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  1. Pitching staff lately being hurt by free bases to bottom of the order guys. 4 walks to 7,8,9 hitters last night. Same happened v. SD. 2 HBP's in same inning lead to run today.
  2. So many things that Tom Kelly teams did correctly, that this team doesn't do enough. Every team wins 60, loses 60. This is one of those 42 other games that decides your season. Being able to bunt, not making outs on bases.... ugh!!
  3. This is 1st 20 game segment were Twins didn't go at least 11-9 (88-72, +2more game). 9-11 since 44-36. 88ish wins should do it, but schedule is tougher the next 60. Still much more enjoyable to be engaged daily and in 1st place, than last year!
  4. Facts. Twinkie have played more games (94) than anyone in AL. In a stretch of 9 off days in 22 days. Nobody else as well rested. On April 5, fans would take 1st place & a 2 game lead at the All-Star break. Twins tied with Cle for best record in division games (23-19), Next game needs to be like opening day!
  5. teachercoach

    Sano Situation

    Move rehab to AAA and see what results are. Need to get mutiliple teams interested, maybe that gets you more value. The 40man roster situation is interesting. This is why FO gets paid the big $$
  6. Baseball always comes down to pitching. Go back to 6/23 and 1-0 win v. Guardians, that's 13 games in a row where pitching has got thru the 7th inning with 3runs or less. Yes, there were 3 bullpen meltdowns. But continued performance like this leads to consistent series wins. Scoring 8 runs last night with 'A-B-C' going 1-13 is big positive also. Enjoy every day!
  7. Record = 44-36. That's another 11-9 over 20 games pace. 4 more of those = 88-72 and see if you can get the other 2. This team is the ultimate 'marathon not a sprint' team. Walk-off wins and losses. Been shutout and thrown shutouts. Every team pretty much wins & loses 60 games each. The other 42 determine your success. Hopefully the early season 'kids gloves' approach to starters, pays off the 2nd half.
  8. Marathon, not a sprint. Every 20 games, try to go 11--9. That's 88-72, then win 2 more. 90-72 lets you play in Oct. Currently 31-23. Next benchmark is 33-27 for me.
  9. It was a just a matter of how many pitches it would take - but you knew what the final pitch would be.
  10. Sano w/ leadoff double. Gordon w/ speed, not power. Lead 3-0. Bunt and force defense to defend speed??
  11. Didn't know who Bill Evers was before the game - now he's undefeated as a mgr
  12. Early runs, nothing added on . Bullpen can't put up a zero. 1/5 of the season now completed. This is a pattern.
  13. Twins must lead MLB in soft ground ball outs. Surely someone that stat. If I recall - didn't many of these guys hit around .100 for the entire spring training? What exactly did they do in Fla??
  14. I hate this word, CHOKE - but 2Out, RISP and can't come thru HBP - 2 today, both score, walking leadoff hitter in late innings, etc. can't get strike 3 after getting ahead 0-2 can't make routine plays to get the last out have to make major league plays to be a major leaguer. Why it's a hard game for guys that make The Show to stay in The Show hard to conceive the last 2 games are both 1 run losses.
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