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  1. Yeah, David Price had a lot to do with that as well. I think overall the Rays have always had some pretty damn good pitching, their weakness seemingly year in and year out has been offense.
  2. I still want them to go after Archer or another 'top of the rotation guy' But the trade for Odorizzi is much better than overpaying for a guy like Lynn, Arrieta or Cobb on the FA market. HOWEVER with that said, I still think you try to see if you can get one of those guys in on a team friendly deal. I wonder if Arrieta at this stage would be interested in a one year, 18 million (prove it) type of deal?
  3. Why? He has been solid since he entered the league, he is a 3/4 imo. Great trade though.
  4. Great trade actually. I think Odorizzi slots in real nice as a 3/4.
  5. Good deal. Still need a front of the rotation type though.
  6. Hope we take out some Russian trash again tomorrow! The last time we played them (8 years ago?) it was amazing
  7. Well said Chief. People seem to act like we are asking them to sign every big free agent ever. All I’m asking for is a teamthat can contend for a World Series every quarter of a century. Seems more than reasonable IMO
  8. Pictured: 4/4/18 Annibal Sanchez throws his first pitch for his new club: The Minnesota Twins.
  9. http://s.newsweek.com/sites/www.newsweek.com/files/styles/lg/public/2016/02/04/simpsons.jpgPictured: Terry Ryan gives Falvey and Levine some sage advice after the "Sanchez to fix the rotation" signing.
  10. Apparently the FO disagreed, as they chose door number 3.
  11. They are paying him 2.5 million dollars, I doubt the plan is to keep him around for 5 starts at 500k a start.
  12. I can be a little hyperbolic at times, but I'm pretty sure this signing might be the worst move they could have made. Major league contract....WHY! Sanchez literally has been the worst SP in baseball over the last three years, no? no?
  13. I'm glad that school budgets/education in general get pretty much slashed across the board year in and year out, but when it comes to putting a ****ing army at each and every school the GOP and congress as a whole would likely dump hundreds of millions into that program. God this country sucks.
  14. http://www.pbh2.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/funniest-simpsons-gifs-like-stuff.gif Pictured: Flashback Friday: Brock goes on his first date with Mrs. Brock and drops his best line.
  15. http://www.pbh2.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/funniest-simpsons-gifs-homers-thoughts.gif Pictured: Jim Pohlad listens to Falvey and Levine's pleas to let them offer Yu Darvish a 6th year.
  16. http://www.pbh2.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/funniest-simpsons-gifs-barneys-movie.gif Pictured: Live look-in at DaveW after the Twins lose yet another wild card game against the Yankees 18-3
  17. http://www.pbh2.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/funniest-simpsons-gifs-haha-you-love-me.gif Pictured: Twins brass knowing that despite all the bitching about their cheapness, we will all continue to watch, root and spend money on this stupid team.
  18. http://www.pbh2.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/funniest-simpsons-gifs-moe.gif Pictured: mere weeks before opening day Falvine and Levine try to find their 5th starter on the FA market.
  19. http://www.pbh2.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/funniest-simpsons-gifs-drinking-test.gif Pictured: Twins fans sobriety after realizing that Kyle Gibson is our likely opening day starter.
  20. Not sure if Falvine/Levine are to blame, or the ownership. Guessing it's a little from column A and a lot from column B. Either way it's disappointing and not only am I canceling my season ticket package, but debating on just 'borrowing' MLB.TV package from a friend this year as well. If they won't commit money, I won't commit money.
  21. Twins Rubes Congratulate Falvey and Levine for finishing in the top 5 of the Yu Darvish Sweepstakes
  22. If he is injured? No If he has a subpar season? Most likely not. (unless he manages to tip his pitches throughout all of 2018 like he did in the World Series) My issue with the Twins is they NEVER go big in free agency. Do all big free agent signings workout? Of course they don't! But I would still rather be aggressive then be super conservative and fine with getting schooled in the playoffs each time we are lucky enough to make it. Some people complain about Mauer's contract, and I never have FWIW, even if he has under-performed (I don't think he has) I still think it was the right move to sign him long term. I will never fault a team for spending money aggressively on top tier players (see: Wild getting Suter and Parise) I will fault them for overpaying for average players (Hughes, Blackburn, Pominville, etc)
  23. Well for one thing I lived in the DFW area for 3 years, so yes, I am well aware of the population, and I even made mention that 'big market' wasn't really put forth in JUST terms of population. But Dallas isn't perceived in the same way as NY, LA, Chicago or even Houston IMO. Either way the Twins and Rangers basically have the same revenue anyways. Most people outside of Texas view Dallas as just 'a city in the south'
  24. I have a quibble with this one: None of that has ever been reported FWIW, while "Texas" is technically a big market, I don't think anyone would confuse Arlington with Chicago, LA, NYC etc (Not talking in terms of population but just 'big market') as it applies to teams, media, fanbases etc I'm not so sure the Twins would have had to put a 'much better' deal on the table then the Cubs anyways, by all accounts he and Levine are pretty close, I think it literally just came down to the fact the Twins didn't want to match or even make a 'true' competitive offer for his services (i.e. no 6th year even at a very reasonable AAV)
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