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2019 Dominican Winter League Draft

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 08:28 AM
Several Twins minor league players were selected in today's Dominican Winter League draft...      I believe to be eligibl...

Front Page: Dealing with Wheeler Gets Minnesota an Ace

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:28 AM
This offseason the Minnesota Twins chief focus is going to be on acquiring impact pitching. The front office has suggested as much, and w...

2019/20 Off-season Manager Openings

Other Baseball Today, 08:19 AM
With the season winding down, let's talk about what manager spots will be open this winter. Already open: Kansas City - Ned Yost retirin...

Front Page: Can the Twins Become the New Astros? Part 1

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:01 AM
After recently reading both Ben Reiter’s Astroball and The MVP Machine by Ben Lindbergh and Travis Shawchik, both highly recommended, I f...

Falvey: "...We're going to target impact pitching...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:49 AM
Make it rain up in here, Derek.   http://www.startribu...rket/562665252/



2020 Catching Tandem Discussion

Posted by Tom Froemming in Get to know 'em, 17 October 2019 · 315 views

Fellow Twins Daily contributor Cooper Carlson and I discussed a decision facing the Twins this offseason that I feel has flown a bit under the radar. Jason Castro ended up basically splitting time with Mitch Garver behind the plate, but is set to hit free agency. Among the topics we covered were whether retaining Castro is a priority, if Willians Astudill...

Twins Hitters 2019: By the Numbers

Posted by MatthewTaylor in Bomba Blog, 16 October 2019 · 297 views
minnesota twins, baseball, twins and 1 more...

Part of what makes baseball such a special sport is that it, more than any other sport, is almost completely driven by numbers. Numbers will teach us who are the superstars of our sport and will expose players who are not. Because of this, it only seems fitting for my second blog post on Twins Daily to take a look back on the 2019 season and choose one nu...

2020 Offseason Blueprint

Posted by diehardtwinsfan in Blog diehardtwinsfan, 16 October 2019 · 449 views

Overall, it's not hard to be excited about the Twins in 2020 given a 101 win season in 2019. The ending certainly wasn't ideal, but 2019 showed us that our window is open and it should be for a few years. Cleveland remains the only real competition in the central. Chicago is up and coming, but they are likely another year or two away before they can have...

Moving Eddie Rosario, but Where?

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 15 October 2019 · 1,015 views
minnesota twins, eddie rosario and 3 more...

If there’s a lineup fixture from the 2019 Minnesota Twins that Derek Falvey should look to move before 2020, it’s Eddie Rosario. Despite lacking outfield depth down the stretch, the organization should be flush with options in the coming season, and a cheap commodity could be picked up on the open market. When trying to capitalize on return, this is the t...

What will the Twins Opening Day lineup be in 2020?

Posted by Nash Walker in The Special Season, 14 October 2019 · 876 views

Much of the discussion in the early part of the offseason has understandably been pitching. While the Twins must fill in their rotation, there are still plenty of questions to be answered at the plate. Here is my crack at the 2020 Opening Day lineup:

1. Luis Arraez, 2B

Arraez is the quintessential leadoff hitter. He takes elite at-bats and rarely strike...

Next year - add a little fire

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 10 October 2019 · 1,045 views
rocco baldelli, minnesota twins and 3 more...

Next year - add a little fire This is a short Blog - kind of a reaction blog set off by the St Louis Cardinals (my favorite NL team). Did you see the headline - 10 runs in the first inning. The Braves were in never never land! What happened. A really good team beat another really good team and did it with fire!

The articles say that the pre-game talk by the Cardinal Manager (who the...

Minnesota Twins Off-Season Timeline Fortune Telling

Posted by Vanimal46 in Minnesota Twins Whine Line, 09 October 2019 · 889 views

Over the off-season there will be PLENTY of chatter about the Twins. They're primed to be BOLD and make a YUGE splash in free agency.

As a seasoned Twins fan I'm here to save you a bunch of time! The off-season is already predetermined, and your friend Vanimal found the transcript for the most DRAMATIC off-season yet...

10/9: Twins exercise Nelson Cruz...

The DJ At Target Field

Posted by Dome Dogg in Dome Dogg's Blog, 08 October 2019 · 658 views

Wondering what fans at Game Three thought of the nightclub atmosphere at the game last night. I thought having a DJ playing "sick beats" and loud, thumping bass for four hours was really grating... but I am an old soul.

Last season I really enjoyed my trip to Wrigley to see the Twins play. The PA guy wasn't shouting, the music wasn't blaring and the fan...

Strat-O-Matic Baseball: Twins at Yankees 10/4/19

Posted by Danchat in Danchat's Strat-O-Matic Blog, 05 October 2019 · 349 views

The Twins have stunk it up in the playoffs in real life, but would they do the same in Strat-O-Matic land? Let's find out!
The Twins got a double from Polanco in the first inning, and he moved to 3rd on an error that let Rosario reach, but they failed to knock any runs in. The Yankees had the same fate, as they left the bases loaded in t...

