt. You almost always trade the reliever for the starter because of the value. Here, you have a pitcher in Paddack, who has the ability to miss bats & shows good control support metrics. He has added a CB to deepen his arsenal. He seems to have some command to tighten up, but that could be injury related. Minnesota saw an opportunity to add a pitcher with upside if he's healthy. They'll figure the rotation out later. Really, the rotation will figure itself out. They believe in their pitching program & think they can work with Paddack & Pagan to get them straightened out. Going forward they now have Gray, Maeda, Ober, Paddack, & Ryan going into 2023. Assuming Ober & Ryan continue to take steps forward that's a solid group.
  5. I believe teams would be better off carrying a real 5th starter instead of consistently dipping into 3A for that extra arm or that 5th starter. Usually you are recalling someone who isn’t ML ready because of the circumstances surrounding his call up. Not to mention the what happens to these players mentally from being on that ML to 3A shuttle often. Teams are trying to manage innings as the season progresses and the 5th starter does this on its own. Injuries are bound to happen as well requiring more ML replacements.
  6. You are correct. None of this will make sense unless they are able to complete the moves they want to make after freeing up this money. Fans may never know what those first options were if they don't pan out.
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