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  1. You shouldn’t cancel games due to cold. Unless it’s like below 20 degrees. They will be fine, just like every other year.
  2. Hard to complain with the results, Berrios and Jake O look like they can step up and be front of the rotation types for this club (albeit just one game. Anything positive we get from Gibson is a bonus IMO (outside of a #5)
  3. This team is unbeatable when Rodney isn’t pitching in close games
  4. Seems like he should have been in the 7th than with a couple runners on
  5. His stats that year were pedestrian, and I’m hardly the first person ever to complain about how baseball writers vote. We can agree to disagree though. In general i think a lot of closers are over rated, there are some elite ones, a few more great ones and then a lot of meh ones, when you are stuck with a meh one you should look to upgrade the position. Reed has the potential to be much better than Rodney iMO. I just hope he doesn’t cost us too many more of these games.
  6. Baseball writers often miss the mark on those votes, it’s gotten better over the last few years because a lot of the problem voters were dying off. But don’t forget it wasn’t too long ago that colon got the Cy young over Santana.
  7. Yeah catcher is a position I think they need to figure out how to upgrade in the mid to long term.
  8. Yeah sometimes bats take a little time to come around, especially to breaking stufd
  9. IMO Colome wasn’t that good last year, poor K rate, poor K/BB rate, a pretty meh ERa for a RP/Closer Just goes to my point about saves being not a good stat to judge by.
  10. Rosario is a frustrating player to watch at times. I hope he steps up this year in a big way.
  11. Also besides that: not sure what Rodney did 4 years ago has to do with him now anyways, since he had one awful season, one ok and one average or below average (generous) since then. He’s 41 and the Twins have better options for closer and high leverage situation guys. He should be a 6th inning guy to start the season.
  12. Rodney: shouldn’t be closer or in high leverage. Wasn’t even a 1.0 WAR pitcher last year. Needs to be a middle innings guy until h proves himself at age 41. 0-1 so far this year. molitor : still makes a lot of bad decisions by not managing based on situation or deviating from his plan.
  13. Oh so I’m wrong and unable to make my case why a 41 year old ‘shaky at best’ Over the last few years, and a guy who had a 0.3 WAR last year. Ok I can see you don’t value any opinions other than your own. Have fun this season Brock.
  14. Oh so I’m wrong and unable to make my case why a 41 year old ‘shaky at best’ Over the last few years, and a guy who had a 0.3 WAR last year isn’t the guy we should have in high leverage situations. Ok I can see you don’t value any opinions other than your own. Have fun this season Brock. I will check back in with you when Rodney inevitably fails like he did with my Mariners
  15. 2.85 era isn’t outstanding for a closer. Also 1-6 record. He blew a lot of close games his whole tenure in Seattle. Like I said I’m a M’s fan, I saw it firsthand.
  16. Also if Rodney is so great, why did he throw a meatball to Jones and lose this game?
  17. I watched him pitch in about 40 games in 2014, it was far from outstanding.
  18. Reardon wasn’t a good pitcher in 1987. There is a reason why they didn’t win 90 game even in the regular season ya know....
  19. Rodney is terrible, have said it for years, this isn’t over reaction. He sank the mariners 2015 season, he is 41, he is a terrible choice for a closer for a team that should make the playoffs. He has cost us one game so far, hopefully he is demoted from The role before he costs us too many more. Seen it before, history repeating itself Brock.
  20. Meaningless and super flawed stat when used on its own. How’s that ERA look? You know the stat that actually measures results (even more so for a closer!) Also 41.
  21. Pressly is a much better option in a close game then Rodney.
  22. He sank the 2015 mariners, go back and check out the game logs, he literally sank that entire team. He is 41 and coming off of a poor season for a closer as well. He should be a 6th inning guy, not a guy pitching in crunch time for a playoff team.
  23. Lolol outstanding 2014? No Good 2016? No. Pretty bad 2017 as well! 4.35 ERa for a closer is very bad.
  24. Saves are a meaningless stat and save percentage is almost just as meaningless since the ones that are 2-3 run leads can be handled by literally any RP. Go back and check out his mariners run. He is one of the last guys you want in a legitimately close game.
  25. 60 for the Twins, who for some reason will trade him for pennies on the dollar to the Yankees once Polanco is back 85 for the Yankees and 35 hr for them.
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