It always comes down to pitching [in October]

Posted by weneedjackmorris in weneedjackmorris' Blog, 05 October 2019 · 599 views

So the playoffs between the Yankees and the Twins is essentially over. And just as it has in years past, the winning team sported (has) the better pitching. The Twins did an amazing job this year on offense. They broke the MLB record for most home runs by a team for a single season, and improved their team's offensive statistics in just about every cat...

Quick HItter: Postseason Roster Prediction

Posted by Matthew Lenz in Musings from Twins Territory, 03 October 2019 · 737 views
postseason, postseason roster and 1 more...

Quick HItter: Postseason Roster Prediction On Monday, I wrote a quick hitter on my 2019 Twins Daily Twins Awards . Now, I want to do a quick rundown of my postseason roster.

Catcher: Mitch Garver, Jason Castro

It'll be interesting to see how much they split time in the postseason. Both have been good this year but Garver has been better.

Infielders: CJ Cron, Luis Arraez, Jonathan Schoop, Jorg...

Willians Astudillo: In or out?

Posted by waltomeal in waltomeal's Blog, 02 October 2019 · 1,064 views

'Tis the season for playoff rosters. I've seen many proposed rosters that have more thought and logic behind them than I can provide. Nevertheless, I have gone through the requisite attempt to settle on my own preferred 25-man squad.

Every time I try, the most interesting Twin in the world, Willians Astudillo is left out. Much to my surprise. I find this...

How postseason teams were constructed

Posted by birdwatcher in birdwatcher's Blog, 30 September 2019 · 582 views

MLB.com has seasonally done a piece in which they examine each playoff team's likely 25-man roster and examine how each player was acquired. While there are many more similarities than differences, among the teams, you'll find a few striking outliers here and there. I'm not sure it's a terribly instructive exercise myself, but let's see what others pick u...

Take a moment and enjoy the Twins' best regular season of your lifetime

Posted by PSzalapski in A View from the Slot, 29 September 2019 · 2,372 views
season-wrap-up review

Division champions

I know we're all excited about the playoffs, but let's take a minute to appreciate the Twins' excellent regular season just concluded. 2016 2017 2018 2019 changeActual wins 59 85 78 101 +23Pythag wins 66 83 77 97 +20
The Twins had their second-best season ever, in term...

Baldelli and Line Ups: Which Twin has faced the best pitching?

Posted by jorgenswest in Blog jorgenswest, 21 September 2019 · 1,358 views

I became interested in the Astudillo discussion in the resting players topic and wondered about Astudillo's use. I have been thinking about this since his critical hit against Matt Barnes in the Red Sox series.

Matt Barnes is a right handed pitcher with the highest k/9 rate in the AL and nearly the highest AL k-rate at 38%. The Twins are tied with the Re...

A Tale of Two Organizations

Posted by mike8791 in mike8791's Blog, 14 September 2019 · 1,823 views

Well, we're down to nail-biting time. This weekend's series can likely determine both Cleveland's and the Twins' fate for the season. A sweep by either team likely spells the end for the losing team. Pretty obvious for Cleveland if they're on the losing end, but almost as obvious for a reeling Twins team headed in the wrong direction. That's just real...

Should We Be Upset With Yasiel Puig?

Posted by Patrick Wozniak in Patrick Wozniak's Blog, 07 September 2019 · 3,594 views
yaseil puig

Should We Be Upset With Yasiel Puig? In tonight’s twin over the Cleveland Indians, Yasiel Puig hit a comebacker to Jake Odorrizi in the fourth inning and immediately turned and went back to the dugout. Puig had no chance of reaching first safely on the play and Odorrizi ran the ball to first himself while looking back at Puig with a somewhat surprised expression on his face. The Target Field...

Do the Twins Get Shut Out?

Posted by sethmoko in Sethmoko's Blog, 04 September 2019 · 1,529 views
offense, bomba squad

Tonight the Twins were shut out through seven innings. In this year of the #BombaSquad, I began to realize that I couldn't remember the last time the Twins were shut out. As the game advanced, I began to wonder just what kind of unicorn we were experiencing tonight. So I investigated. Obviously, two late runs were scored as the game ended in a 6-2 loss to...

Chart of the week - scoring by team

Posted by BeantownTwinsFan in BeantownTwinsFan's Blog, 02 September 2019 · 905 views

Everyone loves a dinger, and around these parts we've had plenty of them to admire this year. One thing that's pretty interesting is that the Twins are not only leading the league in home runs but also in runs scored per game (the bombas help, of course!).

To better visualize how the Twins run scoring (and runs allowed stack up), this chart shows the per...

SABR 19th Century Baseball Symposium Comes to Minneapolis

Posted by Sarah in Blog Sarah, 31 August 2019 · 1,018 views

SABR 19th Century Baseball Symposium Comes to Minneapolis When did baseball take hold in counties across Minnesota? What ballpark was located near the present day site of Target Field in 1800’s Minneapolis? If you’re a fan of baseball history, the Halsey Hall Chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research invites you to join us for the 19th Century Baseball Interdisciplinary Symposium, held this year on...

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