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What Should Be The Twins Perfect Line-up?

Rocco is constantly all over the palce with his line-up.

Sometimes, a set line-up can work. Players comfortable about who is batting ahead of them.

Bad enough the days when you would bat right, left, right, left, right, left....or field a line-up totally of players swinging one way.

Arraez should always bat lead-off.

Correa second.

Buxton in the number three hole. Hit the home runs when men are on base.

Miranda right now deserves to be the #4.

Polanco shifts down to the fifth spot.

Urshela sixth (or Kirilloff).

7-9 Garlick or Gordon or Kepler or whomever.

9th is the catcher, but never bat Sano before Sanchez.

You ALWAYS have the top four spots with fellows who you hope will get five at bats.

What do you feel is the perfect Twins line-up. Would you constantly shift guys around like Rocco, and why? Is there any advantage for some Twins batting before or after a particular player on the roster?





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32 minutes ago, strumdatjag said:

The perfect Twins Line-up.
1.  Carew. 2. Mauer  3. Puckett 4. Killebrew 5. Cruz 6. Oliva 7. Morneau 8. Versailles 9. Buxton

I might go for Chili Davis or Jim Thome instead of Cruz.

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11 minutes ago, Craig Arko said:

I might go for Chili Davis or Jim Thome instead of Cruz.

Those would be appropriate too.   I wanted to get a player from leaner years into the line up (someone like Gary Ward) but couldn’t find room.  

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If you want to go based on splits, Arraez, Buxton, and Correa all do best batting 2nd. Buxton's second best is leadoff so I think the lineup would start: Buxton, Arraez, Correa, unsure on 4th, and Miranda at 5th because his numbers are awesome batting 5th. I disagree with the folks who think it doesn't matter as I think it absolutely does.

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16 hours ago, RpR said:

Power was a Golden Glove and MIncher did very, very well with the twins.

Agreed - my suggestions were downgrades from Mincher and Power.  But I would still prefer Doug Mientkiewizc (Hope I spelled that correctly) 

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