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Keep watching - baseball keeps going


Yes, the Twins are 11 games behind - so move on.  What a season - Pujols chase for 700 HRs came to an end yesterday and it is an amazing story with lots of smiles and happiness.  Can he lead the Cardinals to the WS?  That would be fun.

Aaron Judge is after a Triple Crown as well as 62 HRs.  Amazing!  It reminds me of the great triple crown of Mickey Mantle.  Judge fields, throws, hits for average, hits for power and drives in runs. This is a complete player.  No I am not rooting for Arraez to beat him, although his ability to stop no hit games makes him a possible late surge candidate and Boston is such a hitter friendly park that Bogaerts could succeed too.  Great tension here.

We have the Dodgers pouring on the victories - how high will they go?

Who will wind the AL Cy Young?  I vote for Verlander, but competition is stiff.

Check the Twins to see if there are positives to garner, but keep locked in to baseball and enjoy the overall show.

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It has been an exciting week in baseball and a historic day yesterday for Pujols  , glad he got to 700 , true hall of fame player  ...

I'll keep watching  the twins  but I look forward to the playoffs to watch some elite teams play meaningful baseball games ...

It would be nice to see the cardinals and Pujols in the world series  but if not Pujols is another hall of famer  to have a great last year in his career  ...

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Since I subscribe to mlb.com and milb.com, a few hours get lost watching various other games while the Twins bungle away on the television screen; a veritable twofer. Cleveland has been fun to watch this year. I liked watching Seattle and San Francisco last year. There are great players to watch ( I saw both Pujols homers last night) and teams that still embrace the fundamentals of the game. Both are worth watching. Sadly, the Twins are not worth watching, but being a fan is an illness. 

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On 9/24/2022 at 10:11 AM, tony&rodney said:

Cleveland has been fun to watch this year.

They certainly have! They've really gelled as a team. You gotta love Francona, and their radio broadcast guy is one of my favorites. 

With the Twins out of it, I recalibrate and focus on other baseball stuff. I'm a fan of the sport.

I'm in the camp that would LOVE Arraez to nail the batting title; triple crown be damned.

Go Luis. I know you can do it.

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