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  1. Living in the area where the independent league team plays, I saw all 5 of Rocker's starts and he was excellent. The few times he had multiple men on base, he pitched his way out, had good stuff on his breaking balls and was consistently over 95 on FBs. I was so hoping he would be available for the Twins. I can see him on the Rangers sometime next year - not this year, even in September.
  2. I was in the 70-79 wins, now am at 80-89 wins. I believe the pitching will be better. Sure, there are still some concerns about the rotation - but compare some of the veterans obtained this year (Archer, Paddack, Bundy) to last year (Happ, Shoemaker) - while still not top line, that's an improvement. Correa is a breath of fresh air in the clubhouse compared to Donaldson and more productive as well - both on offense and defense. Only item I am still holding my breath on is Buxton's health
  3. Having a ROY and MVP join your club that year (Ichiro) certainly helped ease the loss of Griffey.
  4. I have been convinced that if the order of teams he pitched for were reversed (Mets in his dominant years, Twins for that one no-hitter then the injuries) he would have been in, or at least on the ballot for all 10 years. That he wasn't elected isn't all that shocking, but that he didn't garner the required 5% the first year to stay on the ballot was a travesty. I have been mocked when I counter nay-sayers who say his time of dominance with Sandy Koufax. I never said Santana was as good as Koufax - my point is that Koufax had short period when he was by far the game's best pitcher and if that's enough for him, why wasn't it for Santana, especially when considering that there was much more hitting in the game during Santana's time than Koufax's.
  5. The defense is part of those "hot streaks" as well - both his hitting and his defense are maddeningly inconsistent. If the Braves win the NLCS, I would hate to be a Braves fan every time a ball would be hit to left field and have to hold my breath every time.
  6. He just found better PEDs in Boston than he did in Minnesota
  7. Sadly, there are many "experts" out there who will complain that the Twins, because they are so "cheap", didn't get this deal done.
  8. Until 2020, the New England Patriots. Also, sticking with baseball, a very close second to the Yankees would be the Red Sox.
  9. Something else to consider for his trade value: exactly what is his natural position? He was always going to be the Twins' 3B for at least a decade - then came the signing of Donaldson and he had to move to a new position, with struggles at first. Now, he's serviceable as a 1B, but enough that teams would want to trade for him? I don't think so. As for his streaks of brilliance, I equate him with that streaky shooting basketball player - when he's hot, keep feeding him, but once he goes cold, he becomes a liability.
  10. Even if Ryan's starts have been against the Cubs and Indians, what's wrong with enjoying his success? Yes, the hype has been in overdrive, but it's most likely because there's been little else to cheer about this season. Something else I like about his early success - it quiets the whiners who complained that the Twins didn't get any quality talent for Nelson Cruz.
  11. The only two on this list that bug me not being Twins are Pressley and Hendricks. Pressley, as one noted above, refused to make the same adjustment while with the Twins that he did on the Astros (some say the Twins wouldn't allow it, but I find that hard to believe) and that the Twins never gave Hendricks a true chance - imagine him instead of Colome as the closer...
  12. End result will still be the same - nothing close to a championship for either one. Only difference will be the team in red and blue disappointed us much earlier in their season than the one in purple, gold and white will.
  13. And Jupiter aligns with Mars... (although it is when the moon is in the 7th house...)
  14. While I realize it is only two games so far so we can't call Ryan a star or even a lock for the rotation in 2022, I would like to hear from all of those who were complaining that the Twins didn't acquire any "major league talent" (or similar snarky comments) for Nelson Cruz.
  15. Sorry, but even if Ryan turns out to be at least a serviceable starter (or better) AND if the Rays win the championship, no, the Twins didn't "fleece" the Rays. Not only is it too early to tell if Ryan will be good, it is also to early to determine if the price TB paid for Cruz was worth it, as they are going for it all this year. And I ask the same question here that I ask with every trade - why does every trade have to end with a "loser" and a "winner" like the games? What's wrong if both teams get what they wanted from a trade?
  16. While nothing to do with this article - does anyone else notice in the first picture that the fans in excellent seats are ALL paying attention to something else other than the game? Except maybe the two fans in the front row if the batted ball was hit toward left field. e
  17. I've said this for years and will continue to do so - I always defended the departure of Ortiz. He was not going to be the player he became in Boston because a) he wasn't well liked by Kelly and coaching staff, b) the styles of developing and using players between the two franchises was very different and c) Ortiz found better PEDs in Boston. I know many go crazy when I say C but c'mon was he really that different than Bonds, Clemens, Pudge Rodriguez and others? He just was so well liked by media and fans that he was a "good guy" and therefore clean whereas the poor personalities of Bonds and Clemens in comparisons cost them PR, which meant HOF support.
  18. I do wish there would be some let-up on the constant criticism of Buxton's injury history. For example, the reason he is currently on the IL - a broken hand when hit by a pitch. Now, would any other player be criticized for being too fragile for an injury like that? Maybe Donaldson, but for anyone else that would just be bad luck or timing. But no, because its Buxton, he's fragile. Or his crashes into the wall - if he doesn't try to catch those, then he's criticized for not trying. I am not trying to minimize the frequency of these injuries, but if he wasn't so "fragile", he would be criticized for being "soft"
  19. "It's hard to win a trade with the Rays." - I absolutely HATE statements like this. Why is it so important to "win" a trade? Why can't a trade work out well for BOTH teams? Okay, with that off my chest, now about the article. The three reasons to love it far outweigh the reasons to hate it - all three "love it" are about improving the team while two of the three "hate it" are about emotion. Yes, Nellie was loved by all but there is a point where that player will not be back. What's the difference if it is now, October, or 2022? C'mon, we'll get over it. Geez, I hated the way the Twins dumped their most iconic player way back in 1974 and guess what? We all survived as well as the team. That will happen with this trade as well.
  20. Even though he's had only one truly good year, I have thought that there would be interest in buyers precisely because of his team-friendly contract. Also given the plethora of OFs the Twins have, this would not surprise me at all.
  21. Could it be there are still some hard feelings about his anti-vaccine status and the subsequent team outbreak in Anaheim? I agree that his on-field performance has lived pretty much up to expectations, but there certainly could be more to this (and his expiring contract) on why Simmons is on the market.
  22. Is Gray really off the table or could the Dodgers be showing him off to potential suitors, like the Twins, if they are going to demand a king's ransom for Berrios? Which I agree with doing. As many others have said, start negotiations at a price that no sane person would touch and go from there.
  23. Another unlikable Twins player - and this was both on-field performance and team bonding was Ron Davis. Those of us who followed the team in the '80s don't need to relive his blown saves. There were plenty of stories from teammates about his surliness. He's certainly more un-likable than Donaldson. Maybe he's not liked because of his contract?
  24. I agree - people love those who called out the Astros, like Aaron Boone, or those who shame PED users, but Donaldson does the same to pitchers and he "might be one of the most un-likable players"????? Criticize Jose Altuve but give a pass to Lucas Giolito and criticize Donaldson for saying something?
  25. My take - after this 9th loss in 10 games, I am very interested to see what Baldelli and the coaching do to make some adjustments. This is the first stretch of bad baseball that a Baldelli-led team has played. Yes, he and the coaches didn't give up the walks, make the errors, etc but as leaders they do have to do something different.
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