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  1. I'm upping the ante here. My grandma used to give me a $20 bill on my birthday. I am donating the last one she game me to the Carlos Correa fund. A great player and a great clubhouse leader is worth the obscene contract and the $20. Come back Carlos!
  2. The team we put on the field last night is the best defensive unit the twins have fielded in a long, long time. Kiriloff moving in at first would be the only improvement I could see defensively. I think we can stop wringing our hands about not having an ace starting pitcher. Go Joe Cool!
  3. It was an interesting game to watch yesterday but I have to throw in one caveat. If Urshela hadn't been so far off the bag the throw from Larnach would have easily gotten Bogearts at third. The throw looked on target but Urshela was 6 feet out toward left field??
  4. I BELIEVE! AMEN BROTHER! I will take my share of the shame if that is my burden to bear. Please let them be better than we think they will be.
  5. I hope they add at least one more rotation piece before the season starts but I can see them starting the season with Gray, Bundy, Ober, Ryan and Winder and as the season gets going if they think we will be competitive and still need rotation help make a trade before the trading deadline to add another experienced starter. Even with the flaws in our pitching staff I am excited to see how this season plays out with the lineup we have.
  6. Caesar Tovar! The day he and Rod Carew stole 5 bases in one inning including two steals of home is epic.
  7. I think we would be foolish not to move Sano into the DH slot for 80% of his playing time with Alex Kirilloff taking the majority of the starts at first base. It gives us a dramatic improvement in defense at the position and lets Sano concentrate on what we really need him for, anchoring the middle of the lineup and cutting down on his strikeouts. I know it is a fairly small major league sample size but Kirilloff, when healthy, has shown that he wields a bat that we need to have in the lineup everyday. We can rotate Garver through the first base and DH spots when Sano or Kirilloff need a day off. Burn Sanos glove. We don't need to field the worst first baseman in the American league any more.
  8. I am old school. I have followed the Twins since I listened to Halsey Hall with my dad. I have been a loyal Twins fan through the good and the bad (and the really ugly). I know that there might be a logical, financial reason to trade him but if they don't resign Byron Buxton I am done!
  9. I love the idea of seeing if Escobar could hold down the shortstop position until Lewis/Palacio are ready to take the reins. While Eduardo may not win a gold glove as someone mentioned, his defense has always been solid and he has some good offensive tools and he was a great clubhouse presence. In addition, he is someone we wouldn't have to beg to come play in Minnesota as it is likely he still has some fond memories of his time here. Sign Eduardo, Sign Buck!
  10. I really like the upside on Gray and I think he is someone who would be willing to sign with the Twins unlike some of the top tier free agent starting pitchers. Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Oh, and did I mention I think we should sign Byron Buxton to an extension?
  11. I think that if the Twins sign Buxton to an extension and he stays healthy for a year the sale of Buxton jerseys would blow up. I think Buxton is just too exciting of a player to let go to another team. We need Buxton and the Twins need Buxton to give us a reason to keep watching the Twins until all of our young talent comes of age.
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