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  1. The Twins starting pitching makes me want to slit my wrists. Falvey/Levine should be fcking ashamed of themselves.
  2. Falvey and Levine should be ashamed of themselves for what the Twins put on the field last night. The pitching was nowhere near MLB caliber--isn't a bullpen game like Thursday night meant to set up starting pitching for the following night? And the Twins don't even have a major league starter available?? I was at the game and it was thoroughly embarrassing, I can't bring myself to listen to whatever Hallmark card sentiments Baldelli came up with afterwards.
  3. Max couldn't hit LH pitchers at all, we feared he was destined to be a career mediocrity as a platoon player, then he seemed to figure it out more than a little bit. He flourished for a season, we signed him to a five year extension that is easy, and since then he's struggled for various reasons. He is athletic, he's a legitimate backup to Buxton in CF when the need inevitably arises, and if healthy he can potentially blossom as the player we hoped for when the extension was accomplished. All of the foregoing does or does not happen under a contract that is easy to handle. I say do NOT trade Kepler, I say stay the course and look for the upside that made for the five year deal in the first place. There's nothing about the young talent we have that suggests Kepler is expendable. He's got more going on than the young fellas by reason of his short career to date, and I think he's an important part of the plan going forward.
  4. In some ways it's hard to accept but Baldelli has earned a shot to turn this around in 2022. His lah-dee-dah approach to the horrors of the current season can be infuriating, but two division titles carry weight. That said, he's on a short leash next season. Falvey and Levine are also under scrutiny. This year's club wasn't "dealt bad luck"--it was instead plagued with horrible personnel decisions, starting with the worthless Colome and the other bullpen additions. There had better be a top to bottom analysis of the Twins scouting/player evaluation process, and an inquiry into whether analytics are compromising us at the expense of actual, in person talent evaluation. (Question: how did the White Sox know Liam Hendricks was the guy, and not MLB's worst pitcher Colome?). Also: the Mets signing May for two years at $15M was a no brainer--where were we on that blind spot? There are at least a half-dozen top tier shortstops in the coming free agent pool; the Twins damn well better pay for oe of them to start turning this around.
  5. Watching the Rooker HR video makes one think: the Rochester TV guy might want to work on his HR call....what a bore.....
  6. Castro is not a solution to the Twins dodgy catching situation--he cannot hit with any regularity. In critical situations with runners in scoring position he is virtually an automatic out, usually by strike out. The Twins have got to do better than Castro to be a serious contender in the division, much less the post season.
  7. change my password

  8. I'm a Twins fan living in NYC. I must disabuse readers of this excellent blog of one misapprehension: Tyler Austin is not a full-time player; he's not even a reliable part-time player. The Yankees gave him multiple opportunities to prosper and it didn't happen. Serious planning for the Twins 2019 season should not put any material import on Tyler Austin. I dare say there's more likelihood of a healthy Logan Morrison having an impact than with Austin. I believe we must let Joe Mauer ride into the sunset after a splendid career. He can still hit singles and doubles (particularly with runners in scoring position) and play first base, but he cannot deliver the power numbers required of a corner infielder...and that is a major problem. In the current style of baseball we must have power production at first and third. I believe Joe means to retire and all cheers for him--I say he's a HOF'er. I like the idea of signing Esobar; three years at $40M or so is reasonable in light of the history. I do NOT want to hear about the big lug Adams, that's not interesting. If Sabathia doesn't sign a short term deal with NY by all means let him know there are two guaranteed years with the Twins at a reasonable salary. The guy had a solid year for NY and is a clubhouse presence the team desperately needs. And now...c'mon Oakland!!
  9. If Turley has the highest O.R.T.I.Z. score then the front office has done its job well.
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