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  1. Overall, I like the list and am hopeful for the 2022 season. It may not be a winning one, but I think we will learn a lot about who we have and what is needed. It will be exciting to watch the team develop, especially the the young pitchers, Lewis and Martin. I love Buxton and his contract is ideal for the team. However, I don't see how he can be listed as the team's top player asset if he has a full no-trade clause. If Buxton cannot be traded, his contract inherently has limited value, to my mind. His value only exists for the Twins, so I'd think he should be more in the 5 - 10 range. Maybe you took this into account and think he'll overcome the injury bug and get a few 10 WAR seasons in, in which case I get it.
  2. I'd stick with him for 2022 and let him walk afterwards. Sano strikes me as a great talent that puts in the required work and then goes home. I say this based on the inconsistency in hitting and the lack of fielding. Perhaps I am being unfair, but I don't understand how someone who played SS in the minors and 3B and RF (terribly, but still, someone thought it could work) cannot play an adequate 1B. My hope is 2022 gives him the contract year motivation and we get to go along for a wild ride.
  3. Last season was rough, and this offseason hasn't been encouraging, but overall I like them. They overhauled the pitching program, which was done reasonably well (and at worst should get an incomplete). They evaluated Molitor, then moved to their guy when it was right. They went for it when it looked like the team could make a move, by getting Cruz and Donaldson. They made the Maeda trade, which was shrewd. Some of the FA pitching has blown up in their faces, but that happens to every team. I think the true point to evaluate is how this crop of minor league pitchers develops and what happens with Lewis and Martin. That is where the investment has been biggest. If those players don't result in a consistent playoff caliber team, it's time to restart with a new FO.
  4. If we could get Montas, I would be all for it. I don't believe we get him for a grab bag of Arraez, Sabato and Sands. I think we would lose Lewis or Martin in a trade for Montas. He's a young and very good SP. That's just my thinking, but I've seen this proposed trade a few times, and wanted to add my two cents to it. Has there been any reporting about Isiah Kiner-Falefa? He seems get-able and would be a solid starting SS that we could transition to utility if/when Lewis took over.
  5. I feel like the must is signing Pineda. That not being done prior to the lockout is concerning. Rodon was great, but there is so much risk. If it were my money (thankfully it isn't), I wouldn't give him more than two years, three with incentives. I doubt that would get it done. It's ugly, but unless something remarkable comes along, I'd go with Pineda, Bundy, and the combo of all the guys that need to build up innings-wise: Dobnak, Ober, Ryan, Sands, Balazovic, Duran, Jax, Strotman, Thorpe, Winder, Vallimont and Woods Richardson. We need to figure out who we've got. Between the juiced ball year (2019), COVID year (2020), and year of young pitchers' arms falling off (2021), getting a real evaluation of this team cannot have been simple. There aren't core-type pitchers left in FA. We could dumpster dive, but I think that's silly. Set up the St. Paul-MSP merry-go-round and let's figure out who our core guys are.
  6. I loved the edge he brought, but I'd label him as a firm no for the Hall. Very good player, though. Most would kill for that career.
  7. About time for both! I met Tony Oliva, as a kid at one of his batting camps. He had time for everyone and gave some great advice that changed how I took at-bats. The impact on baseball overall, was......minimal, but it a memorable gesture that I still appreciate.
  8. Agreed. There is going to be an insane amount of shuttling back and forth from St. Paul, while they give prospects a long look (and build them up after a lost 2020 and injury-shortened 2021). I hope there will be another signing or two, but the disinterest in mid- high-tier starters shows that they have no intention of fielding a typical staff, with a goal of 5 to 6 innings from starters. The signing of Tingler as bench coach reinforces that. He lost his team, but has experience cycling through pitchers (https://www.baseball-almanac.com/teamstats/pitching.php?y=2021&t=SDN).
  9. I get the impression they will draft flame throwers (see last year's #1), but don't want to spend for it at the higher levels, and instead look for efficiencies with pitching motion, pitch movement, etc. With all the time spent on signing these reclamation projects and Buxton's contract, it seems like the FO's interpretation of competitive in 2022 isn't winning the Central, but developing players, evaluating pitching prospects, and hopefully playing .500 ball. It's not what I would like, but I don't know where else they can go from here.
  10. Would have been nice to at least re-sign Pineda before showing us how low the bar was. This could turn out fine, but we do not have Berrios and Maeda in front of him right now. I fear we could be rolling him out on opening day, like Vance Worley.
  11. Seems like a decent set of moves on the margins. We had Cave lined up as a depth piece (hopefully 3rd string at least) if things fell apart with Buxton's negotiation. With Buck signed, Cave can sit in St. Paul, figure things out, and be called if if Buck gets hurt. Additionally, they quickly moved to get a project for Wes, which he seems to handle pretty well. That all being said, these are band aid moves for a pitching staff that is missing multiple limbs. I hope the Pohlads aren't having them hold back on spending until after the CBA is set. The good to decent options on the market are disappearing fast.
  12. Joe was great, but I think he is just short, sadly. It's tough for a RP to make it into the HOF. There seem to be three types enshrined: 1) those that redefined what a reliever does, 2) those that have held the saves record or 3) those that had signature moments in the playoffs. Joe does not comfortably fit in any of those spots. Maybe after some the coming decade plus, voters will place more value on relievers. For now though, he think he's on the outside looking in. Too bad. He was underappreciated outside MN.
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