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  1. Is Fort Myers still selling those bomb Philly Steak Sandwiches? If so, that's Kepler's value
  2. Great point. People forget how much certain players are making if you win. I saw a decent amount of tweets on Gerrit Cole before facing the Guardians in Game 4. Folks were like "Show us you earned them pinstripes" and "Yanks are paying you for moments like this". He delivered and nobody cared about his contract.
  3. I'd rather they throw money at a guy like Christian Vazquez. A catcher than can actually hit? Oh man....
  4. Good point. The A's haven't had a strong marketable player in quite some time so that definitely hurts attendance. They also have an awful stadium. The Twins have marketable players and a nice stadium so attendance shouldn't be a concern if they are winning. Regarding methodology, they have a ton of SP to pick from so I doubt they go after one but I would like to see them be aggressive with 1, maybe 2 long relievers. They have a closer in Duran but why not try to load up? Pitching wins and always will.
  5. It wasn't just the pitching. It was a little bit of everything and that falls on the front office. Giant holes with the bats at the catching position, being awful with RISP, losing all of those one run games to the Guardians, somehow keeping Pagan on the roster the entire season, etc. Let's not forget that Correa was very slow out the gate and then hit .175/.264/.350 in July. Also, he was absolutely pathetic with RISP and 2 outs (.191/.292/.214). He did finish the year strong and showed some strong numbers, but as a fan, this year definitely wasn't worth $30MM to me. I'm also someone who will never like him because he's a cheater and gave some pretty BS answers during that press conference but that's just me. On to Brooks Lee and Royce Lewis! Those guys are going to be studs
  6. If Luis can stay healthy then I expect him to compete for several batting titles. He's one of my favorite players to watch, especially when hitting. He seems like a great teammate too
  7. Is Carlos for sure going to get $35MM a year the next two years with another team? No. Is he worth that? No. Would I like to have him back next year? Sure. Fans can be upset by this, even though it was obvious, but don't forget that he's a cheater. If a cheater wants to leave the team I support, then see ya.
  8. This is how I feel about the season too. Royce Lewis created so much excitement, especially when Buxton was tearing it up to start the season. Then things starting going downhill. FA made some quality moves at the deadline, or so I thought, then Lopez forgot how to pitch. It was such a strange season, a true roller coaster. Hoping 2023 is normal meaning less injuries, coaches not leaving in the middle of the season, and more consistent play
  9. I'm excited about 2023 as well but I agree here where I didn't think injuries would be this bad again. Just sucks with Buxton as he's an MVP caliber player when healthy. I'm less confident on the starting pitching rotation as the guys don't have Wes Johnson to work with during Spring Training and I think he was our best coach on the team. Hope the young guys keep getting better
  10. Sox because of Hawk and AJ Pierzynski. Can't hate Cleveland, but I certainly am jealous of them. Well managed and when you give them an inch they go a mile. The Twins get an inch and go a mile in the wrong direction
  11. It ain't Ober until you've hit your agreed upon pitch count prior to the game. I get it's important to stick to a schedule on guys who are rehabbing, but when you only give up 1 hit through 5 innings there really is no deviating from the plan to allow for 1 more inning? The inability to be flexible this year has lost the Twins many games...
  12. I guess what are you trying to say? Every team and their fans were all wrong on the pitchers you listed who disappointed this year? Ok, cool. Rodon has been awesome. Cueto has been pretty good too. Those two were tied to the Twins quite a bit this past offseason and it sucks we didn't get them. We don't know how close we were to signing all of the starting pitchers this offseason so I really dont understand the purpose of your post. Starting pitching will always win games in the postseason so the team should always be aggressive in the offseason.
