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  1. I have been watching AAA Red Wing games for years (7?) now with the pitch clock and it has really improved the flow of the game. The pitchers have gotten used to it and I don’t think I have even seen 1 “ball” called for not complying with the clock. This is a no brainer!
  2. After watching Nick Gordon for dozens of games here in Rochester, NY with the Red Wings, he was probably the most disappointing high profile Twins prospect during the affiliation. He rarely drove the ball or got a clutch hit, and my nickname for him was “ ol whitepants” as he rarely dove for a ground ball or slid into a base - thus muddying up or grass staining his uni. He doesn’t have the at-bat skills of Arraez or even the shortstop skills of Polanco. The comp to Dozier just seems like a long reach. He has been burdened with injuries and of course unfortunately Covid , but I just don’t think he’’s on the Twins 40 man much longer. He’s at best part of a trade package come July.
  3. Having watched Nick Gordon in 2018-19 for the Red Wings, I have serious doubts that he will ever be more than a fringe utility player in the majors. Draft position aside (terrible overreach by the Ryan FO), Gordon doesn’t show great baseball instincts , is far better suited for 2B than SS due to limited range and arm, plus rarely drives the ball . The best scenario for the Twins would be to include him in a package - with the receiving team hoping that a “change of scenery “ will work wonders.
  4. This is a heartbreaking event, especially since the AAA Twins team will be loaded. The Red Wing fans will miss this affiliation, as the Twins were a class act over the 17 years. I remember in the early days of the affiliation seeing Terry Ryan behind home plate watching his young players and always being friendly to the Rochester fans. I understand the distance situation, but there are(were) a few Delta non-stops daily. I became a Twins fan in 2003, and I shall continue as such.
  5. It’s utterly amazing that the Twins are already out of the playoffs (along with Tribe and Chisox), and it’s easy to look at the core of the team - which had disappointing seasons. This would include Polanco, Garver, Kepler, Sano, Rosario plus the oft-injured Buxton and Donaldson. There is a great group of prospects close to being ready , but if we trade any of the established players noted above, there’s no way that the Twins receive fair value back in trade(s). In terms of Cruz, I say offer him a lucrative 1-yr deal with an option based on plate appearances. I suspect he would go along with that. I have no idea what the FO’s budget will be after this pandemic year, but Pohlad has been extremely generous this year with a voluntary $25 mil contribution to BLM AND no minor league players or FO staff let go. The Twins are lucky that I believe they are one of the few teams that have no Debt.. thus freeing them from bank payments etc. I suspect that Falvine will try to keep this team together, while also bringing up some combination of Kiriloff, Larnach, Rooker and Colina.
  6. Nick.. A great Five Points! However, IMO the very best attribute is that Falvine has gotten Jim Pohlad to buy into their vision! This Twins team is a LEADER in many areas: team design and budget, social awareness - a very generous $25 mil donation to BLM and zero firings of office staff and minor leaguers! I can’t be more impressed or proud to be a Twins Fan - from 1000 miles away. I always believed that the Twins were a good organization under Terry Ryan, but now they are leaders in many facets , and the present and future look bright. Great article Nick!
  7. Having watched Garver for a few years here on the Red Wings and of course watching all Twins games on MLB, there is something definitely “off” with him this year. I suspect that it is some sort of combination of the mental side (pandemic), physicality, or the loss of both His hitting coach (James Rowson) and his catching mentor to the Yankees. All of these factors are understandable and reasonable, but at this point I don’t know how far Rocco can go with him. I know he’s trying to bring him back to last year’s level , but I don’t think that’s happening. To add insult to injury he had Mitch pinch hit for Ryan last week with men on late in the game (forget which one). This may be designed to show Mitch, Rocco’s confidence, but on the flip side - what does it do to Jeffers who is superior in hitting and catching in 2020!! I say give the most time to the rookie this year and have a clean slate in Spring Training 2021. Go Twins!!
  8. I completely agree with your 1-2-3-4! It seems that many have preferred Berrios ahead of Pineda at #2, but Jose is too inconsistent and doesn’t have the necessary mental toughness. This is especially true if the Twins end up losing the #4 seed and ALL the games are in the Bronx!
  9. Rooker always took professional At Bats for the Red Wings in 2019. He goes up to the plate and definitely has a “grinder” attitude. Defensively, he usually went back and forth between LF and 1B and he was pretty much adequate at both. Watching yesterday’s Double Header Was quite consistent with his time in Rochester. Glad he got his opportunity! The organization is lacking in RH bats - which is amplified by the unfortunate trade of RH Jaylin Davis to the Giants for the injured Sam Dyson.
  10. At this point, I think the “guy” is Maeda due to his consistency. Everyone in Twins Land has been pulling for Berríos, but at this point he should just be considered a 2-3. Even Rocco lays down the red carpet for José, adjusting the rotation so he is on schedule and sometimes skipping others. Like everyone else, I am looking towards the playoffs and their 3-4 man rotation and there are a lot of ifs, ands and buts- however I deem Maeda, Hill , Dobnak and Pineda as far more consistent than Berríos. Of course, I believe with Jose there is a greater chance for an outstanding game OR a Clunker than the aforementioned 4 starters.
  11. I must say that I am quite impressed with the leadership provided by the Front Office and how they have gotten Jim Pohlad’s ear. How the team has supported ALL minor leaguers in camp, put the older coaches at risk on a paid 1- year sabbatical, contributed $25 million to BLM, and now going for it all in this crazy pandemic year. Kudos to Falvine for helping institute a very positive forward thinking organization! On the 60 man roster are quite a few “AAAA”players who were at Rochester last year and they certainly could fill a role if injuries or Covid affect the major league roster. I also like that some of the younger arms (Jordy B.)are not being rushed up to the taxi squad. Twins fans should feel pride for the forward way that the Twins are stepping up.
  12. I watched Garver here in Rochester for a few years, and the Red Wings would usually carry 3 catchers - so I saw Mitch play some LF and 1B also. He always had a team first attitude , plus always hustled (unlike Nick Gordon). I will admit that his recent success has surprised me, but it couldn’t happen to a better guy or teammate.
  13. The Twins have done a masterful job with their pitching, especially the bullpen. I lived in DC (No Nats) during the 1970/80s and was a huge Orioles Fan. Back then the Os were powerhouses and Earl Weaver believed that the best way to acclimate a young stud pitcher was by putting him in the BP.. Mike Flanagan, Scott McGregor and others found their way there. Similar to what the Twins did with Johan Santana. I suspect that Wes Johnson is doing the same, letting the young arms learn their way in the BP. I see Duran as a long term starter, who will have to pay his dues in the Pen.
  14. Terrific article which tells me Two Things: 1) Chalmers was a definite sleeper and the Twins were smart to grab him in the Rodney trade and 2) Twins must extend Wes Johnson’s contract ASAP! Thx Parker for an even than Better usual article !
  15. I think it’s a very good idea, yet it may be easier said than done. I believe that Japanese starters are used to pitching every 6th or 7th day, so it would be easier for Maeda to handle. In addition, as noted both Berrios and Pineda benefitted from extra rest, especially from the All Star break on. Of course, most Major league pitchers have been brought up on every 5th day. So implementation would be a tall order. I would bet that this Twins FO with its advanced analyst department gives it a try sometime this season. Very good article!!
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