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  1. It was a just a matter of how many pitches it would take - but you knew what the final pitch would be.
  2. Sano w/ leadoff double. Gordon w/ speed, not power. Lead 3-0. Bunt and force defense to defend speed??
  3. Didn't know who Bill Evers was before the game - now he's undefeated as a mgr
  4. Early runs, nothing added on . Bullpen can't put up a zero. 1/5 of the season now completed. This is a pattern.
  5. Twins must lead MLB in soft ground ball outs. Surely someone that stat. If I recall - didn't many of these guys hit around .100 for the entire spring training? What exactly did they do in Fla??
  6. I hate this word, CHOKE - but 2Out, RISP and can't come thru HBP - 2 today, both score, walking leadoff hitter in late innings, etc. can't get strike 3 after getting ahead 0-2 can't make routine plays to get the last out have to make major league plays to be a major leaguer. Why it's a hard game for guys that make The Show to stay in The Show hard to conceive the last 2 games are both 1 run losses.
  7. Twins should not have any home games the first 10 games - weather. MLB should not black out games in neighboring states - less interest/lower ratings. MLB seems intent on slowly destroying their product thru their choices. Need new brains at the top of MLB.
  8. Twins will be fine when the weather warms up. Don't have a prediction for tomorrow afternoon, but won't be shocked when 'bats come alive' this weekend in SoCal. Yes, I know the other team has to play in it also.... Twins and a few others should start the season on the road for the first 4 series every year. As much as I miss going to live sports, would not have wanted to sit thu that 6hrs today
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