  13. I get that, but I wanted to point out how many guys fight for the spots and how many of them are very young. I know you want to keep guys for 4-5 years from now or whatever, but let's make some moves and get some starting pitching
  14. Outside of Lewis and Lee you still have Austin Martin, Tanner Schobel, Noah Miller, and Jermaine Palacios. All of them are listed in the top 18. Pair that with Gio, Correa, Polanco, Arraez, Polanco, Kirilloff, Nick Gordon, and Miranda. I know some of them can play outfield and/or DH, but it feels like there are too many
  15. I don't think a decision will be made until after the season as technically they are still in the hunt. I have no clue if his seat is even hot but I know I have grown tired of his style and abilities. The farm system is solid and has a lot of quality talent, but not a lot of that involves pitching...especially starting pitching. I've said this a handful of times, but I would really like to see the Twins make decisions on the high ranking infield prospects. They have too many and if Correa signs a long term deal then it means they need one less infielder.
  16. I think Francona might be the best manager in the game. Since joining the Red Sox in 2004, he has ONE season with a losing record and that season was Cleveland where they went 80-82. His teams have won 90 games 11 times and he's made 3 World Series and should have won all 3 if it weren't for the choke job against the Cubs. I've thought for a while they were going to win the division and when you look at their roster it's hard to disagree with the fact that he's the reason they are in first place.
  17. Your veteran starting pitcher was dealing and you pulled him after 79 pitches when your bullpen is gassed. Rocco is a puppet
  18. I actually agree with the trade Polanco idea. I think he and Kepler along with a prospect could get us a quality starter. This would all be if Correa elects to stay though
  19. A long term extension for Correa will make things interesting for the infield prospects. Polanco is locked up through 2025 so does that mean it's Royce Lewis at 3rd? What does that mean for Brooks Lee and Austin Martin? Arraez has arbitration next year and while he struggles vs lefties, he is an absolute stud.
  20. I don't know who would be a better replacement but that doesn't mean an alternative shouldn't be considered. Is Rocco a good manager? Honestly, I don't know. How much say does he really have and how much of it is controlled by the Front Office. The Front Office made good moves at the deadline by getting the pitchers needed. Since then, the offense has been horrific. The Twins can't hit lefties, can't beat good teams outside of the division, are dead last in steals, and the starters can't get through the batting lineup a 3rd time without giving up multiple runs. The players play, but I just don't feel confident in Rocco knowing we haven't improved in any of the above mentioned categories. I would be ok with moving on from Rocco, unless Jim Pohlad thinks the issue is the Front Office. Things looked so bright at the end of May and then Royce Lewis got hurt and Wes Johnson left. I am still concerned they finish below .500
  21. He's been playing hurt for like the last 35 games, hence why he's played so much at DH. If you're really nitpicking WAR then I dont know what to tell you. It sucks he gets hurt, I agree. Every single person will tell you that his 4.1 WAR through 92 games played vastly exceeds his contract. He is making $9.1MM this year and is tied for 32nd in WAR. Correa is making $35.1MM this year and has a WAR of 3.2 (76th) in 99 games played. If you want to complain about Buxton getting hurt every year then that's fine, but saying he's not valuable is downright silly.
  22. Well, Nick Gordon was caught trying to steal 3rd and that isn't ideal. Buxton has the highest SB success rate of all time...yes of all time. Royce Lewis has good speed and I hope they get him stealing bases too. The Twins are never going to have the Dodgers or Yankees batting lineup so you have to be creative with situations to generate runs. That's why the Guardians are so dang good is because they take advantage of situations. The Twins are the exact opposite right now.
  23. Well, he's tied for 29th in WAR at 4.1. He is 21st in OPS. He is 8th in home runs. Does that answer why he was and is a star? Injuries are a part of the game. It sucks because when he's healthy he is probably the best CF in baseball.
  24. This. Also, to close out August the Twins play 10/13 games at home. The 3 games on the road are against the Astros so I will just plan for a sweep so that anything better is a success. Out of the 10 games at home I think they need to win 8. The Guardians have a tough finish to August but that team just finds ways to win...but that's Francona. You give them an inch and they take a mile.
  25. I was feeling really good around the end of May, but ever since Royce Lewis got hurt they have been a below .500 club and haven't really showed us much to say they are otherwise. The pitching was never good, but it has been even worse since Wes left. Throw in Correa being bad since July and Buxton's knee being in rough shape and it's hard to feel optimistic. I hope they turn it around but I feel like the Guardians are going to run away with it.
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