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  1. Exactly my thoughts too, that new agreement is a huge factor to consider. I'm not sure how they will do this but I expect owners to find a way to get closer to something like a salary cap. Maybe it's just a higher luxury payroll tax but the sport has to get some level of control over the spending (both threshold and ceiling) to get some more competitive balance. Players want the years shortened to free agency, maybe that's the key for them.
  2. There has been a couple of times this season where Smalley has said what he thought they should do for pitch selection for a specific at bat and it made some sense and the Twins don't do it and get burned. Today for example Dobnak is pitching to Yordan Alvarez and Dobnak is behind 2-0 and grooves one that gets hammered for a HR. Smalley notes that Bregman, a right hander, is up next. He is also a good hitter but Smalley's point is the % is better righty/righty and with how Alvarez is hitting the ball if you're behind already don't give him anything to hit. To me it didn't look like the cat
  3. Exactly, someone does. No way a Tom Kelly coached team or looking externally a Ned Yost team would be performing like this. And there were several years both of those coaches had low levels of talent and their teams weren't playing like this.
  4. That was brutal. Can't say I'm a fan of the new positioning they do, seems it leaves them more open to foul tips off of the top of their legs. That foul tip can find a catcher in the swim suit area regardless but just looks like they are way more exposed than the traditional crouch.
  5. Given how the last few years of FA contracts have been going I suspect the next CBA the owners are going to get much closer to some type of salary floor AND cap. To accomplish that the owners will need to give up some years of control which I think they will do. In this scenario we will see more players available every year and teams will go for even more of the shorter contracts because the FA quality pool will be wider and deeper every year. Nothing wrong with betting on yourself but players will also need to understand that the turnover and deeper FA pool can actually reduce their levera
  6. Wonder why the Twins aren't expected to sign any of the top 5 players? They are tied with a few teams with the top money, why would you not get one of those players?
  7. Let's hope this guy and whoever else they sign is durable given what looks to be the Twins strategy to limit starting pitching to about 5 innings. They need guys with rubber arms like Clippard and back in the day everyday Eddie.
  8. Tom makes several great points but one that jumps out at me is a reminder of how much playing time our utility guys got in the last couple of years. Rocco is adamant about load management and when you factor that in plus injury history to Donaldson (calves), Polanco (ankle) and Arraez (knees) a signing like this one does make a lot of sense because it gives Rocco more load management options. I'm not as sold that they need a utility guy who needs to cover the outfield as much as for the infield positions. He'll find room for all of them to play and we're gonna need it.
  9. I can recall a few articles about how Garver was talking hitting with Donaldson. Not saying Donaldson was giving him bad advice, I just wonder if Garver didn't start thinking and talking about all of it too much and then add on the unbelievable 2019 season and it sure looks to have the makings of a guy that got into his own head too much.
  10. How about this for a win-win approach. Give a team x number of shifts per game just like is done today with challenges. That would satisfy the analytic wonks of the game because it could use all of those deep analytic models to help determine the best time to use it and give the old school what they want with more traditional baseball but gives the manager some strategic moves to make. On another note, I don't think limiting or eliminating the shift would be a pace of play problem because it introduces more opportunity for action that fans actually want to see. It's the mound visits, batt
  11. I recall Gardy always wanted three catchers right? While I see the utility of it is this a common thing to do? And of all the playoff teams the last few years I wonder how many of them used up three roster spots on catchers?
  12. Agree with your assessment. With Cruz we also need to be mindful of that slump the last part of the season. Yes, he did produce in the playoffs but would think the FO will be shy about having too much money into potentially two guys (Cruz and Donaldson) that are injury risks or in the case of Cruz time is catching up to him.
  13. Follow the Twins closely and it's the first time in the last few years that I've ever really seriously thought it's time to clean house, I've seen enough. Keep Maeda, Berrios, Jeffers and Arreaz and bring up the next wave for good. The rest of the 40 man are all expendable. And please get a bench coach that can balance out Rocco's ongoing stupid moves.
  14. Agree with you on our shaky bullpen but it will be interesting to see how Houston does in the playoffs now that they aren't cheating.
  15. Agree, he is the ace of our staff. Now watch the Twins pitch Berrios in game 1.
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