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  1. What a dud signing he was. I had high hopes, but now the team relies on Jeffers to consistently put it all together. Idk, this position feels like a crapshoot next year
  2. Correa made some great plays in the field, but offensively, he showed up for 1 game. Take away Game 2 vs Houston and in the other 5 games he had 1 RBI, 1 Double, 0 walks, and 0 HR's. The guy earned his contract by hitting homers in the playoffs and there was zero of that this year. I realize I am nitpicking here, but he's getting paid $200M over 6 years, gotta be clutch on defense and offense for the Twins to win
  3. 7/30 he had a .258 average/.378 OBP/.911 OPS and on 10/1 it was .251/.373/.877. I don't think you can really say that's dropping. Wallner will be fine and I am excited about him, along with Julien. I think you trade Larnach, Polanco, Gordon, and Miranda. My wish list is finding a number 3 starter, a quality reliever or two, a new hitting coach, and giving Brooks Lee a shot.
  4. I love the Saturday time. Great excuse to start drinking the cold ones without my wife judging me
  5. I will also eat crow on Popkins...same goes for Floro as once again he is awful. While I still think he is most efficient as 7/8 guys, he has been an awful addition. I think Royce Lewis has been a huge spark for the offense as this offense/team seems to rally when a guy is on fire (Nelson Cruz). Hope the bats stay hot to win the division and end the playoff drought.
  6. If Terry can't fix a guy then nobody can. Noah is done.
  7. Ober should have went longer, Kenta should not have. What is frustrating to me is using Duran more than 1 inning repeatedly when he's not very good in those scenarios. The bullpen has been a mess since the All Star Break and with how stubborn the crew is with managing arms, it's frustrating to watch lost opportunities to widen the division lead.
  8. The most frustrating thing for me is how bad his bat is when it matters. His splits are cringeworthy bad in high leverage, with RISP, and when 3 men are on base. I was never big on signing or resigning him as he's always a cheater in my eyes, but he's probably another casualty in regards to the bad hitting coaches on staff.
  9. By follow the blueprint you mean hire a Top 3 Manager?
  10. I agree with you on all fronts. I have hated Kepler for 3 years now, but gotta give credit where credit is due as he's playing really well right now and I hope it lasts. I really like Wallner as the guy can flat out hit. Larnach was a big name coming out of college, but it just doesn't seem like it will ever happen...he has never been good at the AAA level
  11. I like this trade as we don't really have a good fit for Lopez. Lopez's best numbers are when he pitches in the 9th. Floro's stats are best when he's the set up guy and so far this year, that has been pretty good (2.98 ERA in 7th & 8th inning combined). His career stats have always been that way, but the Marlins have used him a lot more in the 9th this year which is why the stats don't look great. Let Duran be the closer and Jax fills in when he cant go. Let Floro be the set up man. The Jorge Lopez trade didnt work, fine, maybe this is them admitting it and moving on. Rental or not, I am optimistic it works out.
  12. Moran deserves a lot of blame for last night. He has been bad all year and has too many outings result in a giant blow up. The reason Pagan gets so much angst was he traded for and was bad last year. Nobody wanted to keep him yet he stayed on the roster so that created an intensified distaste from fans. He's just one of those guys you can't rely on as you always feel the Bad Pagan is coming and it could be tonight.
  13. My vote is no, but his stats are absolutely hilarious because he makes it very obvious when to pitch him and when not to. Ahead in games? Nope. Day games? Nope. High leverage? Nope. Night games, against Cleveland or Chicago, and low leverage then he's your guy.
  14. What makes our situation even more frustrating is seeing the Guardians with a -7 differential and are leading the division. They aren't a good team, but Terry has making plays when it matters. I want to be optimistic about the second half, but refusing to change much won't help. Also, the series vs Baltimore really looked like guys were playing for the break...what an ugly series. Yankees fired their hitting coach, will the Twins do the same with Popkins? Nobody should be safe, especially when you have group of arms the Twins do.
  15. I live in a blacked out market so I stream through sportsurge.net as it's free and legal. Most stream links work just fine once you get through the pop ups
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