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  1. I'm not sure how they're doing it, but guys appear to be playing up all across the organization. I haven't seen much of Steer, but the two belt high fastballs, in the linked video, looked pretty hearty. Seeing him against better pitching should be interesting.
  2. I agree with Perkins. This could happen in Minneapolis. Royce does not appear to need kid gloves to help in his development. It's a lack of imagination, and the need to keep churning pitchers that forced this, and that sucks. We need Royce's bat, now and moving forward.
  3. He fills the utility role. Arraez does the same bat-first, while Gordon does it glove first. There's value there. Lots of first rounders don't make it or play much at all. So I won't bemoan this pick.
  4. Not sure how we're getting away with this, but I'll take it. Along those lines (and I am being lazy here) how are we fielding a lineup with Garlick as the cleanup hitter and winning? Are his platoon splits so good against lefties that he goes from being the last guy on the roster to cleanup hitter in April?
  5. I know the team isn't looking great overall, but that is the type of game you want/need from your ace (Joe is building a case). I'm glad Rocco brought in his key bullpen guys to finish it off. This teams needs wins and confidence. Tomorrow's innings will have to be determined and other guys will have to step up to pitch them and get some hits (pretty please). It all has to start somewhere. Here's hoping this game lights a bit of a fire.
  6. That looks so much cleaner. He also looks way bigger. Hopefully the (assumed) added strength helps him keep that swing calm.
  7. Wow. That was some unreal news to wake up to. I was starting to worry they weren't going to use the Donaldson money, and there was too little time left to do something significant for SS, C, or SPs. Way off! Nice to see they are unafraid of (multiple) big moves, crazy contracts, and betting on themselves. They must have been running on adrenaline ever since they agreed on this plan, and probably stopped sleeping after the Donaldson IKF deal.
  8. I know this is about speed, but I can't look away from those Cavaco swings. Yikes. I know he is supposed to be athletic, but I hope he begins to harness that with a refined approach. Even on his 3 for 4 day, there was some wild, unhinged stuff going on there.
  9. I like betting on your guys, but this is a big bet on Jeffers. Trading away a SS and a C, a week before Spring Training, without much of a back-up plan is frightening. We're lucky if one of these issues is solved before games start.
  10. Catcher wasn't plural in my post, on purpose, so I think we're in agreement. Get ready to live out your dream job as a bullpen catcher! Sano and Sanchez, in the same lineup, are going to bend the game of baseball into something new and completely embarrassing. Now, if shifts were gone this year, I may give the FO the benefit of the doubt of being forward thinking, but it'll start next year, after Sanchez leaves.
  11. So excited for Pitchers and Catcher to report! Also curious how the team will work with no SS and one catcher that a serious team would consider fielding. Add in a lineup with Sano and Sanchez (400ks between them) and the team is looking pretty nontraditional. I hope there is a plan to clean this mess up quickly.
  12. With Lewis already on the 40 man roster, I think the Twins may almost need to call him up in 2022 (health permitting) if he shows any positive signs. Seeing how he can compete at the highest levels is starting to become an urgent priority, and there have been enough positive reports about his make-up that you have to think he can handle success or failure.
  13. He's been good, but I was hoping for more. Making it to MLB and producing as he has is rare. That being said, there has been little improvement to his game or batting approach since he came up. I can't speak to work ethic, but there seems to be contentment with the an approach that (200-ish Ks/year) produces results that are far from ideal.
  14. Good to see them working together. One of the big knocks on Petty was his height/size is not ideal for a starter, but he is a sturdy kid. Any indication from pitching coaches if they see height as overvalued (beyond drafting Petty)?
  15. He looks good. I want to watch a full game. The stuff looks nasty, but seeing just strikeouts has me cautious. From those, I'd like to see more command - lots of catchers' mitts moving. Still, I only care so much without seeing how the game moves and batters react. So much potential.
