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  1. I agree, all starters need to be ml ready, and ideally on any given day our starter would be better than their starter. Hence the matchups. They don't pick a starter out of a hat, they use the best available starter every day. I can't believe I need to explain this. On opening day it's our best pitcher against their best pitcher. On day 2, it's still our best pitcher against their best pitcher, but yesterday's pitchers are not available, so who is the best of the rest? On day 3 it's still our best against their best (it's always that way) not counting the first two because neither is available. So it continues through no. 4 or 5. So what I'm saying is when the opposition has their best 4 pitchers unavailable, they have to use their 5th best starter, and so do we (usually) and this is where I think the Twins have an advantage. We don't know who that will be yet, but the candidates are strong, IMHO Evan better than other teams end-of-the-rotation guys that we might pick up in a trade. We don't need to make that trade. Save our prospects. Our no. 5 guy can beat their no. 5 guy as is. And that win at no. 5 is just as important as the win between the aces. And I right now I think we can bank a win at no.5 with more confidence that a win between the aces. So one last time - it's all about the matchups.
  2. I think it's important to remember that Winder (and the other rookies) are not auditioning for the ace spot in the rotation. Whomever claims the no. 5 spot will be matched up against other teams' no. 5 starters. There are A LOT of lousy no. 5 starters out there (would you want to trade for one of them?) So I really like how our in-house candidates match up there, regardless of who we play. If Ober and Ryan occupy slots 3 and 4, I like the matchups there as well. But I would be Leary of moving them up to 2 and 3. So what we lack is a good no. 2. Right now it looks like we could lose almost all of the 30+ starts out of that position. So bottom line, it's crucial that we get a solid top-of-line starter right out of the gate, and we need not worry one iota about getting a new no.5 guy.
  3. I'm hoping that Oakland doesn't demand Kiriloff as part of a trade for one of their pitchers. (And I'm hoping a trade can still be worked out- the Yankees also want them). If so, yeah, we'd have to trade him, but ouch! We really need him for depth now, and as a starter for the long term. He is absolutely the heir-apparent at first, with all-star potential.
  4. Sanchez has been called the worst catcher in baseball. So on the one hand it might seem he is just a breathe away from unemployment, and on the other hand an arbitrator might award him +7m if he plays. Considering the twins off-loaded 25m from Donaldson's contract for this year, it makes no sense for them to take back 7m for a player they might cut anyway. I would say they could do better by signing almost any minimum wage catcher and apply the 7m savings toward a starting pitcher. If the twins really like Sanchez and want to keep him, and if Sanchez realizes he is close to being cut, perhaps they could agree on a low base salary loaded with incentives. But definitely do not keep him for a guaranteed 7m.
  5. On another site I read an article about Story's statistical splits. I had no idea that he is such a Jeckle and Hyde player. His batting avg at Coors Field is great; on the road it is terrible. Power numbers are similar- many more home runs at Coors than away. Average it all out, and consider defense, he is among the best. But if these statistics are reliable, we would have a problem: ALL his games will be "away" games, both at Target Field and across the American League. There will be no more Coors Field advantage to inflate his performance. So pardon me if I don't jump on the bandwagon until I find out if these splits are an aberation.
  6. Inside this 66 year old body lives an 8 year old boy who doesn't give two hoots about contracts or economics. He loves his favorite players and is sad to see them go. He worries that we won't be as good without them. Allhe wants is to have enough good players to win lots of games and be world champions. This boy will never grow up.
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