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  1. Who said that? That's a weird straw man. One is allowed to "have a problem with" an article, and for damn good reason, and not be falsely accused of trying shut down debate. In fact, if anyone is, it's you: So then what's this article doing here? All sides have a right to their opinions. Period.
  2. Dollars to donuts he's a reliever long term. That doesn't mean that he doesn't get anything out of starting now. He learns how to deal with different game scenarios, how to pace himself, how to reach back for extra velocity when he needs to. In short, there's no downside to him for starting this year. The only possible downside is whether he's blocking another starting prospect, but I'd have Barnes on the chopping block before Jax anyway, so I doubt it. I say give him the rest of the year as a starter with an eye to a relief role in 2022.
  3. What's the likelihood of Charlie Barnes dropping an ineffective pitch or two and being able to reach back for a few more digits on the radar gun in relief? My feeling is that that may be his best shot to stick, but we've seen plenty of fringe-starter lefties do it, including one in Glen Perkins who became one of the Twins' best closers.
  4. Well we don't want to assume anything. Who knows? He might not crowd the plate.
  5. That sounds like the exact opposite of job security. I completely disagree with these takes.
  6. Honestly these guys are probably our new 1-2. Royce Lewis losing so much time has to hurt his stock.
  7. This makes me feel better. Of course it happened literally while I was posting that I wanted more than SWR.
  8. I hope there’s more than one piece coming back. He doesn’t seem like a plug and play for 2022, and his ceiling is likely Berrios-esque but with all the risk that comes from having just a half a season above single A. I know he’s considered a good prospect but I want an overpay and one guy isn’t it. IMHO.
  9. Thanks everyone. I will not let curiosity get the better of me today. Hope he’s alright.
  10. I’m only able to access game day now. It doesn’t say who was injured. Anyone want to fill me in?
  11. Well, this is just the Twins’ season in, ahem, a nutshell.
  12. I think being around 500 at the trade deadline, with this core, and with this soft division, is enough to at least let the players try to go on a run. The only question I have about that is how realistic 500 is with the team having dug a hole this deep and having so many injury issues.
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