  16. I love the easy delivery and off-speed stuff. Looks like he doesn't command the change quite as well. But if his shoulder is alright and he continues working to spot the change, he could be pretty fun to watch in the big leagues.
  17. Agreed with some of the others here. If the key for the year is to develop the young starting pitching, having Polanco at SS and Arraez at 2B is not a good idea. If we're trying to win it all this year, with our best lineup possible, put them in. But, I think it is matter of taking a realistic look at the team and its goals for the year (competitive and developing vs. best batting lineup possible).
  18. Nailed it. Losing Liriano from that 2006 rotation is the biggest what if for me as a Twins fan. Going into a playoff series and rolling out Johan, Liriano and Radke was exciting to think about. Then, poof.
  19. Overall, I like the list and am hopeful for the 2022 season. It may not be a winning one, but I think we will learn a lot about who we have and what is needed. It will be exciting to watch the team develop, especially the the young pitchers, Lewis and Martin. I love Buxton and his contract is ideal for the team. However, I don't see how he can be listed as the team's top player asset if he has a full no-trade clause. If Buxton cannot be traded, his contract inherently has limited value, to my mind. His value only exists for the Twins, so I'd think he should be more in the 5 - 10 range. Maybe you took this into account and think he'll overcome the injury bug and get a few 10 WAR seasons in, in which case I get it.
  20. I'd stick with him for 2022 and let him walk afterwards. Sano strikes me as a great talent that puts in the required work and then goes home. I say this based on the inconsistency in hitting and the lack of fielding. Perhaps I am being unfair, but I don't understand how someone who played SS in the minors and 3B and RF (terribly, but still, someone thought it could work) cannot play an adequate 1B. My hope is 2022 gives him the contract year motivation and we get to go along for a wild ride.
  21. Last season was rough, and this offseason hasn't been encouraging, but overall I like them. They overhauled the pitching program, which was done reasonably well (and at worst should get an incomplete). They evaluated Molitor, then moved to their guy when it was right. They went for it when it looked like the team could make a move, by getting Cruz and Donaldson. They made the Maeda trade, which was shrewd. Some of the FA pitching has blown up in their faces, but that happens to every team. I think the true point to evaluate is how this crop of minor league pitchers develops and what happens with Lewis and Martin. That is where the investment has been biggest. If those players don't result in a consistent playoff caliber team, it's time to restart with a new FO.
  22. If we could get Montas, I would be all for it. I don't believe we get him for a grab bag of Arraez, Sabato and Sands. I think we would lose Lewis or Martin in a trade for Montas. He's a young and very good SP. That's just my thinking, but I've seen this proposed trade a few times, and wanted to add my two cents to it. Has there been any reporting about Isiah Kiner-Falefa? He seems get-able and would be a solid starting SS that we could transition to utility if/when Lewis took over.
  23. I feel like the must is signing Pineda. That not being done prior to the lockout is concerning. Rodon was great, but there is so much risk. If it were my money (thankfully it isn't), I wouldn't give him more than two years, three with incentives. I doubt that would get it done. It's ugly, but unless something remarkable comes along, I'd go with Pineda, Bundy, and the combo of all the guys that need to build up innings-wise: Dobnak, Ober, Ryan, Sands, Balazovic, Duran, Jax, Strotman, Thorpe, Winder, Vallimont and Woods Richardson. We need to figure out who we've got. Between the juiced ball year (2019), COVID year (2020), and year of young pitchers' arms falling off (2021), getting a real evaluation of this team cannot have been simple. There aren't core-type pitchers left in FA. We could dumpster dive, but I think that's silly. Set up the St. Paul-MSP merry-go-round and let's figure out who our core guys are.
  24. I loved the edge he brought, but I'd label him as a firm no for the Hall. Very good player, though. Most would kill for that career.
  25. About time for both! I met Tony Oliva, as a kid at one of his batting camps. He had time for everyone and gave some great advice that changed how I took at-bats. The impact on baseball overall, was......minimal, but it a memorable gesture that I still appreciate.
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