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  1. You're kidding, right? These are exactly the kind of players that we don't want. If we're shopping for experienced ML players instead of promoting from within, then we want tried and true players, not tried and failed players. This strategy of scraping the bottom of the barrel for reclamation projects is overused and doesn't generally work out. Let's shop at the Dior store!
  2. Haven't seen smeltzer's name come up. He's been on for some nice stretches, I'm hoping he can figure out how to maintain that consistently. Especially since he's a lefty. Btw, l know some posters have said that it really doesn't matter whether a pitcher is right or left handed, but it seems to me that it does matter to some hitters. And I think that if a batting order gets a steady diet of right handers, they get too comfortable. I think a couple lefty staters keeps them a little off balance.
  3. Best article I've read all year.
  4. Top three reasons the Twins tanked: Pagan, Pagan, Pagan. He has displaced Ron Davis as the most reviled relief pitcher in Twins history, in my mind. And that's saying something. Otherwise, the FO has made many curious decisions. Seltzer had a fantastic spring but couldn't make the roster. When he was finally called up he continued his excellence at least for a little while. Think of him in the bullpen to start the season. Taking in Sanchez might have been necessary to complete that trade, but keeping him was not. I've heard he was known as the worst catcher in all MLB, and it seems the twins were satisfied with that. I guess we'll never know how hard the Twins tried to get a top ranked minor league catcher, but it was a fail. Others have mentioned Buxton batting lead off. That's a hard spot to get rbi's, and as a slugger, he should have been moved to a spot where his hits would have meant more. Call ups for September? ,Billy Hamilton? That's what they thought would give them the best advantage? Terrible thinking. I would like to hear the reasoning why every other candidate for promotion was turned down , leaving Hamilton as the top choice. Check out who was on the bench last week or so: Hamilton, Hamilton, Leon, Kepler, for example. That has to be MLB worst. Absolutely not acceptable for a team pushing down the home stretch, and again, that's on the FO, not the players
  5. Benjamin Franklin said necessity never makes a good bargain. He was not talking about baseball trades but it applies. The Twins had a glaring need for a pitcher and they had to overpay. To avoid this situation don't get caught in a position where you are desperate. I know- easier said than done.
  6. The reason Baldelli stays is because he and the FO are tight, from what I've heard. Apparently they think alike. Which in any employer/employee relationship is usually desired. So firing Baldelli would be an indictment on the FO themselves. Instead, I can see them blaming and firing all the coaches if the Twins don't win the division. The reason Baldelli goes is because you can't can't fire the whole team, as the expression goes. This team seems to lack passion or a will to win, IMO. The team is looking for someone to inspire them, to lead them....could that be.....a manager? Is there, or could there be, a stat to measure wins above replacement level for a manager? (OMG, why do I ask that? I HATE those kind of stats!) But maybe there might be some value in quantifying the moves/non-moves a manager makes. Then our subjective opinions wouldn't mean so much. Final thought: IMO, a manager does very little to contribute to a win, but can do a lot to cause a loss. So successful managing basically means just don't mess up. An example of what I mean is if a situation calls for a pinch hitter, who comes in and delivers a hit, who gets the credit, the player or the manager? But if no PH was inserted, who gets the blame? Or when a struggling pitcher is left in the game and gets out of the jam, who gets the credit? The pitcher of course. But if the pitcher falters, who gets the blame? The manager, for not pulling him. If I am interviewing for a manager at I'd look for one with a crystal ball.
  7. My dead grandma is a better option than Pagan. No, seriously, I would rather see Gordon, or Kepler, or Correa, or Buxton, or... You get the idea. Yes, I know, position players can't pitch anymore except in certain situations, but I'm just trying to make a point. ANYBODY other than Pagan!
  8. Yeah, I'm really worried about him because he's from a cold weather state. Many such disadvantaged players could have achieved so much more if only they had been raised in the south. Players like Joe Mauer, Paul Monitor, Dave Winfield, Kent Hrbek, Jack Morris, Glen Perkins, Dave Goltz come to mind off the top of my head. Oh, Justin Morneau was from.....Canada! So I'd say there's a chance, just a small one, that Miller could overcome the odds that the cold-weather gods have stacked against him.
  9. In mho, I think Kiriloff could be better than "very good". Not Kirby Puckett good, but probably Kent Hrbek good or Justin Morneau good. I see a career of 200+ HR with 280 BA for Kiriloff, and I think that's too much to give up for any of the available pitchers. In mho. I realize that as a prospect there are no guarantees (there aren't any for anybody, actually) which makes trading POTENTIAL for a proven all-star caliber ace, which I assume we are looking for, a very risky proposition. So perhaps I am valuing him more than others see him, but sometimes you're right and sometimes you're wrong. I'm just one guy, just a fan, not pretending to be anything else, not smarter than anyone else. Just my opinion
  10. Absolutely he should be up now. Nelson Cruz had no defensive position but he was extremely valuable as a DH. Kiriloff could get every day AB that way, or be a very dangerous bat off the bench as a PH on days he doesn't start. But I have a dark thought. A worry really. I'm afraid the FO is keeping him at AAA because they have realized they have to trade him to get some pitching. If he is promoted and has a drop off in performance his perceived trade value may go down, so they are maximizing his value by letting him mash where he's at. I hope this is not the case I really want him now and for many years to come. Btw I know that every FO does their due diligence and evaluates players on a whole body of work, not just a hot streak or small sample size. So it may make no difference if Kiriloff had a drop off at ML level, a team that wants him would still want him. I guess I'm trying to talk myself out of an irrational fear . I think he should be untouchable.
  11. Where do you find these stats? I wanted to verify what I thought I saw before I posted, but couldn't find where to look. Thanks for your help
  12. The last time Bundy pitched I had to catch the start of the game on Cbssportsline, which shows what pitch has been thrown and how fast it was. I noticed that nothing was very fast, but more noticeably, everything was almost the same speed, coming in 89-92 mph. That won't work. Otherwise, could he be tipping his pitches? Does he have an injury he hasn't reported? Whatever it is, I hope he can find a fix and soon. We need him now
  13. I don't know if Baldelli is or will be a hero, but I'm OK with him pulling starters the way he has been. So many times I've watched a starter cruise through the lineup once or twice and I get all excited about what a great game he's having, and then it falls apart in the later innings. So many times (and this is after the fact) I've complained that the manager left him in one inning too long. If only he had pulled him earlier the pitcher would still have a sparkling ERA and the team would still be in the game. As I said, this is after the fact. But this is where a great manager comes in. He "knows" or should know, how the rhythm of the game is changing, how strong his pitcher is, how rested the BP is, and a slew of other factors. A great manager has great judgement and consistently makes the right decisions. This is a hard job because he doesn't have a crystal ball. If he knew a reliever was going to come in and blow the game he wouldn't have made that decision. But removing the starter may have still been the right thing to do. As far as other managerial decisions - starting line up, batting order, if and when to steal, bunt, hit and run, I'm seeing a very conservative manager, which may be due to the roster and playing the hand you have, but the lack of "small ball" tactics makes for a boring game and seems (to me) to suggest a lack of imagination and aggressiveness by the manager. So, is Baldelli a hero or a villain? In some ways he is doing fine, and in some ways he needs improvement. Same could be said for each of us. It's been said that winning solves all problems. If the Twins become champs, (because of or in spite of Baldelli) he will be a hero. Time will tell
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