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  1. The pitching is better, but he's shown an ability to narrow down his swing rate before. I think he'll adjust. There's enough of a track record of success and ability to adjust that I think he can do that. If he's not the greatest at 3rd, but can hit and with some power that's acceptable. I think he'll do that. If not, we have Lewis, Lee and Julien coming up behind him.
  2. I think it's all of the above. The FO is uncertain of the market and unsure they'll be able to get off their plan A, and now they have insurance to handle lots of their needs - a temporary SS, a RH platoon bat and emergency catcher. If the guy could pitch they'd be doing cartwheels. I'm happy with the trade. If he fills in at SS for the Spring, it's far from ideal. Hopefully he ends up as a pricey utility man. That's just not the norm with this team.
  3. I hope the FO takes an honest look at their roster and in-game management practices this off-season. If they do, they should invest in solid middle relief. If they're unwilling to do so, then the team can lose a lot, again.
  4. Having SS Noah Miller barely hitting in A Ball certainly doesn't help here. Is there anything to be excited about, beyond the walks and his big brother being in the Majors? There had been a lot of reports of a great approach and intangibles. Any updates on Miller?
  5. I'm not sure I like any approach here too much. Injuries do that. But, with shifts removed next year, it may be helpful to have a defense-first SS above average range. If Iglesias is still that, not a bad stop gap.
  6. I'm guessing he works up and down in the strike zone, based on all the strikeouts with the high FB. We can see how that translates. May be a tough approach if he doesn't hit the high 90s or have elite control. Regardless, congrats and fingers crossed for today. Hoping he can have a solid close to the season.
  7. You've got to hold onto him. He had some very strong stretches. I'd cut a young, reasonably talented pitcher a break for not performing with a bad back. Surely there's a spot on the 40 considering how many bullpen arms should be jettisoned.
  8. I think the contract worked. They paid for games played and impact. By Fangraphs, at least, they got a bargain. The plan itself failed though. Celestino cannot cover for Buxton and Lewis got hurt when tried to. Without a good backup CF, preferably with a solid to good RH bat, having Buxton leaves the team scrambling to cover for a key bat and glove far too frequently.
  9. My main takeaway is Julien's .441 OBP over 113 games played. After seeing all the wasted ABs with RISP at the MLB level a guy with a plan would be welcome. Add his 17hrs to the mix and he looks intriguing. Curious to see what his next year looks like.
  10. We can definitely blame injuries as a major problem this year. BUT, the FO looks to have made a point of drafting and trading for pitchers that could be labeled as high risk for injuries, or in some cases, already injured. And that is before digging into the Buxton injury matter. All are high profile gambles on guys with injuries. Going woe is me over injuries to guys like Paddack, Mahle, Canterino, and Buxton is disingenuous. All that being said, the 2019 Nationals had a similar approach and won the lottery in getting full, healthy seasons from guys like Strasburg and Rendon. The difference is in ability. The FO is taking on huge risk for guys that are not even All Stars.
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