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  1. I am old school. I have followed the Twins since I listened to Halsey Hall with my dad. I have been a loyal Twins fan through the good and the bad (and the really ugly). I know that there might be a logical, financial reason to trade him but if they don't resign Byron Buxton I am done!
  2. I love the idea of seeing if Escobar could hold down the shortstop position until Lewis/Palacio are ready to take the reins. While Eduardo may not win a gold glove as someone mentioned, his defense has always been solid and he has some good offensive tools and he was a great clubhouse presence. In addition, he is someone we wouldn't have to beg to come play in Minnesota as it is likely he still has some fond memories of his time here. Sign Eduardo, Sign Buck!
  3. I really like the upside on Gray and I think he is someone who would be willing to sign with the Twins unlike some of the top tier free agent starting pitchers. Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Sign Buck! Oh, and did I mention I think we should sign Byron Buxton to an extension?
  4. I think that if the Twins sign Buxton to an extension and he stays healthy for a year the sale of Buxton jerseys would blow up. I think Buxton is just too exciting of a player to let go to another team. We need Buxton and the Twins need Buxton to give us a reason to keep watching the Twins until all of our young talent comes of age.
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